My Pet Kids

I grew up with dogs. All kinds. Lots of breeds, especially the mixed. In all my years of being a dog lover and knowing how owners end up resembling their pets, I never noticed how our kids could resemble them too.

Similar facial expressions.

Same Haircuts.

Deep thoughts.



Good days and bad.

Is it just me? Or do my kids have a dog’s life? Or is it the other way around, my dogs have a kids life?

Whichever the case, they all live the sweet life of a pet. They look like them. They act like them. They are spoiled and loved. It’s hard to tell them apart and I’m not sure what I’d do without any of them.

Brownie and Bridget, in need of a trim

Salem and Bridget, pondering deep thoughts, head to head. I wonder if they solved World Peace?

Brownie and Sydney with clairvoyant calls of distress. Is it time for a potty break?

By the way….Brownie is now six months old and ten and half pounds!

Also, I got a cloud diffuser for my flash this weekend. Not sure what all that means, I am still figuring it out. But I love these shots. I love the way the light falls. What a dramatic, fun fur family. I mean kid family. Ha.

Happy WW!