Believe it or not, I am not the most confident person in the world.

Show me one of my photographs and I will point out a dozen things that are wrong with it.

Things I need to fix, change, or do-over.

I am probably the hardest critic I know. Perfectionism – my nemesissssssss. Boo. Hiss.

But it’s the part of “me” I am trying to embrace. After all, it can only make me crazy better, right?

When the Fort Worth Zoo held their photography contest, I entered under the direction of my photography teacher.

In fact, all his classes were urged to enter.

So we could learn, and grow, and do something that scares us; like have our work be judged by professionals, while we directly compete with one another.

But I did it.

And if you are a regular around here, you know I won third place. Winning!

What I didn’t know is that ALL the winners would be featured, not only on their website Fort Wort Zoo, and their Facebook page, but also in their magazine.

The day I got it in the mail was the day of extreme excitement. I almost jumped through roof.

My photograph is in a MAGAZINE!!! :jump:jump:jump:

I was all adither and adathers, or a whatevers! On the roof! :jump:jump:jump:

This is the cover – first place and best in show got the honor.

This is the page that hosts the winning bird photographs.

That’s me!! I know her! I know her! Actually, I know the second place winner too. My pal Nickie. Out of all the photography students that entered, we were the only two chosen.

I just get all excited seeing it again. I know this is probably silly.

This is the page that had an excerpt about the contest. It is also the first time that I saw in print how many photo entries were submitted (900!) and that the judges were a panel (how many is in a panel?) of professional photographers. Ahhh!

I still can’t believe this happened. I think it took getting the magazine in the mail. Something, I could see and touch – that wasn’t just on a website – that made it really hit home.

Winning photograph featured with the Fort Worth Zoo logo.

I am proud (and surprised) by this accomplishment.

I think I won more in spirit than I did in prizes and achievements. Winning!

What’s really funny? This whole blogging thing is what got me into photography.


The Summer of Hot


Today will mark the 39th day of temperatures soaring to over 100-degrees in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Thirty-nine days of melt everything-in-your car searing heat. Thirty-nine days of risking serious burn putting on your seat belt. Thirty-nine days of hovering in front of an AC unit, just to survive. Thirty-nine days of crispy brown grass and dead – way dead – plants.

Thirty-nine days.

And that’s not even the record. The record in 1980 is listed as forty-two 100+ days in a row.

Which we will beat – according to forecasters – on Friday.

It’s not just the record number of 100+ days in a row, we are, also, breaking temp records each day. Record low at night, record high during the day.

Today, as usual, we could break a record high. The record is 106. Temp today? 107

Two things I can assure you.

One, it’s not a dry heat.

Two, there hasn’t been a drop of rain either (oh, there are urban legends of rain, and/or mirages of rain), it’s not real. If you have seen rain, you risked outside exposure one too many times.

There is a small – obviously sick – part of me that looks forward to the new blazing summer record.

Hey, we got this far! Might as well make history.

Unless something crazy happens, we definitely will.

Now more people can understand why we have tinted windows in our cars and swimming pools on every corner.

These are not optional, they are required.

I hope wherever you are… are cool. In Texas, we are just HOT.

Happy Summer!

Snowpocalypse 2011: Coming to a Superbowl near you.

It’s here! (well, almost)

Apocalypse Snow Storm

The weather map at current posting time shows the beginning nibbles of a HONGRY snow! It’s coming to storm your town and make history!

Like our Snowpocalypse last year, remember that?

Yes, it really happened. We made history last year February 2010 - 12 1/2 inches in twenty-four hours in North Central Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex).

I think there will be records that eat that one for breakfast, right Chicago?

Anyway, I have properly stocked up on Chocolate Cherrios, Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies, and those mini chocolate donuts (don’t judge).

I eagerly watch the temperature thermometer like a TJ Maxx opening day sale. Drop, drop, drop.

It’s not just for a snow day…..really! I want it to freeze BEFORE I go to work. I do not want my “fiction” story to be based on actual events.

It’s all highway bridges through downtown Fort Worth, and no…….the sand truck won’t help. See they misjudge here, they are not sand/salt road experts. They prematurely sand the streets (wet). It freezes. SOLID. It’s really unhelpful. They may realize their mistake and sand again, but with three trucks? It could take a while. In the meantime, the cars will mount up on the incline of the bridges, unable to reach the top, and begin sliding BACKWARDS (while spinning out) right into where your car is sitting with cars behind you. See what I am saying? It’s ice bumper cars (I’m talking to you Wisconsin-Pittsburgh Superbowl visitors).

Yes, a master can drive on slick streets, on sanded streets even, but not here. Mkay?

Stay inside. Eat your oatmeal pies. Grab an icicle lollipop, and make some snow cream. It’s Party Snowpocalypse 2011.

And if it gets too much, too cold, too brittle, too dark, too desperate and you run out of oatmeal pies? Just think happy beach thoughts. The power of positive thinking, yes?

A beach day-dream in winter.
Bridget- Galveston Beach – November 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Chili

Because the weatherman predicted SNOW. Snow in North Central Texas.

Snow is rare. Snow is a miracle. We get excited over snow. Really excited!

So, this is how my day started.

Cold Temps hit Texas igniting a fire of warmth.

The chilly 30’s. A nice warm fire. Pretty glowing colors of orange toasting tootsies sporting purple fuzzy socks.

Ahh, winter. Finally!

Then it got better.

Jason's famous winning chili

Jason made us chili. His chili cook-off winning chili (the mild kid-friendly version). Yum!


Big fat chunks of SNOW, yes SNOW, came falling from the sky. Just like they said!

Snow! Snow! It’s snowing!!! It’s snowing!!

A rare snow in Texas.

But it wasn’t sticking. AT. ALL.

Finally it started to stick, so I’d have proof!

A pansy snow (heh).

If you squint, you can see it. Keep looking. It’s there…..squint…..there. Did you see it?

I swear a few moments later. The snow stopped failing. What was there, faded away; leaving a hydrated landscape sans the snowflakes.

Boo snow. Boo.

Supposedly, we will get sleet tonight. Now, that sounds more like Texas weather. Fierce ice chips hurling down to pelt and burn. Then, a nice, dangerous commute skating on black ice and playing bumper cars.

Plus, there is a 100% chance of leftover chili. Oh yeaaah!