Why does chocolate make everything better?

At least for me anyway, and I know – I know! – some of you can live without it. In fact, you don’t even like chocolate. Oh, I don’t understand you – at all. But to each his own.

As Jason and Sydney took the girls home, I gave in to the pounding in my head. I gave in to the fact – the medicines that got me through the day – were no longer my friends. Admitting what was held at bay was mighty ugly. Much uglier than I thought. I gave up and stopped calling it “allergies” or “trip lag”. The tightness in my chest, the rasp in my voice, the deep rumbling cough, and the gunk in my head. Ugghhhh…..I felt bad. Real bad.

I admitted it. I have a cold. A nasty one.

And on their way home, Jason text me he was going by Wal-Mart and did I need anything? Did I ever? I needed an end-all be-all cure for the head, chest stuffiness of winter, of travel, and of no rest.

So I told him…….something to make me feel better. A cupcake? lol.

I was half-joking, but I knew he would know. Wouldn’t he?

I uploaded the photographs I took this evening for my 365 project. I took them of the girls playing with Sydney and I got a few poses in front of my studio lights I got for Christmas.

I did a little editing and really liked how this one of Bridget turned out. She is growing so fast. Oh, she steals my heart!

My gorgeous model step-daughter age four. My entry for 365 today.

I never imagined it would be so hard to pick ONE photo per day, but it is. It really is…guess it’s a good thing I have many days left in this year’s project. I wonder if it will ever get boring? I am fascinated by this photo diary of life – fascinated.

Jason came home with his hand behind his back. A little smile. A little laugh. I felt my heart jump. There, there in his hand….

Chocolate, sweet chocolate.


It was as good as I thought it would be, every morsel, every chocolate-y goodness of every bite (yes, every one). I even managed to pick the coconut piece last. Score!

And you know what?

I feel better. I really do. Like I just ate a steaming hot bowl of home-made chicken noodle soup.

Chocolate – ahhhh!

Wonder how long before I need my next dose?

P.S.- Lovelovelove the caption entries. Soooo funny! I am so glad I picked Jason as the judge because I could not do it. I will announce the winner on Friday. It’s not to late to get yours in. Just see the below post and comment.

NyQuil, Please! I can explain!

First off, your kindness overwhelms me. Your desire to serve, please, and honor me when night falls…well, that’s just dear, and meaningful. I think…..I love you. Oh! I hope we don’t get all uncomfortable now. I really need you. And I hate being needy and clingy. PLEASE! Stay with me (just for tonight).

I promise to uphold my end of the deal.

When I see this face – I swear – no matter how cute, I will not cuddle with her when she has a cold. I won’t sit close enough for her fingers to reach my mouth, nor her wet coughs to spray on me.

Come on, Ny! It’s hard to resist. I am giving up a lot for you. This relationship means something to me. Something really special or I wouldn’t even bother.

I swear, even when her nose is running, temperature spiking, and cough hacking. I will resist the urge to hug her close and get her germs. I won’t have those pudgy arms around my neck. I won’t pick her up at her pleading request. I won’t.

Especially after she runs a fever off and on all weekend. Feeling puny, and even throwing up. I won’t kiss her. Laws no! I won’t. Because I know that would make me sick, and compromise our relationship. Seriously? That cuteness. No power. I am mighty.

But maybe that’s what you want. Maybe, that’s how you keep me near you. I am so confused. Could you be trying to keep us together, when I really need to go my own way?

Just please NyQuil do your thing. So I can go to work tomorrow, instead of sitting here like this.

Love me,
Your faithful friend, the head cold.

P.S. Please don’t be jealous of macho Mucinex D tomorrow. It’s strictly a fling! I’m totally using him.