Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

There is a lot of art and skill that goes into rock stacking. You may have seen some formations while hiking, or on a beach. I happened across these last summer on the beach of Ventura, California.

I was, of course, enthralled……..

Where did they come from? Who stacked them? What do they mean? Are they symbols? Is this a type of zen garden?

I couldn’t help but stare at these lovely bones of minerals. I couldn’t help but wonder about their creation (or creator). It was astounding to see so many.

After the trip, I did a few searches, but couldn’t find much about them. They say the stacked rocks appear in the morning and no one knows who, or how they get there. The balance of these odd shapes and sizes are striking, and despite the wind and surf, they do not waver. I saw people taking photos and moving a few stray rocks around. Who knows? Maybe, they were starting their own stack.

Whatever the mystery is…………..I hope you find them as fascinating as I did.


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