To Catch a Smile

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~Phyllis Diller

Smiling. One of my favorite things to do. It falls right behind laughing (or before) (or in-between). It’s just there and yes, it does set everything straight.

Life has been so harried these last few months. Between the wreck, the off-schedules, and endless classes. And let’s not forget my job. Busier and more demanding than ever. You’d think after 20+ years and the advance of so much technology in travel that it would be easier. Not so. Business travelers are more particular than ever. Reporting and tracking are more specific than ever, and honestly, most days I just feel like the travel police.

“You can’t book that hotel because the price is out of policy. Oh, that is not one of your company’s preferred airlines. Business class? I’m sorry that is not allowed unless approved by the CFO….”

Can you see what I mean? Some days it’s a real challenge to find a smile within. Some days the smiles are few and far between.

And that’s why I love having pictures that set it all straight.

The days when I really, truly need a big smile. All I have to do is dig through my photography class homework or outings and events. And there they are.

Smiles in all their glory.

Handsome Hubby
My handsome husband helping me with my Light & Lighting II homework. We were working on portrait posing. I took this in front of the garage.

The youngest

My youngest step-daughter who loves to model. We were working on the same homework with the same back-drop. I get so tickled at her smile. She is such a poser.

My co-worker, friend, and mom-to-be. We had a baby shower at my house for her. It’s her first and the baby will be named Ava. I am particularly fond of A names. Heh.

Jessica with Balloons

One of my co-worker’s daughters. She got to take all the baby shower balloons home with her. Nothing like a kid with a bunch of balloons.

Balloon Girl
Isn’t that any kid’s dream?

Things I have to smile about today

    *In one week, I will be in California on vacation.

    *Getting Sydney transferred and registered for her senior year.

    *Jason getting cleared from physical therapy after four months of work on his back from the accident.

    *Having two photography classes left until I qualify for my certification.

    *Getting a deep tissue massage in about an hour.

So tell me…..

Where is your smile?

Is it hiding?

Is it buried?

Is it just peeking through?

Smile and show us your happy face.

Set it all straight with a curve.

Happy weekend everyone!

Love Smiles

Apparently, the linky last night on iHeartfaces had a technical issues as well, else it opened just for me, and my entry today. Either way, I am able to enter my photo.

Annnnnd??? My WordPress is working. Yeah!

Eskimo Kisses

This photo was taken on a ferry-boat when we visited Houston Thanksgiving.

I love the tenderness and care Jason always shows his children. It was one of the first things I noticed about him. It really sealed the deal for me. I am a sucker for a sensitive, caring man who loves his children. His love is always so obvious and I am glad to have captured a smidge of it. This is absolutely one of my favorite photographs.

What makes me smile

Coming home to these furry faces. I just wuv em’!

Salem my 8 year old lab and Brownie my less than a year old shih-tzu pup.

I know. I know. I could have said my husband, my children, and many other things. And they DO make me smile bunches and bunches, lots of times, but guess who never fails to greet me first thing through the front door when I get home?

Yep. These guys.

Pell mell, over and under, up and down, “Hi Mom! Hiiiiii! It’s been like forrrrrevvver!!! Oh, we are so happy to see you!”

Tails beat the walls. Fur paws catch some air. Little bounces, smiles and circles. Then they usually run to the other people in the house like, “Look!! She’s here! She’s HERE!”

There is nothing like that kind of attention when you open the door to home. Nothing.

So yes, I love my fur kids. I love their fur faces. I love their pure fur enthusiasm and joy. They make me smile.

I wish I could bottle up their loyalty and sell it.

I just love her big paws.

I wish I could tap into their patience when I am feeling on edge.

A Puppy named Brownie grows up.

I wish I could spread their intrigue of all things great and small. Exploring, pouncing, and discovering – leafs, bugs, and crumbs.

Brownie and middle dog Anna.

I wish I could encourage with a sniff and a nudge to make nice.

Brownie and Salem.

And I wish I could advise you to curl up to your most admired friend for a snuggle and a play.

The life of being care-free and cared for in a house that is always exciting, because…Mom’s home!!!! She’s here! She’s here!