Sushi Night Delight

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!

Could there be a happier day???

Well maybe a Friday with an amazing man who loves me? Or a Friday with an amazing man who loves me & wants to go eat Sushi?

So, it has become a little tradition, once or twice a month Jason & I meet after work for Sushi on Friday night to kick off the weekend. I soooo look forward to those Friday nights. It’s constant tingles of sheer pricks of joy all day long. Happyhappyjoyjoy. Waiting & anticipating sitting at the Sushi bar & enjoying wonderful freshly made fish for our eating pleasure. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I must explain that I was not always a Sushi fan. In fact, not a Sushi fan at all. I had actually never even HEARD of Sushi , much less eaten it. When I moved to Texas, from podunk Oklahoma, I met a girl named Trisha who LOVED Sushi. I even went with her one time, but I ate soup & drank Japanese beer. No Sushi for this country girl.

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