A totally-not-so-boring start to summer.

Riding an elephant!


That is worth at least 20 THRILL points!

Yeah, we totally rocked the Judy Moody movie – Not so Bummer Summer – like genuine-and-for-real.

Okay, so maybe I liked it a little more than the kids (kinda), but it is such a fun movie. Judy Moody is adorable. I love the idea of thrill points; or going beyond your comfort zone. Learning new things (and being a little scared to try), but mostly, just the trying part. All it takes is getting out there.

Doing. Being. Becoming. Experiencing.

Why yes, I think I do have a thing for -ings. It must come from my be-ing. Heh.

Our family adventured to the Renaissance festival Memorial Day Weekend. It was HOT. Hotter than hot. Like we should have gone a month ago too hot. But, we made the most of our fun and I have sooooo many pictures from our start-to-summer weekend (and good-bye for a month to Sydney). I hope to be sharing more stories from that day with you.

The elephant ride shots really captured my attention and took me back to that day. From the four-year old in the front to the eighteen-year old in the back, with the seven and seventeen-year old in between – all of them – LOVED riding the elephant. Considering it was a miserable wait for a short ride, not to mention a little pricey, it was worth every penny just to see their faces.

Memories like these make me glad I get to be a photographer, I just love their expressions, even the elephant.

I tried to narrow down the choices to post, but I couldn’t. You’ll just have to ride along with them. My camera battery almost died. I was so lucky to get these.

Annnnnnd they’re off!

“Hi!” You are ON an elephant!!

I bet Brandon got some fun video.

My fav!

And that was it.

The ride ended. But it totally made the summer not a bummer!


Now, I’ll have to come up with plan to keep those thrill points coming. 🙂 We wouldn’t want to have a boring summer end and starting in July the little girls will be with us for the entire month.

If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.
Dr. Seuss

Best Film of 2010

Coming soon to a theater near you….

Or your YouTube, Facebook, or mobile device.

However you want to view it, it’s a coming attraction! And we have a trailer! Because?

We got our wedding clips on DVD. We are in the process of converting them to Mac iMovie. Okay, JASON is in the process of converting them. I secretly think he wants to be a producer/director. He is really into it (and he’s good!).

The story goes…there was not going to be a videographer at the wedding. I didn’t feel it was necessary. We were too broke. But when disaster struck, when we knew Jason’s mom, and my future mom-in-law, would not be at the wedding. Friends (lifelong friends) came to our rescue and had their son film from the choir pit on a tripod. We could capture the event, and she could see the entire wedding when she was better. We did not know, at that time, my mom would also miss the wedding (but that’s another story!).

So we have the wedding on film in pieces and are arranging it into one long film.

The few segments I’ve seen, I ADORE. My favorite part is all the friends in the Church pews with cell phones snapping away. You all are such a treasure. I’ve said before, it was a FUN day. We had many rough days before (and after), but that DAY, October 10, 2010 at 3:10pm (for the three 10’s) was the happiest day of my life. I was not nervous. I was not stressed. I was just full of joy and everything worked perfectly.

Is our life going to be perfect? Far from it! But I will do what it takes to keep our joy alive.

Disneyland Dads

Ah, every other weekend something magical happens. Dad’s house transforms into a Disneyland adventure. Where fun abounds, and around every corner is something new. Something that spurs a spewing of laughter, tickling, and pursuit of joy. Anything could happen at Dad’s, any place could happen. Hold on tight…..looks we’re in for a ride through the safari of couch land.

Giddy-up Daddy!

Then, in a race around the world, in perfect place and poise. Two racers fight to the end. Who will end up princess of the hill? Who will get the gold?

Just don’t forget, win or lose, after every race, and every ride, and every new adventure…

There’s ice cream – squeeeeee!

I know Dad’s is supposed to be normal, but I contest. When you see your children overnight 4 times in 30-31days. It’s a party. EVERY time. It’s not on purpose. It just happens.

Okay, THIS was a party.

And this was too.

Tomorrow will be another party to celebrate Bridget’s upcoming number FOUR birthday! All the cousins will be here, grandma and grandpa, some Church friends, and even a neighborhood friend from their Mom’s house. It will be another Disneyland day. With a castle bounce house, the water slide, and even a medium size blow up pool. I love summer parties, but then again, I’m a summer baby too.

And today is date day. Jason and I have talked about taking each girl on our own for a mini “date”. That gives them each one on one time with their Dad. I get one on one time too. It’s a win, win.

Molly and I are going to see this guy.

I think there will be popcorn.

I think she needs her own bag. Ha.

Daddy and Bridget are going on their date today as well. Bridget picked the place. She did not hesitate at all.

I’m not sure who was more excited.

I do feel bad I will miss it. I REALLY love playing Deal or No Deal and winning the case with the most tickets!

But have no doubt, I love me some movie time, and I LOVE Disneyland Dads!

Happy Weekend everyone!