What happens in a box, stays in a box…..

I’ve been wearing contacts since I was ten years old. Yes, I know! What were my parents thinking? Surely I lost them. Why yes I did, thankyouverymuch, luckily my smart step dad took out insurance.

I had contacts back in the days of using enzyme cleaner in distilled water. Did I just date myself? You had four different solutions. A soaking solution, a rinsing solution, and a cleaning solution. Then the distilled water with enzyme tablets. You had to have a near science degree just to WEAR contacts back then. At least they were soft contacts, those hard ones always looked painful.

Fast forward to today, my gosh, look at all the available contact options. You can get three month wear, six month wear, bi-weekly wear, colored, even bi-focal contacts. Seriously! They have come a long way. I can’t wear the extended wear. I tried and my eyes watered, constantly. It was 3-D blurred vision – I was not happy.

“Why?” asked the doctor your eyes are getting MORE oxygen with these. Um, gee doc, I don’t know. Apparently, I see better with oxygen deprived eyes. Go ahead smother them!

They put me back in the same bi-weekly lenses I had been wearing for many years, until this last visit. This doctor based on medical issues [cough] allergies [cough] recommended daily wear contacts. You wear them ONE day and toss them. A fresh new pair every day for those with dry allergy ridden eyes.

Now, I struggled a bit with the whole waste thing, how much more trash was I creating? Was I killing the planet? How lond did they take to decompose? They are not recyclable, nor environmental friendly. In the end, I tried them for seven days – comfort – blessed comfort – won out.

For the first time in 27 years, my contacts were cozy. My eyes were content. Not just day one or two, but all day even late into the night. To a long time contact wearer (and nightowl), that is incredible. They cost a bit more but I don’t have to buy solution either. The pleasant wearing experience was worth every penny (and more).

I have used 1-800-CONTACTS for a quite a while. They are very convenient, not to mention top notch customer service. I was in such desperate need of contacts after my eye appointment in May, I went online Saturday night to order them. Thing is, I kinda forgot the brand. No worries, there were only TWO daily wear lenses. I picked the one I thought it was. I figured they’d verify with the office and get the right one anyhow (forgetting it was Sunday the next day and the office was closed).

The contacts arrived within the week, oh happy day, I HATE wearing glasses. I can’t see. I never feel awake. I had gotten so irritated that week, I had dug out an OLD, OLD pair of contacts to wear. Yuk! Major eye disturbance.

So here they were, fresh and brand new, I immediately put my lenses in…..and couldn’t SEE a thing! I thought, maybe I got a bad lens. I tried another pair, STILL couldn’t see. Ahhhh!

I was bummed. I went to work wearing glasses and called them. As I’m speaking to a rep, I notice the box is + not – like my prescription. Ooops. Yeah, my bad. I tell them, it’s the wrong prescription, I admit it’s my fault. They tell me according to the doctor’s office it’s the wrong brand too. Wow.

Not only do they fix it and ship it right away, they do not even charge me the extra money for the different brand which was more expensive. AND they didn’t laugh at me for my major flub! (wearing contacts for 27 years? HA)

Three months later, it came time to re-order again. I jump online, no problems. My prescription is there and verified, no chance of getting it wrong. I actually ordered six months worth of contacts, because you know, time flies.

The box came yesterday and I open it right up, CONTACTS! My CONTACTS are here. Here is what I find……

Inside the box.

One of the boxes.

What’s left inside the box after the boxes are removed.

83 contacts

Now either someone had a really bad day in shipping and took it out on a mean ole box of contacts, or the contact boxes had some major issues with each other when the box closed. *You’re in my space. Move over. Get your elbow off me. Stop wheezing! Are you looking at me? You want some of this. Why I outta…*

One box was completely ripped open – all the contacts broken apart and loose. Two other boxes were opened but not spilling contacts, the third box looked a little inflated but was fine, not opened anyway. I would have been okay if they were all there, but no, one box was short seven contacts. I had to call them and let them know. What a trip! (heh, literally!)

Apparently, those seven escaped during shipping or were kicked out of box club for talking about box club. Or maybe the shipping guy had a problem with them. You seven? You’re OUTTA here! What happens in the box stays in the box….no questions, right?

Rogue contacts, only me….