Walk for Cure JDRF 2009

Approximately 4,000 walkers showed up in Fort Worth, Texas today. All with one thing on their mind, to WALK for a cure. To cure someone they are close to, who lives with diabetes. For a lot them, this was a child. For others like me, it was an adult they loved dearly.

I was really moved by the entire families at the event. Brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, moms, dads, and even grandparents donned the same “team” shirt and walked for a cure. Truly humbling.

Team Hardy consisted of Jason’s mom, his two girls, their two cousins and me. We pulled a red wagon loaned to us by Jason’s X. In my eyes, this was her contribution – it did not go unnoticed. NONE of the contributions went unnoticed. Every gift was received, gratefully and incredibly. I was moved to tears, many times this week with the outpouring of love from many. Some from close friends and family (our mothers) and some distance friends, who I have never met. EVERY ONE was a heartfelt desire to see progress for a cure.

That is how it was today at the walk. So much heart, so much grit, determination and NEED powered this 5K walk. Most importantly it wasn’t with sadness but with great joy and hope, families and companies WALKED together.

Start of the walk. Beautiful day.

I am going to tell you, it is quite the challenge (for me anyway) to walk with four very small children and one two-seater wagon. 3.1 miles. Either I was carrying a child or pulling two. I have ran many 5K’s, my goal is always to get to the end as fast as possible. Not so today, it was to GET to the end. We lost ALL the balloons. We had a pile of jackets and TONS of water bottles. We avoided several mud pits and had no misses, nor falls. Several places in walk you could see the finish line with all the tents set up, I wanted to just grab up the kids and head that way (why make the poor things walk all those miles). I didn’t though. I wanted them to know, standing up for what you believe in – means something, even if it’s hard. So, we walked, we played, we skipped and we sang – all for a cure – with big smiles all around.

It was a GREAT success. The finish line had food, bounce houses, and many other activities (and bees – a LOT of bees). We played for a while. I loved the girls trek on the big bounce slide. Jason’s youngest could barely climb the big ladder up to the top (while it’s bouncing) but she did it. I got lots of pictures. I was very proud of her and for her.

I was really impressed at how well everyone did walking THREE miles. Jason’s blood sugar was even high the whole time (how appropriate). We had to leave right near the end because the two cousins had a school carnival to attend (we did that too). By dinner tonight, everyone was exhausted. What a GREAT day.

I will definitely remember today. It was an honor and a privilege. If you are a facebook friend, please see my Thank you note to our supporters.