Explore. Dream. Discover.

Big Bear Lake, California

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

– Mark Twain, American writer

I’m off to my race adventure in the morning. Yes, Joshua, the Jiggle Butt Run.

The forecast is a sunny 50 degrees. Yessss!

I’ll be back tomorrow with an account on how the official 3.1 miles went, but I am not nervous or concerned.

These are my dreams to discover and explore and do.

Thank-you for all your well-wishes and cheers on the previous post. It truly means the world to me. I thank you from the depths of my heart.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

My wishes for 11/11/11

I can’t believe 11/11/11 is finally upon us. It seemed an unreachable date back in the year 2000 (which seems silly, but really, how is 2022 looking right now? Hmm?).

National Blog Posting Month asks us to make three wishes for 11/11/11 and write about them.

So, I looked up the definition of wishes, and have included it here.

Wishes – an expression of a desire, typically in the form of a request or instruction; an expression of a hope for someone’s success, happiness, or welfare;
a thing that is or has been wished for. To want; desire; long for; to entertain wishes, favorably or otherwise, for: to wish someone well; to wish someone ill.

I don’t think wishes are just whims. I truly think…….they are the heart’s desire.

These are mine.

I wish for the beauty of the world to be seen, for a breath of hope to touch a lost soul, and for love to reach the hardest heart.

I wish my family a lifetime of dreams, for sparks of longing to be filled, and to always reach beyond what is possible. So you may feel the empowerment of what waits for you there.

I wish my husband – health, guidance, and reassurance. I wish him all the success he can handle. I wish for cures to be found; Type 1 diabetes, and Lupus. I wish you a long life with me!

To my youngest daughter, Bridget, I wish you laughter from your head to your toe. Because when you laugh, the world lights up.

To my second youngest daughter, Molly, I wish you the magic of play and fun. To always know the joy of being a child. And to find your path by faith, without using a map.

To my oldest daughter, Sydney, I wish you a lifetime of being cherished. That you always know your worth, and you give back as much as you get. I wish for you the sun and more.

To my mom, I wish you a warm blanket of comfort. It wraps you up, and holds you tight, so tight, that you never feel lonely or sad. I wish you rest and resilience.

To my second mom, Sue, I wish you strength of spirit and a left arm that works like new. I wish for all your joy and praise to be spread to every struggling soul who needs it. I wish that your light always shine as bright as you are.

To my sister, Deedy, I wish you a calm rocking boat of peace and patience. I wish that you could ride the current, and feel the sea breeze on your face. I wish you a life without loss, and that joy rises and sets each day with your husband and children.

To my brothers, Lonnie and Jay, I wish you memories of a lifetime. A brotherhood of love, and for you to be taken care of just as much as you have taken care of others. I wish all your good deeds be returned to you ten-fold.

And to those without family, I wish you the kindness of a stranger, and the gratefulness of a humble heart.

To my readers, and friends, I wish you a day that rains blessings. A day that you will never forget. That you feel something you have never felt before, and it moves you.

Maybe it is profound peace, or maybe a gut of gratitude, or maybe…..it’s just a very lucky day.

I know that is more than three wishes……..and I hope that is okay.

Happy 11/11/11 day! Tell me, what are you wishing for?

Ventura Beach, California

It’s a Ruff Life

I have three dogs.

Brownie Cinnamon Elizabeth Hardy (a little over one year old).

Anna Foursocks Elizabeth Strumila (3 1/2 years old).


Salem Dixie Elizabeth Sims (9 years old).

They all have two middle names – one after their doggy momma, and one after their human momma – and different last names. Thing is, they are not from the same marriage, heh!

Two are big, and one is very small (well, not too small).


Brownie is the smallest. She is probably about 10 1/2 lbs and a full-blood Shih-tzu. I have NEVER heard her bark, and she finally learned to jump about three months ago.

Next is Anna.


She gets a special frame, because well, she is special. See, her middle name is foursocks. She is from Choctaw land, and we are pretty sure she had something funny in a pipe before coming to her fur-ever home. She is part greyhound, which makes her very loving, and very skitzy at the same time (or maybe the skitzy is from the peace pipe).

Lastly, is my first puppy love – Missy Salem.


She is full blood Black lab. She weights about a 100lbs. Tells time by her tummy, and is one of the most tolerant dogs I have ever met. Not to mention….. wicked smart.


And very funny! ROFLMFO! (rolling on the floor laughing my fur off!)

These fur friends have it made.

They are house dogs fed twice a day. They have a basket of toys. A couch just for them. And dog crates for safe sleeping. They get to run in the yard – unfenced – when they need too. They are loved. They are spoiled. And, I think, they are the best dogs in the world.

I have no idea what we do without them. But I know, it wouldn’t be near as entertaining.