Thanksgiving Part Two

As a child of divorce, I am used to multiple Thanksgivings. That is, and was, a way of life. A way of the holidays. You had Thanksgiving dinner with Mom at Papa’s house and then you had it with Dad at Granny’s, either later that day, or another day of the weekend.

When my sister became a grown up, we made trips with her and her husband to my Grandma’s house on her dad’s side of the family (which was not my dad but still family to me) to Colorado. She would drive her three younger siblings (me and my brothers) all the way from Oklahoma through Kansas blizzards to get to Thanksgiving at Grandma’s every year. My sister must have really loved Thanksgiving to go through ALL that. We were three extremely obnoxious and bratty kids (okay, it was mainly me), point is….she loooves Thanksgiving.

This year after our Thanksgiving with Sue – who is OUT OF THE HOSPITAL AND HOME.

I’ll wait while you do the happy chicken dance, then you can finish this post – CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!

Okay, we headed from Dallas to Houston for Thanksgiving part two at my sister’s house with her new blended family (she got married in June).

This was only the second time we took a long road trip with the girls (I swore I’d never do it again). We came prepared; car Bingo and iPhones. Come to find out we didn’t need the car bingo. The teen slept most of the way. Molly had iPhone #1 (dad’s) and Bridget had iPhone #2 (dad’s old iPhone). Sydney had hers (when awake) and I had mine (with newly bought Family Feud app) and we were all happy happy happy.

The trip went GREAT! Seriously, we were there before I knew it – five hours later (if only the trip back went so well – 5 1/2 hours – but never mind that).

My big sister’s house smelled like Thanksgivings past. She used the seasonings my step dad always used filling my nostrils with nostalgia. It was wonderful and precious and so, so, so, so GOOD. She made my favorite chocolate pie and I was in heaven.

My sister’s family

My big sis (by 9 years) – Deedy. She is smiling and cooking, often wears an apron and spoils my little step-daughters to death (said she was practicing for when she had granddaughters). Excellent job sister!

Man in most of the pictures next to her – Roger. He is my sister’s new husband. He has two daughters Leighann and Chelsea.

Oldest daughter of Roger – Chelsea. She is a special needs child, and doesn’t vocally speak, but she signs to communicate. She is VERY smart (and funny), plays guitar, and loves to model for the camera. I adore all her pictures. And? I even learned a few signs.

Youngest daughter of Roger – Leighann. She plays the piano and loves her big sister. That is pretty incredible for a thirteen-year old. She could be a sister to Molly and Bridget with her coloring.

Oldest daughter of Deedy – Eryn. She is the gorgeous dark haired girl in a few of the pictures. She lives with her husband Luke (in the ball cap). She is the oldest grandchild on our side of the family. She is in school to be a Physical Therapist. We are so proud of her.

Oldest son of Deedy – Gabe in college and lives on his own. Not pictured, but his girlfriend Britanny was there for dinner and she is a sweetheart.

The next morning we went to the beach in Galveston. The girls were supposed to barely get their feet wet. Well…..oops. Molly is like an ocean goddess. She turns into this matrix dancing queen splashing in the surf. It’s amazing, but a little messy. Luckily, we had a change of pants.

After picking up shells, running through the waves, and being thoroughly sandified and oceanified. We went to ride the Galveston ferry. Which? Is a State Highway; in other words – free.

It was a gorgeous sunny day. Perfect weather. We couldn’t have asked for anything more, except extra time. We had to head back less than 24 hours after our arrival. Life. It happens. But Thanksgiving part two was definitely worth the trip (even with the ride home and I’m not going there).

My favorite picture out of the 341 (possessed by Nikon- I know) – this one.

Seagulls eat Thanksgiving lunch.

Too bad the kids had eaten half the bag already.

We want more Cheetos!