Waiting for Baby

If you can believe it, we are on the last two weeks before my daughter becomes a mom and I become a Grammy. It all zoomed by so fast…….

This YEAR zoomed by so fast.

I don’t even know what to say……but wow!

Our beautiful cousins hosted her baby shower at the Church Jason and I got married in. They made all the decorations and put it all together. They did an amazing job. It was a wonderful shower with lots of family and friends.

I have not been doing much photography lately (aka…I’m rusty!). There has just been too much going on. I visited my sister for her 50th birthday end of June. We had the girls for the month of July. I’ve helped Sydney shop and get rooms ready. Baby has a place here and at her boyfriends, but Sydney is official living at his house now.

Through my hidden tears while she packed, I told myself this is what kids do. They grow up and move out. In my head I am so proud of her, but my heart misses her more than anything. I get the empty in empty nesters now. It’s not a room that is empty, it is a place inside your soul.

But she is opening a new and exciting chapter and I am so happy for her. Motherhood! I have watched her week to week grow and change – both physically and emotionally. Pregnancy is an amazing transformation.

So, here we are. All ready for baby…and now we wait.