When a Blog is Reborn

I don’t watch sunrises. It is not in my genes. My genes love the night and the dark. It is under the the cover of darkness when I feel MOST awake. Mornings? Not so much! Mornings are for sleeping, or waking up.

But every once in a while, I like to do something different. To challenge myself, and on this one, I decided I would watch a sunrise…….on purpose.

Oh, it wasn’t easy. I tried to recruit my daughter and her boyfriend to go with me the night before. Told them to come to the hotel at 545am to pick me up. Of course they didn’t answer my call or text at 545am…..nor did they wake up before dawn (not even close).

I decided since I was awake (and determined) I would go see it on my own. I left my sleeping husband and children. I crept in the quiet through the hotel lobby. I took the car under a midnight sky. I drove past the base of Fort Sill, out into the Witchita Mountains of Oklahoma. On one side of the sky, stars twinkled high above, and on the other side of the sky, a blaze of color was rising.

I got anxious I wouldn’t make it to a stopping point. I kept looking from light to dark – wondering how close the race would be. Then, I ended up at a barrier. The top of Mount Scott did not open until 9am. Way after dawn. There was no way to get to the top to watch the sunrise (my brilliant plan).

Not to be deterred (I would SEE a sunrise!), I back-tracked to Lake Lawtonka.

I parked and walked down a street towards the lake. It was the closest I could get without being barred from getting closer.

This is where I ended up waiting.

And I didn’t miss it.

I got to watch every glorious moment of the sun rising.

As it moved inch by inch above the horizon.

At the base of Mount Scott on a mild morning in May.

I raced in the dark to witness the breaking. I navigated a dark path I had not navigated before. I set out to SEE the return of the sun.

A new time.

A new moment.

Alive and awake right before my eyes.

I sought the dawn.

And the dawn touched a place inside my soul that needed RENEWAL.

It needed to know the joys I had forgotten. The joys I let go of.

The joys of rebirth.

The joys of magic.

The joys of a new day.

The joys of a fresh start.

The joy of knowing no matter what your past, or your future holds……our purpose is not to END.

But to begin.

I embraced the stillness of the dawn. I let it cover me in encouragement and shine into the dark places.

What I thought meant to end? Only meant to become.

My dear blog, how I have missed you. I hope you don’t mind the make-over.

“Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”

Rabindranath Tagore quotes

For those that said I would be back? You were right! After three months, a new simpler design, and a pledge to combine both photography, writing, and family. I have returned with much JOY and thanksgiving.