How do you get a pre-school girl to sit still?

I found a nail salon does the trick.

I realize it’s a risky endeavor and it could have gone a completely different way. I was a brave future step mom to take that chance. This is where I use the tired old excuse; I only had one child to raise and with two in the mix – it’s difficult different.

For one, I was the youngest of four in my family and got excluded a lot. You are too little to go. This is for the big kids. Senior priority!

So, no, it’s not fun to be left behind and that is how it came to be that I took a pre-schooler to the nail salon.

Come to find out, giving your feet a bath is a lot of fun. I became a bit concerned when they did the six-year old’s feet first. In fact, I was almost finished with my feet and hands when a nice lady (finally) came to see Bridget. She sat bathing her little tootsies all that time. Was she completely still? No. But she hadn’t gotten up. She didn’t need to go potty or get a drink. In fact, she only asked once when it would be her turn. A minute later, there was a smiling face, completely charmed by her pudgy little toes and fingers.

Oh the girls were given top-notch pampering. Foot soak. Heel scrub. Lotion massage and lots of smiles.

“Do you want a flower?”

“Yeth.” Bridget nods watching every move she makes (and scarily) not twitching all over the place. I was turned from my chair towards her. She would glance at me and just beam her million-watt smile.

I was amazed and very proud of them both.

Truthfully, my first nail salon mani/pedi was about two years ago at 37 years of age. What an experience. I’ve been hooked ever since.

When all was said and done, the drying was the hardest part. It’s easy to be still watching water change colors in a foot spa, but to be still with hands flat under a blue (black?) light….well, that’s something else. But we did it. And yes, there are a few smudges. It’s not perfect and that is why salons charge waaaaay less for the little people.

We celebrated our salon success with ice cream. I lived to tell the tale. We are not even banned from the place. It killed an hour or so and was a GREAT afternoon.

Princess preparation part one – complete.

Bridget’s toes.

Bridget’s toes and hands.

And maybe just a little advice if you take a six-year old at the same time; a young pro on her second visit who can pick their colors and talk to the nail technician themselves. They might just pick tiger toes. Oh yaaaahh…

Happy Monday! Rawrrr!

Jason had the kids this weekend

We had some fun! I love his weekends. We live them to the fullest and we cherish them.

You know what? I think they do too. They cry EVERY time when they have to go home. I think that means they need more time with him. Children, especially daughters, NEED their Dad. The oldest even clung to ME this time. She begged me and her dad to run away with her while hugging me for dear life. She told me, if we ran away, she would never have to leave us. I said, “Where would we run away to?” she answered, “Mexico!” HA. Where do they get this stuff? She’s five.

It kills me. I wish again and again that parents could SHARE equal joint custody. It is pretty clear children need both parents to grow and learn and they need EQUAL time.  I guess that is why we play like rockstars every weekend he has them. Here are some of our pictures. I forgot my camera when we went to Church (and they look so cute in their dresses)  but here is some of the rest.

Mani’s and Pedi’s-Hard to see but it’s girl pink with sliver glitter on the little girls nails and toes.

New shoes thanks to Dad (yes even mine)

Baby doll playtime in the playroom. Actually, it was more like “Let’s play surgery and I’ll operate on you!” Uhhhh “Ouch!” Sometimes we DO play dolls though and teacher but it’s always the mean teacher.

Ice cream time with their first mix-in at Coldstone. Cotton Candy ice cream with gummy bears. Yum!

Let’s go fly a kite. Or walk it. HA.

This is cheap entertainment, my friends.

The end til the next weekend!