Mini Shutter Bug

I promised to update about my oldest stepdaughter’s camp adventure and here it is.

I spied this photography camp when I first got the Kid’s and Teen’s University schedule from the Continuing Ed Department of UTA. This is the same program I went through to get certified in digital photography. I knew of the instructor that was teaching it. I didn’t have her in class, and had only met her in person once (in a big, crazy-busy group I might add). We are connected in the social media networks (she cracks me up on Instagram). I heard great things about her, and her classes through a mutual friend of hers, and MANY other photography friends. I was very comfortable that Molly would enjoy her instruction. I even messaged her that Molly was a little on the young side, and she was fine with it.

Molly has used a little telescope as a pretend camera for as long as I have known her. Both girls used my first DSLR on our recent Oklahoma trip, and got the hang of it pretty quick. I had no doubt she would do well and learn a little about photography.

At the top of Mt. Scott in Oklahoma.

This camp class was using a point and shoot camera. We went shopping for her new camera and camera bag. I was going to give her my old point and shoot, but honestly? I can’t find it. It is one of the lost items from our move two years ago. And by that, I mean it’s buried in the heap of crap-I-don’t-need-but-moved-from-my-duplex-anyway garage stuff.

Her first day, she got her little camera bag ready the night before (she did this every night, but her bag grew to a backpack).

I showed her all the basic operations of her camera (like on/off and where the memory card goes).

She caught on very quickly. She LOVED her teacher. Tammy is a natural with the kids, and they enjoyed every second. Molly was VERY sad on her last day to say good-bye to her.

Tammy sent me the photos she took of the kids in class. You can see in her eyes how much fun she had.

Big thanks to Tammy for these wonderful images. If you have a second, please visit her Facebook Tammy Ferguson Photography. She teaches from her heart, but is a full-time professional photographer.

I took this below at home before Molly left for her last day. It was so funny. She had Tammy a little gift and a card she colored herself.

After I took the photo, Molly asked me very calmly if she had a merge. I couldn’t help but be surprised. A merge is when you subject has something coming out of their head or body that makes them look funny. Usually, it’s a pole or plant.

I told her, I didn’t think so, but she could look at the photo. As soon as she saw the photo, she started yelling, “Merge! Merge! There is a fireplace coming out of my head!”

I laughed a good long time. And then, I decided, I probably needed to go back to class. Heh.

One thing is for sure, she merged into quite the shutter bug.

I don’t know if she will stay interested in photography, and I don’t mind if she doesn’t. She tried something new, and for that I am so proud.