The Shadow in Me

Sometimes, we catch a glimpse.

Of beauty.

Of life.

Our gazes wander and search.

For our fascinations.

For our dreams.

Maybe today, we catch our shadow.

Of who we are.

Of who we might be.

Our regal colors of intensity.

For our quest.

For our inspiration.

Maybe, we get lost.

We lose our way.

We lose our sight.

Our plans of peace, a shadow in our hearts.

Of what we want.

Of what we deserve.

But sometimes, our shadows emerge.

Our glimpses become clear.

Our hearts rejoice in the pureness of another day.

In all our glory.

In all our differences.

In every detail.

In every moment.

This poem is dedicated to my friend, and my mother-in-law, Sue Kelcey who has emerged from a brain aneurysm and stroke to tell the entire family and hospital floor how much she loves them. How special they are and to thank them for taking care of her since the end of September. Her heart filled with beautiful intention of getting home.

When I wonder why I am blogging, and what is it all for…..I think of her life journey. A journey that gives me inspiration to do what I do (and stop complaining already!).

I think of the pain she has been through. The struggle of physical therapy and her desire to hold hands with her family to celebrate life. Every memory, of every touch, and every touch, of every day; what kept her pushing through it all. I think of the moment this Sunday, when she hugged her granddaughters to her chest for the first time in months. Heaving sobs of gratefulness into their silky hair and squeezing them close with her one working arm. Every moment, every detail. It was beautiful. Hold on. You never know when your last day is here. Cherish the ones you have.

Encourage love. Encourage acceptance. Speak your heart. Live your dreams. Believe. The shadows are nothing but fear.

What inspires you?
PhotobucketMama's Losin' It
Prompt 2)Write about a time someone made you smile *through the happy tears*

Photos from the Butterfly Conservatory at the State Fair of Texas.

Why I Blog

Let me count thy ways……

Well, originally, it was to tell my side of the story.

I was accused of stealing children, and harming pets – per my future husband’s ex-wife’s blog. We discovered it completely by accident. The barbs hurt. I won’t lie. They were completely untrue, but I understood. She had her own way of dealing with grief. Despite filing to divorce to grasp her independence for the first time – when you have two young children – it’s a whole new world. It’s hard. There is a lot of growing pains.

But it created this blog engine-that-could in me. I got to tell my side of the Cooper Story. Regardless if she read it or not, it helped my grieving process and I can’t thank her enough for igniting my desire. So, I understand, and I have no hard feelings.

What started out as my love of writing, then morphed into a crazy camera obsession. All these great photographs in blogland, I couldn’t resist the siren call of the DSLR.

I discovered a wonderful support system of bloggers uniting to encourage and support each other. We danced in the car. We blogged for a cause. I met many in person and those meetings are precious to me – Lance, Peggy, Christy, and Peedee.

The beginning of one the hardest, most trying times in my life, has ended up being the richest experience in the world. I found my heaven and haven.

I blog to continue that enrichment. To reach boundaries, and cross them. To do and try things, I never thought I could do. I blog my life in hopes of inspiring yours. For better, or for worse. For love, and for life.

I know there are ups and downs. Times I want to quit. Times I can’t get enough. A hundred comments one day, eight the next. What joy would it be, if it’s not a thrilling ride? And thrilled I am, as I sprint to that next turn in the road of photography, writing, and marriage. All right here on my little blog that could – Living, Loving, Laughing.

That’s why I blog, why do you?