Wordy Wordless Wednesday

One of my oldest blogging buddies Suzicate posted about a loose tooth when she was a child. It is such a cute story. I was the youngest of four and remember the threat of PLIERS to yank a tooth out too. Eeek!

It, also, reminded me that my youngest step-daughter lost her tooth over Christmas break. Her first tooth (of course I took pictures).

I must admit in my sappy old age, I shed a little tear. This marks the end of her babyhood as she grows BIG girl teeth. Waaah!

She is our last one, the last first tooth, the last gummy grin. Oh, I will enjoy these moments.

Bri's First Tooth Loss

One day a chubby two-year………..the next a toothless five-year-old in kindergarten.

Five and growing up too fast.

The thing about that first missing tooth…….. It’s just the cutest thing ever.

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The Eyes of the Soul

Her eyes, her eyes….
Make the stars look like they’re not shining…
She’s so beautiful and I tell her every day (excerpt from Bruno Mars-Just the Way you Are).

A child’s eyes are more than just pretty peepers. They capture the innocence of the world in their gaze. The wonder, and the delight of learning, discovering, and becoming the grown-up they will one day be. All of the universe is a dash away from their grasp. It’s in their eyes where a child’s spirit radiates their joy and their heart. Laughter pours out unchecked. It fills the air with sparkles, and amazement. They fly from one place to the next because their liveliness can’t be grounded. And their eyes……their eyes………shine. Do you remember those days? What if you were to capture it?

The Paper Mama

This is my entry for The Paper Mama photo challenge. It was hard to choose between the three beautiful girls I have at home – all of them – with the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen, but this picture spoke to my childhood soul. That soul wants to soar. Catch me if you can…..

I’m published!

My step fathers story was submitted to an online Christian magazine. I love love love how God works. It was published today.

The editor is, a beautiful lady I met on myspace, in what I thought was a random meeting. But ya know? NOTHING is random. God is always there. Apparently he wanted a good step parent story. Apparently Cinderella needs to be upgraded. Maybe you are a step parent? Or going to be? Or might be? Maybe this story will affect how you serve that position. Maybe you will choose to serve it with all your heart as my step parent did and change a childs life.

May God show you his wonderous ways. Open your heart, you will be blessed.

A Father’s love on earth-Heart of God ministries