Instead of……What a Crappy Day Post

Instead of a post about what a crappy day I had, and how text messages get misread, information shared gets misunderstood, and no matter how hard you try – technology will never be a good replacement for face-to-face speaking.

How remote offices leave you more remote, and misplaced than anything in the world, because you really don’t belong anywhere….. and how it doesn’t really matter, because if we all died tomorrow? What difference does one day like today make? And I guess it doesn’t. And that is okay. Because I am not posting about that.

What I will post about? A little boy named Mason. I took his one-year portraits and guess what? I got to do his eighteen-month portraits as well.

And man, can that boy light up the world with his smile! It’s hard to be upset about a day when you have these to edit.

Now how can this not make a day better?

Tomorrow is a new day.

Love, Light, and Peace to you.
From this day on, and all days through.
Words can break, and people too.
But baby smiles will pull you through.

A Day in the Life of my Hobby

Learning photography. Exploring photography. Living and breathing photography.

Sunday, I took a shot at Senior pictures.

I am so lucky I have friends at work who don’t mind me “practicing” on their kid. Then of course I have Sydney who is just a Junior, but I can ready her for Senior pictures by experimenting taking pictures every chance I get.

These photographs were shot in the country. I’m not sure what city slicker Sydney thought of the cows, but I noticed she didn’t walk around the field too much (heh). Jason loved using four-wheel drive on his Jeep.

My assistant and model hanging out on the set.

Under the blue sky, cool breeze, and unedited landscapes, these kids were great subjects (and good sports). It’s amazing how fast they grow. Their last years of high school.*Sniff*

Andrew Senior ’10

I took photographs of Sydney, because she FINALLY got her braces off – five long years later. Worth the wait? Well, I think she is absolutely stunning. Then again, I’m probably biased. Not to mention Dr. Enoksen is the BEST dentist and orthodontist in the WORLD. What Monarch Dental tried to do in FOUR YEARS with no results, he completed in less than a year. No matter where you are, or who you use, switch to West Davis Dental if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I’m for serious.

Sydney – Junior ’10

My next quest is family photographs and learning to use manual settings. I think I am getting closer to breaking up with auto, but not quite yet. I still have a few books to finish on digital photography before I will feel comfortable trying it.

It is definitely a work in progress for me. Especially, the patience part. There is so much to photography – not just the settings, and the edits, but also working with families and getting feedback. By far the worst part is posting pictures and waiting for comments. I definitely need to tone down my eagerness (or maybe not). It will take years to learn it all; to fine tune the ins and out. And? A lot more practice (yay!).

My Life Edited

Mama's Losin' ItI chose weekly writing prompt #1.
1.) If you could do it over again…
(Inspired by Barb from Half-Past Kissin’ Time)

Truth is, almost every time this question comes up, I answer it the same way. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life, or where I am today.

However, today I decided to answer this burning question with absolute honesty, and a little of the stuff dreams are made of.

I got a Nikon D3000 DSLR mid January this year. Since then I have had a burst of creativity. My mind has enlivened. The camera frees photographs, the photographs free words, the words tell a story. For me, it flows in a never-ending whirlpool of spectacular visions.

Recently, I decided to try portrait photography for the first time (with a non-family member). That post could be written using writing prompt three: 3.) Steppin outside the box (describe a time when you went way out of your comfort zone)
(inspired by Sherri from Matter Of Fact).

Believe me, this was the time. Yes, I had a big camera. No, I had zero bridal portrait experience and very little experience of non-family photos. I started out extremely nervous. What made it easier was – she really didn’t expect much. She knew I had a nice camera and liked to take photos. So, we did.

The result.

See more photos here, or here.

The story.

She had brought these army boots to take pictures in and an army helmet. Those and her bridal veil were very important to her. She wanted to make sure, I had some poses with them. I noticed the veil did not quite match the color of her dress, but never considered anything else, other than my eye was seeing it through the lens. The boots and helmet made me think a loved one was in the army. A dad? A brother? Come to find out (after the session), her fiance is in Iraq. The boots and helmet were his. Now when I see the pictures; the story unfolds.

She is not just a beautiful bride-to-be. She is the ultimate bride awaiting the safe return of her groom. And the veil? Her mother’s. To me, it became a story of love, and family. Made more endearing by the photos taken.

She wants me to take photographs of them both when he returns home from Iraq. What an honor.

This is not the first time this has happened. On the drive back from Houston – which definitely qualifies for writing prompt four: 4.) A long drive…
(inspired by Lindy from Lindy And Ree
). For me, Dallas to Houston is the worst drive. Ever. But I digress.

We stopped North of the Woodlands, at a little 7-11. There was a man seated in front of the store with a dark green duffel bag. I could tell he was homeless. He had on worn clothes. He didn’t smile, or frown. He just sat there; still and tall. Browned by the sun, his facial features resembled leather, as if they were chiseled on his face. I was surprised he didn’t have a cup, or a sign. But he had nothing- literally nothing. And he didn’t ask for anything more.

I gave him a few bucks upon leaving. He thanked me profusely and we blessed each other. I got in the car, but couldn’t help notice his features again, the bag next to him, and his story. What was it?

I wanted nothing more than to grab my camera, offer him twenty bucks to take his picture; ask his name and where he was from. Get his story. How he got there? What he did before? Was he a vet, a father, a brother? The opportunity passed. We drove away. But I never forgot that burning desire to know and to capture.

Maybe, I should have been a photo journalist. Maybe, I still could be. If I could, would I? Would I choose to discover this desire earlier in my years and turn my life in that direction? Maybe.

I find it all very fascinating and interesting. I have my camera ready…..what’s your story?

The Scoop

Brownie, and I are off to Oklahoma today. She wants to meet her Grandma, who will probably eat her up. It will take a lot to get back home with her.

I had quite the experience last night. My second photo shoot, that wasn’t of Sydney, and the girls. Plus, it was a bride trying out her bridal gown. See, a few nights ago, I offered my photography services to friends, and family (free). I decided I could read about photography, or I could just get out there and do it. With practice (like writing), maybe I would get better at it.

The response was astounding. And the next day at work when they were talking about it, a co-worker mentions her future daughter-in-law that wants pictures in her wedding dress. Of course, I jumped at the chance. The next day, ten minutes prior to her arrival, I got really nervous about it. I have no idea how to pose or what facial expressions to tell them to use. I relied on the family with her to distract her. After a while, everyone got comfortable, I got more natural shots. I did get the lighting right on some. For an amateur, I think it was incredible experience.

Here are a few of my favorites. I can see why photographers love to shoot weddings. There is something magical that happens, when a girl puts on her dress.

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful model. And I have to thank my mentor, and friend, for her incredible inspiration, and support. Kellene at Bella Lucia Photography.

Last thing is this, I am back over at the The Scoop on Poop blog. I want to thank DramaMama for graciously hosting me for TWO days.
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Thank you for coming by. Between photography, writing, working, and now going to Oklahoma. I haven’t had a lot of time to visit and read blogs. I really appreciate your readership!