What I learned today

Making an image icon is not so hard not impossible!

Thanks to SITS girls helpful Saturday sharefest post. I decided to try my hand at my very own button to represent my new group on the Mom Bloggers Club. It’s about connecting life bloggers with other life bloggers. Now I am not saying a giveaway here or there, a review here or there excludes someone, just that the blog itself should have life content that gives insight to the family or blogger. I was finding it difficult to connect to other bloggers on the Mom Bloggers Club that had the same kind of blog as me. So…I started a group.

I made an image and voila!

Clicking on the photo will take you to the group page.

My goal is not to have a super successful popular group. It is only to invite others like me to have a place to go if they want. I don’t blog to get sponsors or make a brand. I just blog for JOY. I read blogs for JOY. I just enJOY it. If you do too, then come join us.


Today is gorgeous outside! I am planning on getting some sunshine. I need a little warmth in my soul. I can’t wait until tomorrow. There is a BIG Easter egg hunt that Grandma Sue is hosting for all the kids after Church. I plan on taking lots of pictures, eating LOTS of chocolate, and just reaping the benefits of children on Easter Sunday. Abundantly joyful with angel lights shining from their precious eyes.

I will remember why Jesus came. He came to destroy hostilities between races, to rescue us, to give us faith, and to show us the worst evil is meant by God for good. Freedom, mercy and love for all. ♥♥♥♥

I will rest my burdens at the foot of the cross. I will bow my head grace filled. My heart softened by his strength. I have hope in my future because of his past. I am forgiven. I am free. I am imperfectly me.

May you be blessed this Easter and always.

Merry SITSmas!

This post is for all the SITS girls. The Secret is in the Sauce is a comment blog recognition support group. It’s a great way to find new blogs, and meet other bloggers. I urge you to check them out. Wishing you and yours, a very Merry Christmas. Hug your family tight and cherish those precious memories. You never know when they might be gone. Love and miss you Daddy-O, Grandma, and Poppy Carl. Forever in our hearts.

Bridget, Jason’s youngest, hoping to take a new friend home from ICE.

Molly, Jason’s oldest, in front of the Texas Christmas tree. Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, after ICE.

Salem about 7 years ago, but she is still my puppy.

Sydney and Salem, 2002

Salem’s first Christmas, 2002

Molly and Bridget trimming the tree at Dad’s house this year. Notice the placement of the ornaments. 🙂

Sydney and Kyle, Christmas 2009.

Molly and Bridget, Christmas 2009 at the Gaylord Texan. I love this pic!

Me and Sydney, Christmas 2007

Me and Sydney, Christmas 2008

Due to technical difficulties (DARN iPHONE wordpress app), I lost most of this post and had to redo it. If the pictures look different that is why.

Confession Wednesday!

Okay, this comes from a fellow blogger KAREN . A featured SITS girl today.

Love the idea, so I am posting my confession, errr one of them anyway! Feel free to add to your blog and join us.

Confession Wednesday Button

The first thing that comes to mind as a confession is my daughter. My daughter can not ride a bike. I didn’t teach her. That’s on me, yes?  That’s what I thought.

Actually, she will tell you she KNOWS HOW to ride a bike. You know, the inner workings and concept of it, but she just CAN’T. Got all that? Here is how the conversation goes.

Sydney: I know HOW to ride a bike, I just can’t.

Me:(???????) No, sweetie if you CAN’T ride a bike, then you don’t know how.

Sydney: MOM! I know HOW to ride a bike. I know what to do. I just can’t.

Me:(????????????????????) Noooooooo, if you CAN’T, then you don’t know HOW. If you knew HOW, then you COULD. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

*This could go on for hours, you get the idea*

Yesterday, I took her to get her permit at the DMV. She has to pass an exam of driving questions, and she DID. She made an 84, she passed. Let’s not confuse my little text message to Jason. 84 she passed, which made him unsure of who passed and where the funeral was. Ahem. No, SHE passed, Sydney passed. She knows HOW to drive. DMV said so, they gave her a driving permit.


We leave the DMV and she is all smiles, how about letting me DRIVE YOU. Uhh, heck NO! But nice try. A small argument ensued.

Sydney: How am I supposed to learn how to drive if YOU won’t let me?

Me: That’s what the driver’s ed car is for!

Sydney: Mom! You are supposed to TEACH me, the parent, that’s what the drivers ed teacher said.

Me: (Whaaaaaaat??) Uhhh, NO that guy is crazy! Didn’t you say he only teaches to pay for his Harley. (OMG!)

(Sometime later) Sydney talks me into letting her drive my car around in a parking lot. Harmless right? It’s just a parking lot, no moving cars, the business was closed. Easy.

Let me just say, she knows HOW, but Lordy! She can’t. I have never been so scared in my life and we were in a completely EMPTY parking lot. An empty parking lot with a BIG light pole encased in a round concrete barrier, two small medians at each end, curbs outlining the lot, and let’s not forget the building home to this lot. (YIKES!)

Despite my desperate pleas of SLOWLY, SOFTLY, EASE IT! It was PUNCH, JAM, and BRAKE suddenly. Somehow the wheel wouldn’t turn. Uhhh, Actually you have to physically move the wheel, TURN IT! TURN IT! TURN IT! Use your muscle, because softly rotating it from side to side does NOT make the car turn, it will only drive you from a parking spot into the median it’s parked next to. (Ahhh!)

I’ll give her some credit. She did finally manage to make a turn around the median without hitting anything. ONCE. Just as I was starting to relax (she’s getting it), she drove straight into the curb (again!).

I have a confession, not only did I not teach my daughter HOW to ride a bike. I have a feeling I WON’T be teaching her HOW to drive a car. Not with my nerves intact, my sanity, and let’s not forget any bodily harm.