Sunday Post: My favorite Spot

The Sunday post from Jake’s Printer could not have come at a better time. The theme this week is to post your favorite spot.

Although, I have many, many favorite spots. I have one in particular that means a lot to me. It is a restaurant called Sushi Zone located in Arlington, Texas. In my three years of blogging, I have written about it twice. Once for our Friday nights with Sushi and, again years later with photos.

I wrote it about twice……because I LOVE THIS PLACE.

It is my favorite spot, not just because I discovered I loved Sushi here, but because, my husband has gone here for years, and years.

Then? I became a part of that world – like I became part of his world.

Then? It became my world too. And I brought my daughter Sydney into the fold. A well-blended Sushi family. Dining at our home away from home.

This is the place we go for meet-anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.

This is our special place.

And yes, you can get Sushi at a lot of restaurants in the city, but you can’t get the atmosphere of this place. You can’t make memories that last. You don’t know the chef’s name, where HE eats, and the sports teams he follows. You don’t know the waitress, how old she is, that she is a widow, and she works part-time at the IHOP down the road from us. This is a place where they don’t ask where you want to sit. They just know.

At the Sushi bar, you are greeted with the most delicious cucumber salad. It is pickled in something divine, because that is exactly how it tastes.

The first thing we order is Salmon. Always. It is my favorite fish, and that first melt-in-your-mouth piece explodes the taste buds. Boom!

We always drink sake – Japanese rice wine. We ordered a special bottle this time, an incredibly pure Sake, served chilled.

Jason then shows Sydney how to use the chopsticks….again. He is ever so patient, but she has yet to get it. Not after years of being handed them. She tries to pick up one piece, it falls, and then she just digs in with her fingers. Every time.

She would say, she knows HOW. She just CAN’T. Sorta like bike-riding..ahem.

A California Roll usually comes after our fish pieces. I love this roll….it’s called California! Yes! My favorite State. AND it is LOVELY for photos. So pretty! And colorful!

I can’t help it. I have to PHOTOGRAPH this wonderful display. It’s like fine art.

Lastly, after I have stuffed every bit of fish and rice I can hold in my stomach. They deliver the yum-a-licious orange. Cut, flavored, and sprinkled with orange-suckling goodness.

And I feel healthier for eating it.

We LOVE this place.

That is why I took so many photos on Friday night. So that we can always remember all the times we spent here, all the memories it holds, and how special it will always be.

You see, Sushi Zone closed their doors on Saturday, September 29, 2012. They served their last roll, their last order of edamame, and their last sashimi. Koji can hang his Sushi-chef hat high. What a wonderful service he has provided all these years. The outpouring of patrons visiting for the last time, like us, was truly phenomenal.

We wish he, and his crew much love, and success in the future. And really hope to see them all again.

Sushi Zone…this post was for you. ♥

You will always be my favorite spot.

When Good Catering goes Bad……

And what they do to make it right.

Not too long ago, we had On the Border cater lunch in our office. It was a special occasion from our car rental companies that were visiting. I LOVE On The Border. They are based in Dallas, Texas. They serve some of the best texmex and fajita fare in the metroplex.

I have been a fan since 1990 when I moved here.

So the day they were catering fajitas, I was over the moon. Like everyone, my mouth watered at the smell. I could not WAIT to chow down.

So I filled my plate and brought it back to my desk…that’s when I noticed this (gross warning).

My stomach churned a bit because that meat looked funky. I poked it with my fork to see if it would moo, but it didn’t.

The chicken looked fine, but the beef? Gads, it was not medium rare. It was simply not cooked. I like medium rare. I like a little pink. But fleshy purple? Not a fan.

I heard the microwave whirring from the kitchen as others decided to cook their meat a bit.

Another co-worker commented they were not eating the meat as it is too raw.

I looked at my plate again, and for once, lost my appetite. I took a few bites of the chicken fajita, but my stomach was in knots. Me, the master of mexican food, did not feel like eating.

I was disappointed. I would have expected a catering manager to check the food before going out. To deliver food looking that gross just seemed unheard of.

Not one to speak-up, or send food back at resturants, I did something completely out of character for me.

I called them and complained. The manager Brady “heard” me and said he would get back to me. I even emailed him the raw meat picture. A few hours later… word back.

So I did what any good consumer would do. I used the power of Twitter. I tweeted about the event to my 1,116 followers.

And they did hear me then, I got a responding tweet to call the corporate headquarters the next morning.

So, i did just that. The person that answered the phone knew who I was. She had been “alerted” about the tweet.

I told her the whole story. She promised to look into it and notify REGIONAL managers.

Within two minutes of hanging up, I recieved a call from Brady, the manager, I talked to the day before. He said he had authorization to do whatever would make me happy. A refund or a re-order. Rather than a refund, I agreed to the re-order for us.

It came the next day deliverd by Brandon the catering manager. He asked for me and apologized in person for the raw meat. He was very sincere and gracious. On the Border really did respond to my concerns, and not only was the meat cooked to perfection. Everything was perfection.


Perfectly cooked beef fajitas.

The entire order was redelivered.
These are the fajitas I know and love!

I bring this up today because we just ordered fajitas for the office today. From guess where? Yep! Same place. They remembered us (me) and had strict orders to make sure we were happy before we left (I was!). Again, everything was perfect, professional, and delicious.

Not many people take the time to address when a company makes good, but I am. They deserve credit for being a company that stands behind their service and quality.

If you haven’t been to On the Border before, and have one in your area, I highly recommend them. And if you are a company with catering needs, I suggest using them for wonderful texmex and great service.

I can’t thank them enough for reaching out to me and roasting closing the gap from my experience. Heh.

I, and my company, will not hesitate to use them again (like we did today!).

And now? Maybe I’ll speak up more often (and tweet).

All pics taken with my iPhone 4S.