The Nightmare after Halloween

I found this picture of my daughter on Facebook (I totally stole it!).


Sydney on the far left.

Here she is in her clown costume for the haunted house at Six Flags Frightfest. The 3D haunted house, called Cirkus Berzerkus.

Isn’t that great?!?

20111101-133359.jpgA fellow haunted house worker.

She goes from this…..

Ready for work

To this……


Sydney on the far left.

HA! Hilarious!

I know she will remember this for a loooong time.

Really glad someone posted a pic.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

I know I did……..because this cookie was involved. I think I’m still on a sugar high.


Must be why I decided to do this…….

I plan on participating in NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. I thought it would be a good way of completing my 2011 blogging year. And? It’s much better than writing a 50,000 word novel on NaNoWriMo (I will tackle that someday!).

NaBloPoMo 2011

NaBloPoMo 2011

Happy November 1st! Christmas will be here before you know it!!

Just write! Just post! Just try it!

Just when you think WordPress has done it all – well – they introduce distraction-free writing.

A screen of words on white. An empty vessel lighting the way for all font-happy WordPress writers to fill, the best way they know how, by typing.

Enter Full Screen mode.

The reason behind this genius-mode? Well, I assume it is for people like me who just don’t have the concentration they used to (totally blaming social media).

I always plan on writing, but I get too busy doing other things. I see an email pop up, a Facebook notification, or a Twitter message. I’ll be honest. I can’t help myself. I have to click! I have to see! I have to find out what’s going on. It’s just too easy to navigate away and get lost by way of interaction.

I have tried to write during my lunch hour (seems like my only free time), but it never works out. The reason? I was on an old version of Internet Explorer which had buggy WordPress issues. I couldn’t type anything without my screen mode moving to the top. Luckily, they posted about that too and now I’m on a newer, wiser version of internet surfing. Not sure if you are? Try Browse Happy to find out. It made me happy for sure!

Posting about this new feature does not do it justice. DO try it for yourself. I am super ADD on anything techy. I love technology and new formats, but get a little overwhelmed. I usually give up before I get it going (at least once or twice). So, for me, this is good. In the end – fewer distractions. This change has cleared the playground for me. I can now write.

Just write.

No tweaking of my settings, or wandering my eye to categories. No more pondering of my stats via drop down. No more checking for comments, or spam. No more gazing at the widget, links, or general setting tabs. Nope, none of that. I even applied the Full Browser toggle to end the email, Facebook, and Twitter interruptions ( F11 on windows or command+shift+F on Mac).

And since I am blonde? schooled in Oklahoma? allergy fuzzy, it took me a few tries to figure this out (and I didn’t get distracted). And because I like you, and I LOVE WordPress, I have created a very special tutorial for others – ahem – like me.

Full Screen Mode

From your post just click on the full-screen mode.


Enter your title and write. It’s that simple.

Distraction Free Writing

Ta Da! Distraction-free writing at it’s best. Thank-you WordPress.

I actually got a post done today. And? I have MANY more to complete……..newborn photo shoot, wildlife photos, stepping on a snake, and a picnic vintage photo session.

Good stuff…coming soon. So please, come back, I won’t distract you…….for long (ha!).

*****All thanks go to the WordPress Blog post Just Write. Are you a subscriber? If not, why? You might be missing out on some cool WordPress information. That’s why I do. Technology, it will leave you behind if you don’t keep up.

Instead of……What a Crappy Day Post

Instead of a post about what a crappy day I had, and how text messages get misread, information shared gets misunderstood, and no matter how hard you try – technology will never be a good replacement for face-to-face speaking.

How remote offices leave you more remote, and misplaced than anything in the world, because you really don’t belong anywhere….. and how it doesn’t really matter, because if we all died tomorrow? What difference does one day like today make? And I guess it doesn’t. And that is okay. Because I am not posting about that.

What I will post about? A little boy named Mason. I took his one-year portraits and guess what? I got to do his eighteen-month portraits as well.

And man, can that boy light up the world with his smile! It’s hard to be upset about a day when you have these to edit.

Now how can this not make a day better?

Tomorrow is a new day.

Love, Light, and Peace to you.
From this day on, and all days through.
Words can break, and people too.
But baby smiles will pull you through.

I think I was a little intimidated.

This week The SITS girls asks you to get back to blogging. You can read all about it here. The first task is to re-publish your first blog post ever.

Here is mine.

Hello World!

Have you ever heard the shortest horror story in the world? No? Well it’s so short I guess I can share. Here goes:

The last person in the world heard a knock at the door.

Scary huh? Haha. Sums up how I feel about starting to blog! (wink)

The horror begins…….


I’m not kidding. That was it. As you can see, I am a little? a lot intimidated by the big scary world of blogging. I am not sure if I thought I was going to get graded, or maybe, the youtube people would come out of the cracks and start ripping my post. Get kicked off wordpress? It’s funny to look back and see how fearful I was. I am glad I gave it a go and stuck it out, instead of running for the hills.

What would I change?

Well, I would have deleted that first Hello World! post since it was just a starter post that wordpress gives you as an example. I would have deleted my self-consciousness while I was at it.

It is good to see how far I’ve come.

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Blogging…this is a crazy world! Let’s see if I can keep up with the five day jump-start, plus waiting til the last minute wedding planning, and also working forty plus hours a week in the emergency services department at work.