The Voice of a New Age.

As parents, we raise our children to the best of our ability. If they learn to feed themselves, clothe themselves, and all around be decent people of society?

Well, then we have done our job. And, thankfully, I did. My oldest daughter turned eighteen this year.

As her parent, I have to wonder. Did I give her a voice? Did I teach her the fundamentals of government, justice, and law? Does she know her voice matters? Even if that voice is small and young.

Raising her, I didn’t really think about the voting issue. I wasn’t taught much about it myself, or at least, I didn’t pay much attention if I was.

Would she? Would she wonder? Would she question? Would she speak up?

I hoped so. Despite the fact, as her mother, I am not known for my political expertise, or even having a dogged opinion.

I am not much on debating.

I watch, quietly.

I listen, attentively.

And in the end, I vote with my heart and pray with all my might.

Did I pass this on to her? I don’t know, but I do know one thing.

This year.

Her first year of age.

During a very important Presidential election vote.

She cast her ballot.

She lifted her voice.

And I am soooo proud of her.

What about you? Are you exercising your right to vote?

Best Face of 2010

i Heart Faces Photo Challenge

I entered a photo contest before.


I totally choked, hence, the once.

It was on best eyes and I used a B&W picture.

:awkward silence:

It’s okay, you can laugh, chuckle, or chort. I have. I had many vibrant images. Many eyes framed perfectly to pop, but did I use them? No.

I’m just a total rebel little rusty at this photo stuff.

But if you fail fall, get back up, right?!?

So, I am joining in a new photo challenge on iheartfaces. I added the entry to my pages at the top.

This was very hard to choose. I was going back and forth on several different ones of my daughters Sydney, Bridget, and Molly. In the end, I picked this one from my family of faith shoot. It’s my friend Kristin’s daughter. It is the real deal. Unedited. Just simply a great shot with gorgeous colors and natural expression. She is an adorable girl and terrific model.

My submitted entry:

Best Face Photo of 2010 -Family Photo Shoot portrait of my friend's daughter

Here are the photo entries considered (that are my favorite too).

I think I went the safer route on this challenge. I chose the best photo that fit what most everyone else submitted.

Will it win?

Well, here is where you come in…… can vote to help me win! Yay!

Dear friends,

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