Confession Wednesday- Driving, dogs, and doo doo

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Thanks to Karen at A Peek at Karen’s World. I am taking part in this week’s confession Wednesday. Thanks Karen!

I must confess. I love my puppy Anna. She is sweet. She is snuggly. She is almost two years old now, and finally, FINALLY getting past ALL the puppy stages. She has been EXTREMELY difficult to train, to calm down, and to adapt to, since she is a Greyhound and not a Lab.

Don’t look at me like that Anna. You are a GREYHOUND, not a Lab. Raising your eyebrows at me won’t change that fact. Also, Salem is not your “real” mommy but she loves you like her own. She does. You are very lucky.

Anna this morning I was NOT happy with you. It was NOT okay.

Don’t look at me all shocked. What did you do Anna? It’s disturbing. Waking up at 6am, to the permeated stench of poo, which in my sleepy haze thought was just a horrible case of dog farts.

It wasn’t until 645am when the smell brought me straight outta bed. Stronger. OH MY LORD, what’s that SMELL?? Uuuuughh….then I realize…..someone had an accident. Since it wasn’t a human household member, it must be a pup. Sydney..shame on you for thinking it was ME when you went down the hall to the laundry room and past my shut door catching the scent. I NEVER thought it was YOU.

I was fearful to look into your crate, as I should have been, it was a mess. Oh P-yew! I let you out. Assessed the damage. Poor girl had covered up most of it with your only blankie. You were in the middle of the crate most of the night, sitting straight up, in the only clean spot. I let you out THREE times before bed, dangit!

It wasn’t hard to clean, but gross as heck. THANK YOU PETMATE for making an extremely durable home that was easy to clean. I totally became a fan on Facebook. A lot of bleach and a roll of paper towels with each smeared wad carefully placed, one by one, into a plastic grocery sack. Tied up tight and put in the trash in the garage. Blankie went into the wash, with bleach and hot water and lots, and lots of soap. I washed my hands a 100 times.

I hope you didn’t mind the babywipe bath. Best I could do, and you really did well not to get it all over you. Just one little spot. You smell really nice with the doggie perfume I had handy.

I confess, I was not happy with you Anna. But it was me that bought the meat filled treat bone night before last. Sorry it didn’t sit so well. My bad.

I must confess….I have the most beautiful daughter in the world (at least I think so). Just look at her. But sweetie? I still HATE driving with you. I don’t offer the wheel, like EVER, unless I feel extremely guilty for not helping you learn to drive.

I just get so stressed out, hitting the imaginary brake, and heaving myself against the side door when you back up punching the gas, not turning the wheel, shooting straight out of a parking space with CARS parked behind us. Ahhhhh!

Deep breaths. Listen, I know. I can relate. I am a terrible driver. Remember yesterday morning at school, I stopped on the crosswalk, without realizing it, blocking the handicap ramp. I watched in horror as the boy in the wheel chair rolled up and couldn’t get past me to go to school. To my extreme shame, I couldn’t MOVE. Cars in front, and cars in back. See, I really shouldn’t be your teacher.

I don’t know how parents survive this, but I am told we do. It would greatly help me if your dad were around. Please understand. I don’t hate you. I hate the system and the learning process. Plus you can’t help that you are blond, it’s genetics.

But I promise to do better. I swear. You will be a good driver (and me too). I will fulfill my parental duty. Love you mean it!