Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I’ve wanted to post about this area for some time. It’s called The Bishop Arts District, located in Oak Cliff, Texas. This is just a tad to the southwest of downtown Dallas. They have several art mural projects for 7th street and Oak Cliff.

I find these art murals completely fascinating.

One is to raise money for local artists, and the other is to beautify the walls with graffiti designed to show something more….

A more beautiful place to look at.

A more dedicated community to the arts.

A more giving use of talents, and outstanding vision from these local creators.

A wonderful, and artistic display which varies from children to adults.

It is as impressive as it sounds.

I ventured to this area to capture the wall art. But, I realized something……these murals are not just eye candy. They are a renewal. A renewal for a plain wall, to go from drab, to fab. A creative, and colorful endeavor that spreads cheer throughout the neighborhood.

My hope is you enjoy them as much as me. Aren’t they amazing? A real photographic trip. Heh!

Click on any photo to enlarge and display a gallery slide show.

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Do you have an arts neighborhood?

Children of the Corn Maze

Once upon a time, in the middle of October, there were some cute little kids beckoning from the entry of a corn maze.

They said, “Come with us into the corn maze!”

And I think I saw a glint in one of their eyes.

But I followed……

Because, who could resist these two?

I said, “Take me to your people, little children.”

They mused over the direction, “Hmmm, I think it’s this way.” As they grinned ear to ear (heh). Yeah right…..

“Or maybe, it’s the other way….” They snickered and pointed.

I heard giggling and running steps as they happily darted through the corn maze.

Then, a pause to make sure I wasn’t as hopelessly lost as I feared. I was.

“Where are you taking me?” I pleaded.

“It’s a secret place…” They solemnly promised.

“A secret place to what?” I inquired.

“A secret place to laugh.” The girls chortled in chorus.

Well, maybe these children of the corn aren’t so bad after all.

One thing is for sure, they certainly do know the way.

Eat Cake and Celebrate

Guess who is a DECADE old???

She is my first love….puppy love that is….and this is her story.

More than ten years ago, I wanted a male yellow lab. That is what I intended to bring home, and had my heart set on. But all the puppies at the farm that day? They were black. So, I looked for a boy. A cute little boy with a face only a doggy mom could love.

I picked him out of all the rambunctious pups and snagged my man.

Only, it was a girl.

I said, “Oh! You have such a CUTE face, but I want a little boy.”

I put her down, and continued my search among twelve CRAZY baby black labs running everywhere. Again, I spotted my pup. So, I picked him up, and took a look.


And guess what? It was the SAME girl. I recognized her because she had white stars on the bottom of her front paws. I gave her a big hug, and set her down, “I really like you, but I promised myself I would get a boy.”

On the search went, from one puppy face to another. I saw them chew ears, bounce, run, and tumble all over each other.

FINALLY, I spotted a REALLY cute pup. THIS was it! The ONE.

I picked it up, and sure enough, GIRL. Same girl. Same paws dabbed in white. Same pretty face.

This time, I didn’t set her down. I knew.

I picked that girl out of twelve puppies – three times in a row – she was meant for me.

And now, my baby puppy, is ten years old, and the longest live-in roommate I have ever had. We have many memories and journeys together.

She is my best fur-friend – loyal, comforting, and always thankful. Many times, hugging her big fur-neck made everything right in my upside-down world.

So we celebrate, because, I know………I don’t have many years left.

And I will miss her dearly.

My sweet girl, you deserve a party to remember (if you can).

Let’s get it started. Everyone knows a birthday just isn’t a birthday unless you sing, loud, and proud to the Birthday girl.

Then, you eat cake!

And of course, you invite the very best party guests. My youngest step-daughter, and newest adoptee Fred.

My oldest step-daughter with the baby of the fur family – Miss Brownie (who kinda turned grayie).

The oldest daughter with the middle dog – Anna.

We take celebrating serious in this house.

Put on your best party duds, and get wild. Right, Fred?

Right Salem?


Maybe, the party is a little too much for her (she is 70 in dog years!). Luckily, we got the cake-eating covered.

And don’t worry, Salem got a tasty, beefy raw-hide bone for her birthday.

I think she liked it.

Happy Birthday Pup!

GPS Photo Safari – The Finish

The last set of coordinates on the Meetup GPS Photo Safari took me to Founder’s Plaza.

An incredible spot to view planes landing. There is also an air traffic control speaker, and many historical markers about the DFW airport.

I dreamed of being a flight attendant since I was ten years old. I became a travel agent instead, but I have been on MANY trips (and probably saw more places). I have traveled almost to my heart’s content, or at least more than I have ever dreamed possible (and it’s not over yet!).

I love the airport. I love flying. I love everything about travel (except for the lines and pushy people). If I could, I would travel the world and take pictures.

Anyone out there want to pay me to do that??

So, I loved this park full of flight, and fun.

It was also home to happy flying statues of children.

I was taken by them. They were magical.

Frozen in the wind. Sailing with the planes. They delight in every landing as they soar in sequence at the airport’s gate.

So carefree! I loved them, and wanted to take them home with me.

Instead, I watched planes with them.

Mesmerized by the miracle of flight.

The airport end to my day was perfect.

The light changed and I noticed something special about my new statue friends.

They make amazing silhouettes.

Our safari ended in a blaze of glory.

Sunset at DFW airport.

But what fantastic memories of memorable, and historic places.

I can’t wait until the next safari. In fact, I may have to do a few on my own just to keep my exploring alive.

What do you think?