A Weekend to Remember: A Daughter’s Gift

A Daughter’s Gift
Author: Robert Sexton

When I imagine
the life you will live,
I think of the pleasure
your presence will give.

I see the joy your smile will light
and the wonders you’ll weave
when your dreams take flight.

I feel the hope
that will grow with your grace,
and the difference you’ll make
to each heart you embrace.

I imagine your life
as I know it will be;
for, my daughter, you’ve given
all this to me.

Deck chairs outside the cafeteria.

Loved how the colors turned out, this is a cute little bird.

We didn’t stay in a cottage but this was the stained glass windows on one of them.

What started as a weekend retreat with the women of my Church, turned into a mother/daughter retreat for Sydney and I. We had precious times together. Lots of talks. I won’t go into the sermon series, but I will say it was about unfading beauty. Beauty that is inside. Beauty that is spiritual. Beauty that is in other things besides outward appearance.

What an incredible message for a teenage girl, yes? Let’s just say our “talks” were because all the main prizes that were handed out – or the big ones I should say – were on laser facial treatment for your wrinkles. Spray tanning, mineral make-up, laser hair removal. You get the idea. Um. Yeah.

So we talked about what unfading beauty REALLY MEANS. I thought the message was pretty loud and clear, but then it got muddled a bit. Luckily for us, we are on the same page. My mom was a beauty queen, but she did not teach me outward beauty. I truly believe beauty shines from the inside. All that outside stuff you do is just pursuing what your inside already knows. You are BEAUTIFUL.

That was our weekend. It was entirely too short, but I treasured it. Happy Monday!

A little post about my blog

When I started blogging, well – quite frankly – I didn’t know what I was doing. I had experience with ONE blogger and that was it. All other blogs were new to me and as foreign as Lithuania. So I tried to model that blog, but make it my own. Ya know? I really fumbled that. At that time, I didn’t know what my blog was about. I didn’t know what I wanted out of it. One thing was for sure, I just wanted to represent me.

The other thing I knew was – I thought I could blog. Hence the URL (above) youthinkyoucanblog (after so you think you can dance, but so was taken- right?). When I began to write, many things came out. My original header was of the mountain peak in Utah outside Salt Lake City. My title was – Just this side of a God Breathed mountain top. I could practically smell the fresh air when I read that. But it also pointed out to me – I’m not ON the God breathed mountain top. I am to the side of it, because I will never be perfect. I am just me. The beauty of God’s work is not lost on me. The mountains, the oceans, the sunsets, and the plains. Truth is, we are all just to the side of any amazing portrait God has painted. To be just to the side and possibly breathed on? Well (maybe I was overthinking it), but I didn’t feel my blog was worthy enough. Scratch that, I didn’t feel it represented what I wanted. A mountain is incredible to look at but what about relate to? I didn’t want my blog to be an unreachable peak.

As time went on, I changed it again. I don’t know. I made many mistakes in my life. Even some of my first blogs have more negativity than I’d like. I’d like to think I’ve grown and reached beyond some of those issues. I have. I’d like to think, my blog wasn’t just about what I was next to or what wonder I would gaze upon, but about everything – from past to present. The good, and the bad. The growing, and the learning. The lessons, and the risks.

One thing I knew for certain was that I blogged about life. And the second thing I blogged most about – was love. And if you know me at all, you know I can’t live life and love without great laughter. It’s usually at myself. Because I’m a goof, a dork, and just all around a crack up. Doesn’t seem to matter if anyone else gets it, since it sends me over the edge of hysterics. The wise old saying that goes,

“Happy is the man who can laugh at himself, for he will never cease to be amused.”
— Unknown

Yeah, that one. That’s me. A constant source of entertainment and delight. I can’t help it. I was the youngest of four. I got lost in the shuffle. I had to entertain myself and I did. With pennies, with M & M’s, straws anything I could pretend were people. They were usually skating. Couple skate and one picked someone out of the line on the wall, usually they were favoring the girl with the pom poms on her skates, but I digress….

I thought LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH. That’s me! Then I realized, it’s a present thing with me. Not just doing it one time, but my life is a constant flow of it. Living, Loving, Laughing…..

The NAME of my blog was born. Wait, I should say the permanent name of my blog was born. And no, it doesn’t match my URL. But I sorta like that. It keeps me grounded to the fact of WHY I started. Because I could. To WHY I continue. Because my life means something and I want to record those moments, and those memories from my heart and soul. Not just for me, but for my family. And maybe to help someone else out, by inspiring or just being real.

I’d like think in the last 100 posts in the last seven months – my blogging has evolved. I am more experienced. Creativity bloomed. And most importantly, I learned to let my guard down and reach out. I comment. I link. I join. Not because I want a gazillion followers who hang on my every word. Not at all. Actually, it’s because I am enamored by the bloggers out there. I am fascinated. I love to connect. I love to meet. I would spend all day reading about their lives if I could. It wouldn’t matter to me if they returned the favor or not.

Of course, if they did, then I might actually get to know them which would be super ideal because that is my ultimate goal. To know you. I have seen God put very significant people in my life. I know they are there for a reason. I wouldn’t have met them otherwise.

It is truly amazing. Like I said in my about me, I am just happy to be here. I hope you are too.

This post was previously written a few weeks ago. My daughter Sydney and I are currently at Camp Hoblitzelle for a womens retreat. I HEART iPhone. This is a great campground. We are in a hotel room type building. Our room holds three other women besides us, another mom and her two daughters. I can’t wait to take pictures out here. It’s incredibly gorgeous. I’m looking forward to talks and walks with Sydney as well. Although, I may not agree with everything presented and talked about here……I have great people to openly discuss and hear different sides in peaceful ways. I have uplifting women all around me. For now, I bid you adeiu from the chilly countryside, wishing you the best weekend ever. Enjoy!