Never Fear Spring is Here!

Well…almost….maybe not quite spring, but definitely spring fever.

I am trying to convince myself the next heat wave will stick around for good. The Bradford Pear Trees are blooming. And we have had a few really nice weekends. It is a bit on the chilly side this week for all of us southern lightweights, but not really (not if you are from the north). This time of year is brief and fleeting. Brief – because spring lasts about a month. Fleeting – because if you blink, you will miss it.

Next month we will be in the 90’s, which will be a cold front in the summer, but I digress. Let’s not jump ahead.

For now, let’s enjoy our brief (almost official) spring where the kids can play outside without UV pollution.

*Photos edited with warmify tone. Normally, I don’t like this edit, but it seemed perfect for these pre-spring pics.*

Happy Wednesday!

Any sign of spring where you are?