No Fools in Our House

April Fool’s Day.

Doesn’t it just slip right in and surprise you?

Or maybe you plan for this day and all the tricks you will pull. Like you are twelve…

This day comes with notice at our house.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

That’s right.

And with a seven-year-old and almost ten-year-old, there are lots and lots of fooling.

All the F’s & N’s in class today. I choked on my STARR test. I got sent to the principles office. Oh look! I broke my foot! Yep. Right this second. My foot… just broke.

Ahhh, the joys of older (but still little foolers).

I decided to pay them back this year!

I planned.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

The salt and pepper shakers magically changed colors.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

The milk spoiled blue.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

The trick is not to notice anything different. The milk is white. The salt is white and pepper is black.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

You crazy kids! You don’t know what you are talking about.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

Of course, the littlest one ate it up. She really believed we couldn’t see the colors and she was just dumbfounded. Showing us the milk and the shakers. Asking us what color they are.


Then, big sis said, “It’s just food coloring, Bridget.”

Just food coloring…


Well, it’s FUN food coloring if you ask me. And maybe they weren’t the biggest pranks of the year. But honestly, it was all I could manage on my lunch hour.

Hope your April Fools was just as fun (and pink and blue sparkly).

Christmas Outtakes

I think we need a few laughs today. I know I do. Is it me? Or is this the LONGEST week of the year? I’m sure it would be faster if I wasn’t working, if work wasn’t busy, and if I didn’t have two work projects breathing down my neck.

The good news is…there is only ONE more day of work, then I’m off and it’s my husband’s BIRTHday! Yes, that’s right. A New Year’s Eve baby. A very special one at that. I found the perfect presents and if you are keeping track that’s – graduation, Christmas, and now birthday – all in ONE month.


But I digress…..back to the outtakes. To get the perfect picture, you have to take LOTS of imperfect ones. I happen to like those just as much…hope you do too.

Salem, please don’t smile like that. How about smile with no teeth?

Anna, try not to look so scared huh? I need a smile.

ANNA! STOP LOOKING SCARED!! (I think I just scared her)

Wardrobe malfunction adjustment.

Perfect! Right?

Give me a nice smile girls…..ahhhh dog!

Wait for it….

Lol! Maybe a tad less enthusiasm on the grin.

No peeking.

All are sleeping, dreaming, and giggling??

Hey, wake up…Santa

You can’t go wrong from the back in pretty dresses and a gorgeous fall backyard.

This was the final take and the card we mailed out.

A round of applause please, for the wonderful Christmas photo shoot outtakes.

The next few days are the last of the year.

I hope to post a few reflections. Truth is? This year was a blur. Moving, marrying, hospital rooms, and photo shoots. It’s all a big ball of – Did that really happen?

I guess it did.

2011 the year I turn 40!

Recovery, Rehab, and Reminiscences

Jason is doing well. He has felt fine and is resting. We did not end up getting home until Thursday October 21st. I didn’t think I would live another night there, but I did.

I re-entered the work world. It felt like I had been in a time warp. Everything was different, but the same. I’m really glad it was on a Friday, so I can slowly sink back into it. I can tell you this, after the nurses and doctors “customer service”, I am a lot more conscious of the quality of work I do and HOW I do it, but most especially how I treat people. Not that I was bad before, it’s just from the smarting stings of arrogance and not-my-job syndrome, I have developed an extra sensitive layer of compassion and tact.

Coming home was a welcome sight for a teenage girl who loves her parents and missed them. And for three dogs that thought they’d been abandoned.

My sister and her husband cleaned our ENTIRE house when they visited for the weekend while Jason was in the hospital. What a treasure. I thought going out to eat was great, but this was such a relief and worth more than food or anything else. It was peace of mind and more restful than I can describe to you. My sister (and husband) are amazing. It was an incredible surprise.

My wedding bouquet sat on the counter in a crystal vase. The beautiful lilies still blooming.

Reminding me…I have SO much to tell you about the wedding. I suppose it will have to unfold like some of these late-blooming lilies. Slowly and beautifully, over time.

In other words, I will get there, I promise.

There are so many things, I just want back to normal. To blog again. To connect with other bloggers. To have more time to read blogs and participate in the going ons. BUT.

We still have a loved one in the hospital. For now, in ICU recovery. Her progress? Slow. And almost a reversal, due to the pain of her head, of the feeding tube inserted, of the injury to her bottom; you don’t want to know, but let me just say it’s like a diaper rash X 100 resulting in an open bleeding wound. Why? Because someone didn’t check a tube. No wonder she can’t sit up in a chair, could you? [hospitals!]

I visited her for the first time in over a week last night. I expected the worse. I expected a decline from the time before where she told me she loved me and held my hand at her bedside. She talked softly, but quite clearly telling me she was sorry about the wedding. It broke my heart in a million pieces.

I didn’t cry at, or before, or during the wedding. I refused. It was a happy day and I refuted any tears to come, but anything to do with her, and her pain. It tears me up. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out and deserves so much happiness and joy. Not pain and suffering.

When we got to her room, she was sleeping. I thought that would be it, but she woke up and proceeded to talk and talk and talk. About now, about the past, about the wedding, about her beautiful grandchildren. Most especially to advise us to love every day and tell those you love, you love them, every chance you get. It was about three hours of smiles, laughs, and tears. From her and us. I wish I could describe how her laugh made my soul leap to heaven and back. Her mind is so sharp. How miraculous is that? She endured a brain aneurysm and a stroke in the same weekend. Now, I know where her son gets it. I look forward to many more moments like these. She moves to the miracle floor Monday. Rehab. They say miracles happen there and I believe it will for her too. It already has.

I also got to dabble for a few moments in my second great love; practicing photography.

I only have time to post of few, but Sydney and her zebra umbrella is the coolest thing ever. I love this kid in all her hipness.

Blog Photo Fail

I tried to get a picture last night (for my blog) – of course – and it didn’t quite go the way I planned.

But let me start from the beginning, I have this bad habit of leaving a glass on the counter and using that to drink out of – a day or two at least. I fill it up from the fridge water and gulp away. I usually drink a full glass every morning. It makes me feel awake (ish) – until the coffee finishes brewing that is.

Sunday morning, I am wetting my whistle and downing the glass of water like I’m chugging beer (I love water). Chug, chug, chug. I notice – a speck – at the bottom of my glass. So, I stop drinking and peer inside. There, in the glass doing the deads man float, a bug. A teeny, slimy, germy looking bug. Ahhh!!!

I poured the water out, threw the glass in the dishwasher and vowed – NEVER – to drink from a glass I left out on the counter again. How many bugs had I ingested in my water chugging delight? My stomach turned just a little bit. But I put it behind me and now my glass stays in the cabinet; clean and germ free.

It was a moment or two after that I thought……..I should have taken that bug’s picture and blogged about it! Surely others would laugh and cry over my close encounters of the bug kind. Surely, they could relate and share their own near bug ingestion mishaps. But, I didn’t and buggy had went down the drain (the disposal drain).

Enter chance #2, which I was NOT going to miss. Sydney comes walking up to me in the living room holding a glass of water. This was last night. I had seen the water glass on the table when I was cleaning the kitchen, but just left it alone. I figured it was hers and she was drinking from it, and all that was true.

Sydney jams the glass in front of my nose, “Mom, what if I had drank from this without looking?”

My mind flashed back to my drinking without looking moment *shudder* and well, her bug was harder to miss, and a lot bigger. It had LEGS. They were thrashing. “Ewwww!” We chimed in unison – a call to action. We took the captured pest into the kitchen light to look at it and make – that’s digusting – sounds. Imagining if she had drank the water with him in it and what it would have looked like when she tilted the glass up to her face.

That’s when I got the brilliant idea to capture the shot – the moment. “Yeah! Let’s get a picture of it!”

Syd,”Why? Are you going to blog about it?”


I grab my camera, all the while bugster is in a Michael Phelps free stroke Olympic event. As fast as his legs were going, he might hit the world record. I pick up the glass holding the camera down. I wanted to get him in the moment he would have been seen as Syd was drinking water. It’s all about renactment ya know?

So, I tilt the glass up towards the camera, towards the horizontal position, the drinking position. The water moves up, and so does the bug. Then he gains traction on the slant racing out of the glass, right towards me, and right towards the camera lens. “Ahhhh!” We shriek in unison as I drop the glass and he reaches the rim climbing down to the table.

More panic and screams as I smoosh the bug. I didn’t get my blog photo moment. I have no picture for you.

I think the lesson here is Jason needs an exterminator do not to leave water glasses on the counter when the temps have been over 100 every day and look before you drink.

By the way, the glass is still on the table.

Drink anyone?