You may take my data plan but you can’t take my apps

Countdown begins 1 year and 72 days. Thanks AT&T, because that is how long I have until my contract expires and you ding me with “new” data limits.

I am just not a data limit kinda girl. That’s not how I roll.

Didn’t you hear my beloved Mac is coming out with a new toy? A toy I must have as soon as I can upgrade (1 year and 72 days, but who is counting).

An app-tabulous invasion of the 4th kind.

Please tell me you don’t want to cap my app and data surf obsession with loopholes and limits. Hello? It’s a 4. Look I use at least 2GB of data now and I only have 3GS iPhone. I don’t know where you get your consumer numbers, but they are all kinds of wrong about a measly 200MB data use . And with a new processor, faster downloads, and more apps on the horizon – listen and hear Apple roar!

I can see you don’t believe my data obsession. Fine.

Let me take you through a day of the app that’s called my life. This is a reenactment, any similarity to your iPhone app day is strictly coincidence. Dates and times on iPhone will be incorrect. Mkay?

6:30am- My iPhone alarm wakes me.

I check my email, and my text messages before I even get out of bed. Hey, you never know, it could be important. I might have missed something in the wee hours of the night.

I check the weather.
Of course, this time of year in Texas it’s the same. HOT. Triple digits. ORANGE pollution alert. Did I mention HOT? So that’s the weather til…..oh…..about November, maybe I don’t have to check that app anymore.

If I snoozed on my alarm (I did, trust me, I did) then I might not have time to catch up on the local news. No problem! There’s an app for that.
Headlines check!

Maybe it’s time to make the donuts, or go to work. Let’s see, I need my keys, and my iPhone – purse optional. Heh!

The new stereo in my car (Sydney’s car) has a direct plug-in for my iPhone. A USB connection to get clearer sound. You can listen to your music or even a podcast wherever you go. No headphones needed.
It’s super cool. My new car MUST have this option.

I guarantee you by noon, I have visited these – my most favorite – of apps.

I’ve also opened safari to surf the web, read and comment on blogs, plus ask Google a question. I mean you can’t get through a day without needing a Google answer, right? Most recently I even used my IMDB app to search for a movie in the works. I wanted to know what actors were cast and see if they matched who everyone in the office decided should play the roles. It’s a favorite book we collectively read being made into a movie now.

Lunch time? Can’t decide where to go or what to eat? No problem.
Flip a coin app.

Not sure how to get there? Use the map app to search and route from your current position.

While going to lunch, I’m stopped at a stoplight and see this guy…
I deftly snap a shot with my iPhone camera. I don’t want to miss the SCARIEST Homer Simpson – ever. He has to be sweating.

If bored at work (okay – that NEVER happens), so let’s say – if riding surviving in the car with a teenage driver. The game apps work great to take your mind off it. Bubble pop and Simon says are very addicting and time-consuming.

I balance my bank accounts – on my apps. Pay bills – by app. Record a voice memo. Make a to do list. All by app.

End of the day, I try to exercise. I like the gym okay, but my favorite exercise is riding my bicycle. Most especially when it’s 100 degrees out and I can at least feel a breeze when pedaling fast. Walking or running? Forget it. I’d end up a puddle half-way out the door. I ride about three miles down the road to a local city park. It’s got TONS of trials. The scenery is spectacular; winding paths, wild animals, and beautiful trees. I’ve seen an armadillo, a brown snake, a green snake, and to date TWO bobcats. I only got a picture of the armadillo. Frankly, I am NOT stopping to ask a snake or a bobcat to say cheese, just sayin’.
iPhone pic of an armadillo.

Now I’m a little obsessed with apps, yes? And I REALLY like knowing how many miles/minutes/calories I have burned on my little bike adventures. That’s where my handy-dandy runkeeper app comes in. It does more than running, oh yes, it does cycling too. Now I know my little trail ride that I love to traverse is 12 MILES. Yeah!

After a long app filled day. I cuddle up with my iPhone and turn on my irelax app.
I drift off to sleep meditating to sweet ocean waves while a flute plays. Goodnight mail. Goodnight safari. Goodnight tweeps and Facebook peeps.

This was my day, and I didn’t even scratch the surface of apps. Didn’t you see this new unveiling?

My current app obsession ends 1 year and 72 days. New app obsession to begin soon. iPhooooonneeeee 4!

AT&T you are going to make a bundle on my data plan.