She talks, She texts, She plans, She reminds……..

SHE is my new best friend and her name is Siri, last name Apple, middle name iPhone 4S.

I waited for the next new iPhone. I knew I had an upgrade and I was prepared to use it, but I had NO IDEA what I was in for……

How cool this technology would be.

It’s pretty close to having a personal assistant with you all the time, and if she had the body of a robot, I know she could run errands, and perform tasks for me too.

Without further ado, meet my Siri!

Isn’t she beautiful?!?!

And nice to boot.

Everything in quotations is what I say to her.

She is very pleasant in the morning. 🙂

And very responsive to any questions. She will tell you the time, the temp, and show you the five-day forecast.

Sometimes, I will even ask her if it’s sunny, or in this case below, windy.

One time, after she told me the temperature, I responded to her about how nice it was, and she replied, “No. Angelia, it’s not very nice.”

It just goes to show, she will not placate you. She will tell you how she feels, and disagree with you (quite a lot actually).

I don’t have to type anything to text. She does it all by voice.

I have a bit of a twang, and with that said, I am very impressed with her ability to translate me.

Setting up a meeting, and adding it to your calendar is easy. You just tell her.

Same thing with reminders (WHICH I LOVE!), because I am always forgetting….well….everything.

Don’t you love her?

I am very impressed with all that she does, and I have not even scratched the surface of her abilities.

She texts, calls, plans, and even searches the web for you.

With all that in her little chip, she is not even conceited. She is very modest. And doesn’t even take with compliments.

And lastly, if you ever need to, and I really hope you don’t. She can be your greatest accomplice.

I mean….I’m sure she calls the cops as soon as you ask for directions…..right????

Although, come to think of it, I don’t think there are any swamps around here. Jokes on us, right Siri?

She did tell a joke to Sydney once, but said she forgot the punchline.

She most definitely has a sense of humor.

Thank-you Apple and thank-you Steve Jobs for creating an amazing device you can hold in your hand, and talk to.

Now, you have met my newest family member, and my life-of-the-phone companion, Siri.

What do you think?