Sliding moments

Have you ever seen that movie, Sliding Doors, with Gwyneth Paltrow?

It’s about a girl who loses her job. She goes to catch the tube home early. In one instance she makes the train, but in another (parallel) instance, she watches the doors slide close, and she misses it. The movie follows both scenarios.

This movie fascinated me on the scale of what if? The what if moments we miss. The what could happen moments, or might happen, with a different decision, or circumstance.

How many times have we been delayed at home by missing keys? By the time we find them and get down the road, there is a horrific accident with twisted cars. Do you wonder if that might have been you?

What if I hadn’t signed up for Facebook? Would I have met Jason? Or so many others online that I adore from ediets, myspace, sparkpeople, and blogging – most recently Queen of the Dogs – Peedee, and her daughter Lauren.

My favorite Cowboys fan living in Florida.

What if my mom’s summer fling in 1984 hadn’t ended, and we had stayed in San Diego? Would I have started Junior High wearing OP and carrying a surfboard? Would I have lost my hick accent they all adored? What if my brother and I had lost the fight against the jet stream we had gotten caught in at Imperial Beach? Would the lifeguards have reached us in time? We could see them on the beach with their lifebuoys in hand. We swam to exhaustion, but did in fact land on the beach without help.

What if I hadn’t gotten on plane when I was four years old, and then at thirteen? Would I have fallen in love with travel? With flying? With seeing the world? Or if Eastern Airlines hadn’t gone off strike, and I had actually shipped off to Clearwater Beach, Florida for flight attendant training when I was hired in 1990…..then afterward lived and worked based out of New York City? Would my life had turned out different? I can’t even imagine. I would have been so scared, but I would have gone, no doubt in my mind. And what if I hadn’t left Oklahoma and stayed in that small dusty town? What would I be doing?

What if my mom hadn’t named me after my Uncle Angel? Could I have claimed my name fame via Richard Marx in the 80’s?

And yes, this is how my name is officially pronounced. However, in Oklahoma it got slurred to ANGE-UH-LIA. Rather than, ANGEL-LIA. Meh. Potato – Patato. Besides, I grew up being called Angie, because everyone in our family was not called by their birth certificate names, but by nicknames; Dortha – Deedy. Gary -Lonnie. James – Jay. Angelia – Angie. In highschool, I insisted on spelling my name ANGE. Why? Because it’s the first part of my name and isn’t that what mom did? Just dropped the LIA. I still said it was ANGIE, just spelled ANGE. My brothers gave me hell for that.

Then there was the plethora of animals we had the joys of raising; a skunk, a hog nosed snake, a pet squirrel, multiple rabbits (heh), dogs who had puppies, several cats who had kittens, and don’t forget hamsters, fish, and sheep. Yes sheep. My brother showed them in FFA. In fact, I showed once or twice. They even had baby lambs every spring. Now, we did eat one of the babies the following year. Apparently, that is what you are supposed to do. Gee. Just seems wrong to eat your pet sheep named Reefer. True story.

My parents loved animals, great and small. If they hadn’t, would I still love animals? Would I have three dogs?

So many small things that add up to big things…life things…moments that slide past and do we really even notice them?

If I could change something about my life in one of those moments, do you know what it would be?


Not a thing.

Without each of those moments, happening at just that time, I wouldn’t be who I am. Me and ya know? I’m finally okay with that.

This post was inspired by
Mama's Losin' It

What would you change about your life if you could?

Now, if I had a moment, when say……I won the lottery. Then, I’d reconsider that last statement. 🙂