I had a dream….

A dream to WIN. A dream to walk that runway and seize the marks of the judges, and steal the hearts of all my new fans. A dream to be Miss Tigerette. She was the beauty and talent of a small town in Oklahoma. She rode in the parades. She represented all the young girls ages six to eight to be a model of great pride and poise. She smiled. She waved. She ruled for one year, the title, Miss Tigerette.

I could do it. All it would take was my best dress, my best patent leather white shoes, my best swimsuit, and the boldest brightest smile in the world. It was all within my reach.

And I had a lot going for me. The paper was taking pictures. The Ada Evening News. They MUST have the inside scoop. My mom was a former Miss Ada beauty queen. How could their pick be wrong? I had the genetics. Pageantry ran in my veins.

Just look at all the prep work entailed.

Why just a few days before I had wowed the judges with my six year old intelligence. When asked, “Why I wanted to be Miss Tigerette?” I rather incredulously answered, “I want to win!” The answer still resounds in my head ringing in all it’s simple truth. Why else people? Why else?

The judges got quite a laugh out of that answer and I KNEW I was solid. I had it in the bag.

Who could resist my best blue ruffle dress. My hair curled and prepped by the great former Miss Ada, who even got a runner up in the Miss Oklahoma pageant.

My winning smile, even though I had a black tooth. Yes, it’s a black and white photo and a black tooth. My oldest brother whacked me in the mouth with a swing. Hey, it gave me character. Right there you can see where I learned – beauty is on the inside.

I strutted the stage like a champ.

I pulled my ace in the hole at the swimsuit stage. Check out those sweet sunglasses, that stylin’ suit. No other six-year-old had fashion with such passion.

Like I said, I was a winner, but I didn’t win after all. Shannon won. Shannon won every year. The agony!

Ah, but I got over it. My picture graced the paper. I got flowers from my parents. I was PROUD and happy. All in all, it was a great experience for my mom, and for me, even though I did not get my crown. I did not win that, but I did win.

However today…..today totally makes up for that loss. Today, I finally get my crown. Oh yeaaaah!

Confessions from a Working Mom

I am QUEEN for a week. As your queen, I promise to uphold my values, but just note a few things have changed. No more blue ruffles. Just good ol’ blue jeans, usually the fat pair (that’s too small-ahem). No more curly hair, I just blow dry and go. No more swimsuits with holes, like any where. Hey, gimme a break, 32 years is a long time to wait for my crown. I’m not all that and bag o’ chips anymore. But, I’m going to enjoy it anyway, just a little more worn is all.

My black tooth did fall out (after my first grade picture mind you). Now, I only have a slight gap. I still smile with all my heart. I still want to win, just not against the Shannons of the pageant, but only against myself – to be the best I can be.

Please no pictures. Let’s all NOT eat cake. How about we just cheer with all our hearts gratitude for the wonderful experiences that make us whole, complete, and true even when we don’t win. Sooner or later, we all get our crowns – in Heaven.

“You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself to be.” Author-unknown.