The Big Reveal: Christmas Card Photo Shoot 2011

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

I looked at several websites for Christmas cards, but truthfully, I found my favorite at Just like last year!

They have the most enormous selection (and I am very picky!).

So our card is ordered and I thought……Ohhhh, I have to be all shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone about our Christmas card, because if I do, it won’t be a surprise.


I figure getting one in the mail (to have and to hold) is so much different than seeing it online. Plus, maybe I will give you ideas of how to do your card, just in time for Christmas.

Because if this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit. I don’t know what will.

If you can believe it, these did not make the cut (too many to choose from). But, I adore the girls in these beautiful dresses. The dresses are from a locally owned business called Oopsy Daisy Baby. The girls are on their website modeling some of the pettiskirt and legging combos. Most of them are under the leggings or holiday tab.

Jason & Angelia with the girls - Christmas 2011
The girls, Christmas 2011
Dad & the girls, Chrismas 2011

I sure had fun doing our cards this year. That is one good thing about being a photographer.

Since we haven’t got our tree(s) up yet, this was the next best thing (along with the chilly weather) to get me in the mood for decorating and shopping (and maybe some Starbucks hot chocolate too).

Has anyone else got their tree and Christmas decorations up?

May’s Favorite Pick

The photo challenge this week is the best face of May.

I am barely getting this one in, but it is my favorite from this month.

We were going for a period shot and went to an 1800’s farm to do it. Their mom provided the awesome dresses (one from her childhood and the other sewed by hand). My step-daughters were completely convincing in setting and scene. I didn’t even need the farm.

iheartfaces entry

This is why I love photography.

My entry did not make the top 100. Sorry everyone, I thought it was people’s choice for all, but it’s only the selected 100. A lot of great entries displayed if you’d like to vote for them!

Beg, Plead, and #Hashtag

Whatever works to get any of my 740 Twitter followers to tweet me. To reply. To be more than just a number in my followers section.


Is anyone out there? I tweeted a question…

#please #help #question #photography

I didn’t get an answer.


#anyone #anyone #anyone #echoechoechoecho



I don’t think anyone is out there. Not for #personal questions. Not for #amateur #photography #wanna #bes #that #blog. I mean, if you want to know breaking news. Or follow a witty actor, author, or famous blogger. Sure, that’s out there. It’s fun. I once followed the USA vs. Canada hockey game via Twitter when I was on the road and unable to watch it. It really was play by play, but for advice? #Twitter #fail

I had done what I called my last “practice” shoot before I decided if I wanted to launch a small side business. I’ve talked about that before. Indecision has plagued me since the idea popped into my brain.

Am I good enough? Do I have the natural talent? Patience? Do I deal with people well? Would they hire me? Would they PAY me to photograph them?

It’s one thing to take photos for fun, but quite another to be hired.

I go to my last “free” photo session. It’s a friend I’ve known for three years. Not close friends, but not a stranger either. Not long after I’ve arrived feeling very fresh, very green, and a little nervous (I have yet to go into taking pictures with NO nerves). She mentions to me her best friend is a photographer. It started as a hobby (like me) and she went on to open her business six months ago. Wow! I’m not sure why – except for the fact her BEST friend is a pro-photographer – my nerves went through the roof. I got hot. I got intimidated. And really? It’s not easy to hold a camera steady when you have nerves. Nor can you see through the viewfinder when your sweat is running into your eyes #justsayin’.

I did the best I could and I told myself – THIS – was exactly the practice I needed. With nerves. With pressure. Missing the youngest family member due to illness and losing the sun on the horizon as darkness descended faster than my shutter finger.

I felt I did a horrible job.

I didn’t feel good about the shots. The angles. Or the lighting. Or the whole experience. I just hoped a few turned out for my time and work (and sweat!).

After, I went straight to my community group’s chili cook-off. I didn’t get to view the pictures right away. I get home and do what any nervous photographer does. I edit my pictures. I edit until 3AM.


And when I was done, I wanted what any #amateur wants. FEEDBACK.

But, it’s 3AM.

The next morning I uploaded to Facebook, and Picasa. I got a few responses.

So I decided to try Twitter World. Surely, out of 740 fans, I’d have a plethora of response, pointers, and suggestions.

#help #really


Not one response.


I took that as a sign from the Twitterverse. I was NOT supposed to launch a side business. Not yet. Not for now, anyway.

#Because #Twitter #said #so
Because, I am clearly not ready. With time and more training, I won’t need any validation. Twitter or otherwise.

I will leave you with a few pictures from the session. And I will say……..I may not launch a side business (yet), but I will keep “practicing”.

#Thanks #alot #Twitter

P.S……. I’ll tweet ya later….

The Color Blind Photographer

My secret is out and I might just lose a few clients over this. But, considering I haven’t even started my business, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Here is my dilemma.

Do you see what I see?

All I see is a yellow square. Nothing else. Apparently, there is something else. Maybe a rabbit jumping through a hoop? Or a children’s choir singing Kumbaya? Me? I don’t know. That’s my point – I don’t see it. Here is the online color blind test I took. See for yourself, or in my case – not.

It started in fourth grade. We had one of those health books. They had these circle thingies where a number is displayed. I couldn’t see it. If I couldn’t see the number, it said I had red-green color blindness. What did that mean to a ten-year old? Absolutely nothing. My Dad was color blind and from other parts of the health book I learned about heredity traits. I guessed I got it from him. I knew the color red. I knew the color green. Didn’t I? I mean I saw those colors. It’s just a number in a circle, right?

Except now……

Now that I am considering a side career. Charging people to take pictures. Launching a photography business. Would you pay a color blind photographer? Is that something I’d have to disclose?

Maybe, I can use color blind photography to create a niche market. It could be a catchy. You’ll never know what colors you’ll get, but we can always revert to black and white.

I happen to love black and white photography.

It’s a little comical now. I remember watching my Dad tune the colors on his TV over and over. It was never quite right. I used to tease him and ask him what color his curtains were. He would look and look and look. Finally, he’d say red and I’d laugh. “No Dad, it’s orange. Ha. Ha. Ha.” Oh yeah, I thought it was sooo funny. Did I mention what a bratty kid I was? How about karma? Have I mentioned that lately?

I have a confession…….I am color blind and I want to be a photographer.

I confess to not seeing the numbers in the circles.

I confess.

But I will not apologize for the colors I do see.

Vibrant, rich glorious colors.

And by the way, I may be color blind and part of the 0.005% women who are affected, but I am not blind as a bat.

I can see the train coming.

So what are your thoughts? Color blind? Or color rich? Would you hire a color blind photographer?

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