The Sweet Nothings of February

Love is in the air!

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

It’s February. The month cupids points his little arrow and stabs you in the heart. And cupid got me, oh yes he did! His little arrow pierced me right in the sweet tooth! And there’s goes the meal plan. Or, at least, a few extra “free days”.

These images are all part of my Project 52 on Flickr. I take part in two groups. One is the Alphabet challenge and the other is the 50mm lens one. I had a brilliant thought that if I did TWO projects, then quite possibly, I would finish one. I, also, like the flexibility to use other lenses on the Alphabet one. As well as a different theme. But I must say, I really enjoy the nifty fifty lens, too. This is somewhat of a surprise to me, because I RARELY used it to take photos before this project.

This week, I picked up many February/Valentine’s Day theme(y) stuff. SWEETS. CANDY. SHINY THINGS. HEARTS. Oh for the love all things HEART. I ♥ you. XOXOXO.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

These yummy cuppa cakes made for great photos, in which, I was REWARDED heavenly for doing such a good job posing them, and prepping them. Oh, yippee ki-yay! Soooo tasty.

And Valentine’s Day would not be complete without kisses. Lots of kisses!
© 2015 Angelia's Photography
They are calling out to me. To love them completely. To kiss them with my taste buds (that might be me, not them). And I do! I certainly do. No Kiss was left behind!

Lastly, I got a wine glass. For those more difficult (pointing at you SNOW STORMS OF THE CENTURY) work days.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography
And for project purposes, I filled this one with hearts of the pure kind.
© 2015 Angelia's Photography
I found the font used on Bach’s conversation hearts a little different, shall we say? I’m used to a more blocky type face and this computer font threw me off a bit. I guess it takes some getting used to. Conversation hearts have to move into the future sometime, right?

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

So there you have it. All the hot stuff I could muster and more.

I hope your Valentine heart is just as full of every sweet nothing my camera could offer. And I hope your teeth don’t hurt as much as mine do.

Happy month of February!

Delightful Day

Thank-you for all of your encouraging comments.

I know. I do too much.

So, I can’t post every day. But I can still be here for as long as this blog inspires me.

Thanks for journeying with me.

Our first Valentine’s Day as a blended family was SWEET (literally!). My teeth hurt.

But I adore my roses and fudge. Plus, the bare root rose, that’s the BEST. We will add it to our garden and they CLIMB. That means they will cover our ugly shed wall. Ha. I don’t know how he thought of that. He just knows, I guess.

As I said before, I heart this family. Soooooo much!

Diet starts tomorrow!

A Thank you to My Valentine

Dear Valentine,

You surprised me, yet again, with your thoughtfulness and care.

Valentine’s Day really crept up on me. With all the snow storms and flight problems…the long days. Finishing work a half hour late just to take care of customers. Valentine’s Day was the last thing on my mind.

But you didn’t forget.

We had talked about not making it a big deal. Not like the party the year before with the girls – we didn’t have the girls this year. The fun and child delight just wasn’t there.

But the simple sweetness you provided anyway? Divine.

You most definitely surprised me with your gifts. I am reminded of your love, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day before and after.

The beautiful card was the heart stopper.

I am typically used to not be a crier on sappy cards. In fact, I prided myself on my hard little heart and cynical ways. But you……you knocked down my outer crust. You broke the mold.

I cried reading your words to me, not because of sadness, but because of the great joy you fill my soul with. The security and peace you fill my heart with, your constant loyal ways. Besides who else can I text at 3am after I have had a vivid dream of dying? You are my faithful sponsor in every way.

How could YOU not be deserving of ME? I am not deserving of you. Thank you sweet Valentine. It is my desire to cherish you always, from the depths of my heart, I love you. 10-10-10

The Cheshire Kid

Jason had the kids this weekend, but I didn’t get to see them until Sunday.

We get back from Church, then they arrive from Church with their Grandma (Jason’s Mom), and proceed to attack Jason.

Grabbing his legs, trying to pull him down, giggling madly, evil gleams in their beady innocent eyes. Scary, I tell you and they just came from CHURCH. Well, along with Sunday school snacks, which could include large doses of popcorn, skittles, and possibly liquid sugar shots? Yeah, I think that’s what it was.

Sydney was at home, she wasn’t able to go to Church, since she went to her boyfriends races the night before, and they ended late. I found out via Facebook she had a terrible night and possibly her boyfriend was cheating on her? What?!?! Her Dad even called me, once he got her update, to find out what was going on.

Oh my, is this how we parent? Of course back in my parents day, they had no CLUE what was going on. Unless you count the wailing sounds from my room, or Air Supply blaring from the speakers. I am grateful for Facebook and Twitter – I get to keep in touch with my teen. I actually know what’s going on or when something is going on (well at least more so).

I decide to go get her (right away) and immediately take her for chocolate, and guy bashing, aka The Cure.

The kids were so busy playing, they didn’t want to pack into the car again. J’s oldest wanted to stay home and kill Dad play with Dad. The plan was..I would go get Sydney and we would eat lunch, trash the no good cheater catch up, polish off desert and be good as new to reunite with everyone.

I had my keys in hand, and was saying good-bye, when I feel a tug at my pants. I look down to see the Cheshire kid. You know the one? Face of an angel, twinkling eyes, playful charming smile….yeah that one….the one that gets you.

J’s youngest, Bridget

Bridget: I go wit choo. (cocks head smiling sweetly)

Me: You want to go with me? (I point to myself, look around at J in incredulous wonder – J shrugs)

Bridget: Yesth, I go wit CHOO. (pokes me with her little pudgy finger)

Me: Ooookay. (still looking for help, getting none)

Don’t get me wrong, she asks to go with me all the time – it just usually doesn’t work out. Plus, she can get moody when she is hungry or tired (it’s so cute, it’s just like Jason). We had talked about doing separate things with the kids, so he could have some one on one time with each of them. This seemed as good a time as any. It’s just so strange to see her away from her older sister Molly. With them only two years apart, they are very close, they even sleep in the same room. Plus, she had never left alone with me. She is a Daddy’s girl through and through.

Alrighty then, I grab her car seat and off we go to get Sydney. She is happy, beaming her mega-watt charm of a smile. I end up taking them both to a restaurant. She was so good. Never cried, wasn’t bored, picked out exactly what she wanted to eat, and ate it. No fuss at all. I love this kid!

I had chicken nuggets, but I didn’t like the sauce, so I asked for gravy. I get my gravy and the Cheshire kid promptly dips her fries in it. I was shocked! I said, “Did you just dip your fry in MY GRAVY?” I give her the scary eye.

An eruption of delighted giggles burst forth, not scared at all, as she continued to dip every fry, cackling gleefully each joust. I immediately picked up the phone and text Jason. My text read:

Your daughter is country! She is dipping her fries in my gravy.

Oh my sweet Lord, the Cheshire kid is sucking me in. She likes gravy with her fries, just like a good ole girl from Oklahoma. We finish with dessert and come to find out, Sydney’s boyfriend thing? False alarm. Something about a fortune cookie on Sorority girls, huh? Whatever THAT means. Heh!

Back we go hand in hand to the car, Sydney helps belt her in. She hasn’t even asked about Daddy, little stink. She finally does in the car. We head back with her all grins and charming endearment.

Later that afternoon, as Sydney and I are preparing to leave, after we shopped at Wal-Mart for FIVE Operation Christmas Child boxes, with two still hyper banshees kids. THEN, stuffed them to the gills packed all of them. If that wasn’t a work out, I don’t know what is.

Here she came, the Cheshire kid, with those big eyes, and that sweet little face turned up to me, arms reaching.

Bridget: I go wit choo.

Me: But baby, I’m going home. (lifting her into my arms)

Bridget: I not Baby! I Bridget! I go WIT choo.

Me: You want to come home with me? Where will you sleep? With Sydney or me?

Bridget: Swedney.

Me: What about the closet? I can string you a hammock in the closet and you can live there.

She nods.

Bridget: I go wit choo. (lays her silky head on my shoulder)

That little Cheshire kid. I’d take her home in a heartbeat. She has charmed me out of my mind, take a three year old home with me? What? It’s like I’m hypnotized! Nodding my head, picking her up. Goodness gracious!

Me: One day, you can come visit me at my house, OK?

Bridget: Ochay.

Why do I get the feeling she is not going to forget that promise? What in the world am I getting myself into?

Oh, my heart.