It’s Called a Meal Plan

My husband and I started this…

Not a diet.

Not a fast.

Not a fad.

Not a resolution.

Not even a lifestyle change.

Nope, not even that.


That means, we figure out what we will eat for the week, and then buy what we need from store. And the last step in this process is…making it.

Sticking to the plan. Making it work.

And while that is not easy…it’s a better start than just making up meals as you go along. And well, that is pretty much what we have done for YEARS.

Actually, one time, we made a meal plan. A week’s worth. It was AWESOME. We had a plan. We would eat at home. We knew what we would fix and shop for. We’d save TONS of money from not eating out. YEAH!


Disaster. That week four of our five family members were in a roll-over car accident. Outright creamed and knocked over by a giant Chevy Silverado as they happily headed home from ice cream.

Worst day of my life. Probably because, I was the one member NOT in the car.

From that day on, meal planning was cursed, and strictly forbidden. Because. Hello? Accident from Hell.

So as this year begins, we have thrown caution to the wind and created a MEAL PLAN.

Oh, God.

But so far, no accidents. No near disasters. No bad mojo.

It’s a just a meal plan, dammit.

And a damn good one at that.
© 2015 Angelia's Photography

Well, except for the nuts. One cup is a trillion calories. A handful is a good guide. And eat as many carrots as you want. Crunch. Crunch.

So Day 3 of the “plan” and all is well. I have even danced like no one is watching in my old Zumba class.

So take that, doomsday plan! In your face!

As you can see by our fancy meal planning board, part of our plan involves GREEN juice.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography


© 2015 Angelia's Photography

As in, all veggies, and no fruit syrup.

My sweet tooth cried.

But that is okay. It’s good for you! And do you know what I discovered? I feel a heck of a lot happier when I am on the GREEN juice plan.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

Maybe, my body is getting all the nutrients it needs and so it concentrates on sending me feel-good hormones.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

I don’t know if that is what it is. But, I’ll take a another cup of whatever it is!

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

Oh yeah, GREEN juice!

My husband has a special recipe. He takes spinach, cucumbers, zucchini, a pear, a few mango chunks, and a bit of lime.

So yes, a bit of sweet (the pear and mangos) and sour (the lime) to offset the taste of pure boatloads of spinach.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

We actually didn’t have all these ingredients last night. My juice connoisseur husband was having a fit. He had to use Apple instead of pear. And NO LIME at all. The shame.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

But I thought it was fantastic!

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

Guess I don’t have the juice palate. Because I honestly can’t tell what from what. I just chug-a-lug and be happy.

So happy!

If you want to know more about green juice and other benefits. You can check out the video we watched before we started Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. And keep in mind, I don’t take everything I see or read to heart. It’s a guide. It’s one movie’s opinion. Believe me, there are plenty more where that came from.

Our good friends recommended the movie and they juiced with their meals. It looked like they discovered the fountain of youth or something. They look absolutely amazing! We tried the Whole Foods juice (they have a juicer on-site). And liked it enough to invest in our nifty juicer.

Isn’t she a beaut?

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

Cheers to you who are trying something new this year. Cheers to you for doing something that makes you feel better and feel happier.

Wishing you much success!

And for those without New Year Resolutions? Cheers to you too.

I dislike resolutions and that is why I have a MEAL PLAN.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I am a wee bit behind in posting and reading blogs……at least it feels that way.

I don’t have an excuse. I just get distracted very easily. Sometimes, my attention is here, then it is there. I just go with the flow. It makes my life less chaotic. If I tried to over-analyze it, I’d probably end up with a diagnosis of ADD or bi-polarism.

The truth of it is……I just lack organization and planning skills.

Plus, I’m interested in too many things and can’t fit them all in.

Oh, but I try……and there’s the rub.

What does this have to do with illumination? Well, understanding myself and trying to get where I want to be. It is illuminating.

Accepting myself – flaws and all – gives me a sense of peace.

Resolve was the theme for Project 52 last week.

Fitting for this time of year. My resolve is to be more positive. So, I took a photograph of our wind chime outside.

© Angelia's Photography

Happy, sunny, smiley, and all glowey. It’s perfect, no?

But it wasn’t. It wasn’t perfect at all. Something was distinctly off about that representation.

I stared and stared at the image. Trying to pinpoint what didn’t fit. I wanted to be happier, right? But happier didn’t seem to ring true.

I am happier. Even depressed, I am happy. I am very laid-back and easy-going. Oh, there are certain times of the month I get wound up, most especially, if I have just taken a dose of steroids for my gigantic hives. But mostly, I am content.

I love my life. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

But there are times, when the darkness of my past….when the sting of bad decisions…..and all the wrongs of the world…..threaten to take me down.

Sometimes, I let them.

And it is not a pretty place.

So my resolve, the one that fit the most, and called to my heart…is to always shine, even when the days are dark.

Just like my Christmas Cactus….

This flower is engineered to come alive when the nights get longer. See, it only blooms when it has so many hours of darkness – about 12. That happens to coincide with the time change, and the winter months. When our days get shorter….and darker.

Click on any image to display a larger slide show of images.

Not only are they gorgeous blooms from a dry old cacti plant, but there is something special about them.

An inner glow. An illumination. Do you see it?

That is what I strive for.

No matter how dark it is… despite the darkness and shine from within.

© Angelia's Photography
The photo above I submitted for Week Two of Project 52. It was chosen as a top ten artist of the week. You can view the feature on Daphne’s blog: Ellenburgh’s Photography.

Maybe, just maybe….I’m on the right path here.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present. -Francis Bacon

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved


They aren’t so bad….are they?

New year….

New start….

© Angelia's Photography

Just pass Go……at least until February. Heh.

Or maybe you don’t like to resolve, but prefer to live with purpose all year-long. Intent on succeeding at many goals and aspirations.

I suppose I am in-between both of those. I do believe in goals throughout the year, but I, also, kicked my worst habit by a New Year’s resolution (smoking in 2006).

This year, my missions are simple. Thanks for that word Suzicate .

Play more…

Laugh more…
© Angelia's Photography

Celebrate the little things…

And the big things…
©  Angelia's Photography

Be silly…

And never forget how much your family loves you…

See? That’s not so bad.

Hope you all had a fabulous New Year!

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Jiggle Butt Run – 2012

This is not a bad way to start the year out. I always said even years were my favorite.

The Jiggle Butt Run benefits the SafeHaven of Tarrant County, they are an advocate to end domestic violence. They offer shelter and support to battered women, and their children. They have many outreach programs, and really, they are just an amazing organization.

I am so proud to have been part of this walk/run that raised money for them.

Jason took the camera for the morning. He did a great! job capturing memories.

The little girls did the 1 mile fun run with their mom and aunt. My oldest stepdaughter ran the whole mile without stopping. SOOO proud of her!

They also added some jiggle to their wiggle, apparently they needed a little extra to work with. HA!

Team Sassy Pants - Pre-race.

This is most of our team pre-race. We are Team Sassy Pants…no extra padding needed for me.

A surreal moment.

When the call to line up at the start came, I really did have to take a moment. The memories of lining up for other races filled my mind. It was near four years ago that I lined up in downtown Fort Worth for the Cowtown half-marathon. I had a stress fracture on my shin, and the flu. Yet, I still FINISHED that run with a better time than my first half-marathon. I have not raced since that day. So to be here…..doing this….surreal.

The start of the race.

My plan was to walk 1 minute, then run three minutes throughout the race. It didn’t quite happen like that. Crowds make me a little anxious, and having to weave through SO MANY runners and walkers, made it difficult to keep a steady pace. And even though I did not stick to plan, I still finished at about the same time.

Running now versus four years ago is incredibly different. For one, I was more than 50lbs lighter. For two, I did not have an autoimmune disorder called Grave’s Disease (it’s a hyperthyroidism disease and can make my heart race). Plus, I was in waaaay better shape; like take three gym classes in a row kind of shape.

I am starting over now. And that’s okay.

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
– Carl Bard.

Last tenth of a mile before the finish line.
My photo finish (ha!).

So I finished, and I started at the same time.

The last of our team members at the finish.
Catching my teammate at the finish. I walk/ran. She walked.

That’s a great feeling.

This is the team leader and the one who got me to join the team for some run fun.
Team Sassy Pants for the Jiggle Butt Run 2012

It was so great to enjoy this race with friends. We hope to make it an annual tradition.

*On another note, I am fasting from the internet for 24 hours. Why? Well, because I am some kind of junkie. I play Word with Friends, Hanging with Friends, 101 Games, and Abble Dabble. Then, I hit up my email, my Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and Pinterest. It’s INSANE. I have had a computer (laptop, or iPhone) since November of 2007 in my (near) constant possession. I want to experiment what a day is like without that connection. My co-worker is convinced I will kill somebody during this fast. My husband does not think I can do it (and now I have something to prove). So, I won’t be around from 8pm-8pm. I will certainly be back tomorrow night to blog about the experience (if I’m not in the pysch ward…yes, I’m THAT addicted). Take care everyone..