My Top Five Music Picks

I don’t post a lot about the music I listen to, mainly because, it’s everything, or Channel 10 on Sirius. But with my new spring goal of running/walking a half-marathon, I need to have some playlists handy. So, I have surfed iTunes and other sources (Pandora!) to get my favorites together.

I just can’t run or walk without beats, mostly because, I don’t like the sound of my breathing. I will over analyze the crud out of it.

Am I breathing too fast? Can I talk? Do I hear a wheeze? Oh gee, if someone runs by me they are going to think I am DYING. Oh crap, I am dying. Listen to my breathing!

And so, I crank up the tunes to drown out the “voices” in my head.

And I just go… the beat….to the words… the drums…to the energy or emotion of the tune. I listen and move to whatever it is that keeps me shuffling along.

Sometimes, when my mileage is up, I am sad I have to stop. It’s usually on my favorite! song. Ha.

Here are my top 5 picks. I am attaching what YouTube calls the “official” video.

    1. Snow Patrol – Called out in the Dark. The album was just released. It is amazing. Love this band!

Stadium of my Heart…this one is for you!

    2. David Guetta (feat. Usher) – Without you. I love how the beat is slow and then fast. Perfect for alternating a walk run.
    3. Cobra Starship – You make me Feel…. This is a fantastic song. I love the lyric – if you listen you can hear me through the radio in the bright white noise – it just reminds me of how big, and electronic our world is. Can we hear each other through the bright white noise?

      4. The Band Perry – If I die young. I am from Oklahoma. I love a good twangy song. It is a little disturbing that it’s a song about dying young, but there is something about it that haunts me. I just have to hear it. Maybe, it’s the sound of sad.
      5. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army. Just so you have an older song on the list. I just discovered it not long ago on Pandora and have loved it ever since. It has a super catchy beat to run to.


    I’ll keep you updated on my tune list as my training progresses. It will be a very musical three months. Wish me luck!

Stuck in the 70’s

I was born in the 70’s.

My Dad listened to the 60’s & 70’s my entire life. I can remember banging on the door to his house and unable to be louder than the music he had blaring….70’s Music.

But that was back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and Dad passed a couple of years ago.

His favorite music is still going strong.

I got Sirius Satellite Radio in the KIA Soul I drive. The stereo sounds Ah-mazing. Those hamsters have a reason for dancing!

And I happened upon this station.

Station 7 of the 70’s.


And it reminds me of my dad (who I miss!).

I hear the music, and I picture his house, and his room. I see him nodding his head to the beat.

And now, I can’t seem to turn the station. The 70’s blast through my speakers and it moves me in so many ways.


From Barry White to ABBA to Led Zepplin. I can’t get enough.

I am in love with this decade where I’m pretty sure I boogied my little legs off.

Me in the 70’s

I totally look like I could get down.

So that’s where I was then and where I am now………I tend to go through genres every few months. I’ve been through the 80’s, 90’s, 2K, Christian, Pop, Heavy Metal, and Disney.

But right now, I’ll just go with station 7 and shake my groove thing around town.

I’m sure I’ll move on grow up eventually.

Just let me have my fun for now, mkay? Then, I’ll pass the fever to my daughter. Ha!

What’s your favorite beat right now? Do you tend to move through genres?

I’m a Creeeeep…I’m a Weeeeirdo…

What the heck am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.


I typed out these lyrics to Creep in a Facebook message. Little did I know, they would dramatically change my life. It was, in all honesty, the only Radiohead song I knew.

I saw an update status asking if anyone would be interested in Radiohead concert tickets on Sunday. Well I really wasn’t, unless I could get my brother to come down from Oklahoma, but being it was a Sunday night that wasn’t likely to happen. The bigger question to me and the one that I asked to my casually acquainted Facebook friend……why aren’t you going?

He admitted to not having a date, going through a hurtful divorce, and the regular woes of life that we all get so caught up in that we forget to – well – have fun.

Then I wowed him with my lyrical knowledge. “I’m a creeeep! I’m a weeeeirdooooo!” Never mind I wasn’t singing but typing. I’m that good.

He was so impressed that he found a fellow Radiohead fan in all of Facebook-land that he offered to take me to the concert, so we could crone as one.

I did what any single girl would do trying to become a crazy fan in 48 hours or less to impress a guy. I YouTube searched a few more songs. Surely I knew more than one Radiohead song. Right???

I found Karma Police. Yeah. I think I heard one of the contestants sing that on Rockstar INXS. Cool! I watched the video. See I was a Radiohead fan after all. No problem. I got this.

We made plans to meet at his house at 6pm to head from Arlington to Dallas. I talked to him for the first time on the phone the day before to set it up. I, incredibly, got there at 6pm sharp. For those that know me that was a miracle in itself.

As I pulled up, the garage door opened and there stood my date – that wasn’t a date – but just a kind gesture of servitude to another concert going Radiohead fan (heh).

Our eyes met in smiles right away, he was MUCH better looking in person than in his picture and what surprised me most of all…he was TALL. 6ft 1in. If only Facebook gave profile stats, I could have known. I wore my high heel sandals thinking he was short. I know. Don’t try to compute the logic, I had guy issues. Ahem. I’m a creeeeppp.

Off we head to Dallas, listening to Radiohead in the car, except I didn’t know it was Radiohead since I only knew ONE song. Maybe two if my YouTube memory held out. I actually figured it out AFTER the concert when I truly was a new turned fan.

Didn’t matter anyhow, we talked the whole way – about – everything. If there is one thing my momma taught me it was how to have a conversation, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Thanks mom! I’ll chat with you later when I have a few hours *wink*.

It was a good thing too. It took hours just to get INTO the concert. Never have I seen so many people going to a concert at, or better known as the Smirnoff, or more simply Fairpark, in all my life.

The park was packed. Our seats were just under the awning – which was GREAT – considering the entire lawn behind us had seating that was really far back and ALL of it was standing room only. The concert started right after we sat down and it took my breath away. Literally, or Lyrically. I guess both.

And really I can’t describe it, but those things hanging down..they changed colors. They glowed. They flashed. They did everything but walk off the stage, or maybe they did that too. It was all in tune to the beat, and the motion of the music, which was poetry in itself. Incredibly awesome, like nothing I have ever seen.

These images are from a google search. Our view was more like this.

But honestly? It didn’t matter where we sat. It was the greatest, most energetic, dramatic, artfully choreographed media concert show I have ever seen and, trust me, I’m no concert virgin. There was a time I thought I was watching a video being played on a big screen, when in fact it was in live time with the stage. It was that good.

I felt SAD when it ended. When our night ended. I felt like we went through something special together and a friendship bond formed. Was it love at first sight? Not at all. I was pleasantly surprised by him. Blown away by the concert, and really enjoyed our long car conversations. *It took three hours to get OUT of the concert*

Jason, my friend, my boyfriend, my husband – Happy THREE year anniversary of our meet date. I can humbly say, May 18, 2008, a Radiohead concert, truly changed my world by bringing you into it.

You know the funniest twist to it all? They didn’t even play Creep.

I’m a creep.
I’m a weirdo.
What the heck am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.

*I rarely re-post, but this is in honor of another year.*

Happy last first date to my sweetie! Now, when is Radiohead coming back in concert?

A Wedding Post – The Sand Ceremony

Four months ago, I stood under a beautiful stained glass window, in a charming Methodist Church. A place our daughters, and mother loved dearly. A day fraught with meaning, love, and dedication (not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears).

I made God breathed promises to a man and his two daughters. Three people who I adore with all my heart. With my stunning daughter, two families became one. Our blended joy held in a clear glass vase of unity. Our wedding sand ceremony.

The colors were peach, beige, and pink. The girls were pink (of course). Jason was peach, and I was the beige. We each had a vase to hold and pour. One, by one, we filled the vase with our personal color. Not only combining a beautiful tapestry of art, but a reminder of this moment, and this day when we became a blended family.

Our differences unique, but when blended together, make a beautiful piece of work. It was perfect.

I did consider the unity candle, but to me, the sand was so much closer to what I thought we were. And I love that we can keep it on our mantle at home.

The song we played while we poured the sand was Have a Little Faith in Me sung by Westside Music Ministry. I’ve put a video together of the wedding pictures our step-brother Kevin took. I haven’t ordered Kellene’s yet, but I will as soon as I can. I love them all.

The song we picked wasn’t just for the flow and tune (although, I do love that). The song reminds me of our “broken” roads of the past. Both of us devastated by divorce. Neither of us intent on remarriage. Neither of us willing to risk being hurt again. And neither of us wanted our children to EVER suffer another divorce, and believe me, it is the children that suffer.

It took a lot of faith to walk that road. To trust. To love. To believe. To I do again.

“When your back’s against the wall, just turn around, and you will see. I’ll be there to catch you. I will catch your fall. Just have a little faith in me.”

Faith is why we chose to love again. Faith healed our hurts. God brought us together and every broken piece from our lives FIT (perfectly).

On this day, our wedding day, we faced a mom (his) in ICU. And a mom (mine) missing. Yet somehow, God held us close and brought us a day we will never forget and always cherish.

Have a little faith…..have a little faith…..

Happy four months to us and many, many more.