Do Not Disturb – The Future

A future logophile in her natural state.

Her special secret place of comfort and word enchantment.

Meet my oldest step-daughter tucked away inside – not just a Dora tent – but a land of imagination flowing with nouns, conjunctions, and adjectives.

Maybe she doesn’t know all those technical terms…..well……she’s only six……..she’s only in first grade (No doubt she knows most of them). A master in the making. A budding connoisseur of language.

She did not select a picture book from her Dad’s library. She picked a chapter book. Why? Well, isn’t it obvious? This is mini logophile – better known as a lover of words.

Why else would she maneuver a Dora tent into the hallway taking in great gulps of nouns while lounging with her head on a fuzzy pink pillow? Wielding a flashlight to not miss a single letter. No other reason I tell you. That little brain is bigger than her head. Which explains the four stitches she currently displays in the back. Actually, that was from falling off a playground slide, but truly consider the handicap of a future logophile. An extraordinary head – unbalanced and full of words

She is all patched up and okay. She is still reading chapter books with a vengeance. Tough and smart (grace will come) – what a combination.

I can’t wait to see what this kid will do.

And? I really hope I’ll still be able to talk with her (ha!).

Using the Word of the Day

I get the word of the day on my phone. I like to see new words, and normally, I don’t have time to look right then. I might go back and have a look, if I am really curious. So, when I saw this word of the day back in January?

I’ll admit………..I said, “What?!”


Sounds like a pretty good concert in Germany. Am I the only one that says it with an Arnold accent?

Anyway, I like getting the word of the day. It makes me feel smart. It makes me feel accomplished. It makes me feel like I could possibly learn something, even if don’t. Because that would mean reading the definitions and/or using it in a sentence (maybe in that same month?). Ahem.

But katzenjammer intrigued me. I saved it and had to look it up tonight. What did it mean? And who in the world (besides Germany) would use it in a their normal language – not that there is anything wrong with using katzenjammer in every day language in America.

What secret does katzenjammer hold? What mysteries of the language will it reveal? Admit it, you like saying that. Does it make you giggle too?

If it’s not a concert in Germany, then could it possibly be a yacht sailing around the world?

I can smell the coconut oil, and sea breeze. Feel the warm sun as it sinks on the horizon of blue [pan close-up of umbrella drink].

You might be surprised to know the definition.

It is not a German concert.

Nor, a yacht sailing the tropics.


Does that change the word for you too? It’s no longer exotic, or foreign. It’s Ralph talking on the big white phone.

Katzenjammer, I will never drink again.

Katzenjammer, I need a big greasy burger.

Katzenjammer, pass the ice pack and two Tylenol, wake me when I can stand on two feet.

I had some katzenjammer times myself. Sooooo glad those days are over.

Thank-you word of the day, I remember why I love a glass of wine. ONE glass of wine. I wouldn’t want to have any katzenjammer hair of the dog.

I feel much better now, don’t you?

Prepararsi per Italiano


Well my friends, I have signed up for Italian conversation class at the local continuing education department at UTA.

I studied one language growing up. French. Oui. And NONS! Not the best idea. Not in Oklahoma & sure not for Texas! But I took it four years total. The last two were independent study. I even got to visit France for a month when I was 16. Oui! Oui! Oui!

How that came about was my mom & dad hosted a exchange student from France named Fabienne. She stayed with us a month in the summer. We had a blast! She was great. She was my same age and so very cute & hip. She had an adorable accent. She actually did wear a bathing suit top & shaved her underarms & legs & bathed regularly(ha). I thought she adapted to America very well.

So in turn , I travelled to France over Christmas break. Off to Paris I went. Fresh from the country to a foreign country. I knew my French was going to get lots of practice. This was my Christmas present from my step dad. How awesome is that???

Paris was beautiful. I saw the Arc de Triomphe first. What a sight that was and all along the Champs Elysees. *sidenote* As a Mom now I wonder how in the WORLD did my parents let me go to another country completely alone at 16?????*end sidenote*
Everything was soooo different! They had McDonald’s yes but it was not like OUR McDonald’s & the sodas (or cokes as I call em) no ice.

Nothing tasted the same at all. Everyone drank (but didn’t get drunk mind you) & smoked & did not bathe for two weeks or a month or more(but wore lots of perfume haha). Clothes were washed once a month. Food was waaaay different. Lamb guts & stuff like that. I even saw the Dad eat the brain of a Rabbit! Grossness!  I did like the smoked salmon & the pate which obviously we didn’t have in Oklahoma. (haha)

Right after I got there, we travelled by car to Briancon which is a little ski town in France right on the border of Italy in the Alps. Most of her family lived there. That is where we went to celebrate Christmas & New Years. The accent was different & I couldn’t understand their French there at all. I also could not translate my skiing ability nor my ski or shoe size. Soooo I ended up with super long skis & took many tumbles on the Alps until frustrated & mad bit of my gloves in a huff about to walk off the dang mountain.
Needless to say her Dad took me by ski lift back to the lodge. (ha) *sidenote again* Wish I could have really soaked in & appreciated the beauty of the Alps*end sidenote* But the ski town was great! I actually got to meet & hang out with Luc Alphone the downhill ski champion of France & many years later would see him on TV in the Olympics. Wow!

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