Driving tips with Sydney

My daughter Sydney, 15, is in Drivers Ed class after school, about a week and half now. Unfortunately, she already knows more about driving than I do. AND,  she really likes to “test”  me for a good time. Fun, right?

*These are the conversations that take place.*

Syd: Mom, I got my Texas Driving Handbook today.

Me: Oh Yah, cool! (opens up flipping through, frowning – it’s kinda got a lot of pages) Hey!! Here is something on highway hypnosis! I always wondered why I got so sleepy on the highway. Says here,  the hum of the tires on the road can put you to sleep. I knew it! I knew I wasn’t just old.

Syd: (takes the book, finds a page, smirking) Mom, Do you know what sign is a Pentagon shape?

Me: Huh? Pentagon, what in the world? I never heard of such a thing.  Pentagon, hmmm, gotta have a bunch a sides, maybe a stop sign?

Syd: MOM!!! Stop sign is an OCTAGON. It’s a school crossing sign. ( laughs hysterically)


Me: (shrugging) HA, Okay. I never noticed that before, like ever. (Whatever! GEE!)

Syd: What signs are in white?

Me: White? (White like snow)  Um, I don’t remember any signs in white. (What the heck?) White signs…white signs….I give up. What are white signs? *All I can think of is green road signs/street signs*

Syd: MOM,  SPEED LIMIT signs. White means information. Duuuuhhhhh! (snorts from laughing so hard)

Me: DOH!!! (Smacks forehead) I knew that.

Syd: (Smiling) What about brown signs?  What information is on those, huh?

Me: (okay, now she is just showing off) Brown? You know I’m kinda color blind right? I don’t remember any brown signs. I bet brown is hard to see at night.

Syd:  MOM!! Historical marker signs.

Me: Oh yeah!! Those are good, they tell history,  and stuff. Totally forgot about that.

Syd: How far  from a corner are you supposed to park?

Me: (HA! She told me this one the other night going to Sonic) 15 FEET!  HA!! *I have no idea how far that is by the way*

Syd: Yeah ,  Well how far away is an oncoming car when you should dim your bright lights?

Me: 15 feet?

Syd: No.

Me: 50 feet?

Syd: No.

Me: 500 feet?

Syd: Yes. (rolls eyes)

Me: (shakes fist in the air) HA! YES! In your face!! (can’t believe I got that on the third guess)

That’s all for today folks, stay tuned for the next episode of Driving tips with Sydney. It will be another embarrassing time lesson learned, plus I will tell you all about how Jason FAILED his first driving test. Gasp!!! You don’t want to miss it.

And remember, pay attention to the colors and shapes of those road signs! There will be a test later.