Pet Portrait Photo Tips

Tip #1 – Find you a good-looking pet. A willing subject One that doesn’t know any better. Not any ol’ mutt will do, it has to be a looker (of course, I think all dogs are cute).

Tip #2 – A little grooming goes a long way. If you have a brush handy, all the better.

Tip #3 – Bring lots of treats and a handy assistant helps too.

Tip #4– Use a versatile wardrobe.

Tip #5– Work with expressions. Be ready for the moment.

Tip #6– Watch for signs of fatigue.

Tip #7– Make sure the talent (your pet) is comfortable.

Tip #8– Know when it’s a wrap and call it.

And don’t forget to show your before and after work.

Before and After shots

And that’s it! That’s all there is to pet portraits. Add lots of whistles, tweets, cat calls, and an occasional bonk on the head. Works like a charm.

A special thanks to my furry friend Brownie for being my first pet portrait victim. It was lovely working with you in my make-shift studio. Next time, I’ll bring more jerky!