What I’ve learned about blogging

It’s the penultimate post before my 100th.

So, I thought I’d throw a big word out there. I should probably have learned a few more big words, but I can always blame being raised in Oklahoma on that little mishap. In fact, that works with almost everything. Being a terrible driver. Bad with directions. Not understanding. Bad with math. Being blond is exchangeable with being from Oklahoma. But I digress.

Back to what I learned, which is really not to ramble. If you ramble you get skimmed. They may go back and read the whole post out of guilt, or just in case I missed something. But maybe that’s just me being thorough (or blond)(or from Oklahoma).

Pictures make a blog post better. Even if you don’t have a good camera. Puppies and children work best.

Use pictures to tell a story with a story. It’s a great way to visualize. It’s relates your life personally with a reader.

There are many blogs, and many clubs you can join. But if you find a loyal reader, and you like reading them too, cherish them. Because once you focus on more readers and not the ones that were there for you in the beginning. The heart of blogging is lost – at least I think so.

Write every post like it’s going to make the wordpress home page. It could happen, write it like it will. You just don’t know who is reading, remember that.

You can blog to make money. I don’t, but it’s a great market. I blog because I want to. I want a record of my life. For my children, and for my future step children. I want to write what I can look back on and enjoy a second time. I keep that in mind with every post. I live with that in mind.

You can blog giveaways. I may do a giveaway, just because it’s really fun and nice to see someone win. It makes them happy, which makes me happy. It won’t be the main thing though. Most likely, it will be a rare thing or a one time thing. Giveaways attract a lot of readers, for the giveaway that is, not for your writing talent.

You can blog for personal growth. There are so many blogs that are just about self-help. Selfless living. Self awareness. Acts of kindness. Amazing people who I am in awe of. If you are looking to improve yourself and learn, it’s out there. It’s magnificent.

Most bloggers have a theme they stick with. I don’t, unless you count life as a theme. I don’t want to draw myself in a box. I like writing about anything and everything. Poetry, stories, and general life.

You most likely have a blogging schedule. Oops. My schedule is that I don’t post every day. That’s a schedule right? I like a day to catch up on reading blogs. My aim is every two days, or so.

I’ve noticed many aspiring writers that blog; essays, short stories, memes and excerpts from their books. Really incredible, and skilled writers. It’s almost like you are reading great works for free (and you are).

I love to write, but I don’t have any plans for a book. Maybe waaayyy down the road. Right now, I just enjoy where I’m at and what I’m doing. Fame and fortune is not a dream of mine. Not saying that I would mind…..

You can learn quickly about blogging if you keep your eyes open. There is a lot to learn by just paying attention to the moments and motions of what’s going on around you. You can not let technology get the best of you. Learn it, live it, and rejoice in it. This is an amazing time of social networking. For business or personal, you never know who you might meet that could change your life.

Creativity and originality rule in blog. If you are not about the money, or the numbers (stats, followers), be blessed by the enormity of talent. Relax and enjoy all that blogging has to offer. If cute families make you smile, mommy blogs are great. If you love to vent, there are plenty of blogs that tell like it is. Amazing poetry? You can find it right here in blogland. Humor? Gut wrenching stuff. Reviews are popular too. I can appreciate a good opinion. What great insight they give. And let’s not forget the yummy food blogs, or less yummy diet blogs chock full of healthy food and exercise tidbits for a rockin’ body.

Truthfully, I’ve learned you can get what you want out of blogging. It varies for each of us. Whether it’s growing your business, your talent, your friends, your hobby or even keeping in touch with family. It’s all here at your fingertips.

What I’ve learned…..blogging is as diverse and rewarding as you make it.

Happy Blogging!