Technical Difficulties

My wordpress is not working.

The site is all kinds of wrong. I don’t code or build the site and I am guessing someone hit the wrong button on my theme. I even tried my phone app, but no luck. I can’t upload pics. Oh I could upload to photobucket and copy the code, and blah, blah, blah. But really?

I am just too lazy. Today was unbelievable. Do you know how many passengers fly through or to Atlanta when you work for #8 business travel company?

Try upwards of 33,000 and I think they all called our office today (and that is just on Delta).

I would have had to take and service over 100 calls today just to keep up my share of the workload. Yeah. It was that bad.

I also missed a linky for another iHeart photo challenge and I had a good one to enter.

So, I am bummed.

I am going to upload the only photo I took today and add to flickr and project 365. We had wimpy frost. That’s it. No sleet. No snow. Just frost.

I will consider today an accomplishment, because? I posted my daily post.

Sorry it’s so crappy. 🙂 It’s not me, and it’s not you. WordPress is messed up, yo.

Hope you all had a better Monday!

My first photography class is tomorrow. I have my book and my note pad. I feel like a little kid on her first day of school.


I’m nervous (ha). I’ll let you know how it goes.

P.S.-Jan 11th AM-It’s working again! Yay!