Is it Fall? Or Winter? I’m confused.

In the last week, I did two photo shoots in the beautiful Fall colors (besides the squirrels..heh!). I couldn’t believe the rich reds that came through. So pretty!

In fact, I couldn’t wait to share my FALL portraits.


It snowed.

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Snow!! #snow #winter #fortworthtexas #weather

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Our backyard.

That’s snow people. I know it ain’t much, but we get excited when this happens. No matter how big or small. Even if it is gone by the time your teenage daughter gets up and your only proof is the iPhone 4S photo you took through the kitchen window. BUT really???? SNOW.


And it got cold…..FREEZING cold….for more than one day in a row! This is serious. This is turn on your heater kind of stuff.

So is it Winter? Who knows…… I have feeling we will hit 80 again in the next week.

In the meantime, I’ll just share my Fall foliage anyway.

I took these photos last week of a beautiful Belgian Mom with her sweet daughter. They are definitely a favorite client of mine. See the entire session on my Facebook fan page Angelia’s Photography.

Click on any photo to enlarge and display a slideshow.

Whatever season you are in…..I hope it brings you joy, laughter and as many smiles as me.

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things… I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind. -Leo F. Buscaglia

And one last thing… shoots and families are not the only ones enjoying Fall. Looks like the wild animals are too.

I happened to catch a few bobcats….. More on that later.

© Angelia's Photography

Wind in the Wings

I saw you today.

© Angelia's Photography

You soared over the treetops. Your sharp eyes locked mine as I watched the feathers on your breast ruffle in the wind.

You arced slowly above turning gracefully as you passed.

© Angelia's Photography

Entrancing me with your pose, you dipped, and paused for my gaze.

I knew you knew me. I knew you, too. Today, of all days, I wanted a sign. More than anything, I pleaded, let your spirit be known.

As it always is….in nature….in life….in everything wild and free.

And there you were, just as I hoped.

More majestic, and beautiful than I could ever imagine. But so perfect…so utterly perfect.

© Angelia's Photography

The wind called.

Greater heights beckoned.

You had to go.

© Angelia's Photography

Higher and higher to the heavens you must return.

I soaked in every moment with you. I watched. I followed. I wished for the wind to bring you back. Just once more by Dad, I have my camera ready now.

By then, you were just a speck in the sky.

I know, your spirit is like the wind in your wings. It takes you where you need to be.

© Angelia's Photography

You can no more deny your calling than I could stop the forces that call you.

But your beauty, your protection, and your message. It was not lost on me. And my soul yearned to fly with you.

I knew I would see you today.

If I just opened my eyes……and looked up.

Happy Birthday Dad. May your journey always continue.

I see you.

Gary L. Sims Dec 4, 1946-Dec 7, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I scoured through my photos looking over my silhouette images. Many, I have blogged about before. Most notably, the Sunset of Fire post, and San Diego’s Ocean Beach post. The pictures of silhouettes in those truly make me swoon.

But I wanted to feature something different. Something I haven’t displayed before, and not a typical set of sunset, or beach photos (although I love those).

That’s when I remembered a time I took photos of some interesting silhouettes at the local park.

There is a nugget of a nature walk nestled on the West side of Fort Worth, Texas. It’s a place known as Trinity Trails. They go all over Fort Worth, but one of my favorite spots is off I-30 and around the University area. I have trained for two half-marathons here and know the markers, and sights, pretty well. But of course, there is always something different to see depending on the season, and time of year. And most especially, when you go with camera in hand, and not a water bottle, and Garmin strapped on.

It is a very picturesque park. I was adoring this view when I turned to see a crazy display of birds flying overhead.

Not just one or two, but a HUGE flock.

Then, I noticed something else. These are not just “birds”. These are ducks.

A swarm, a flock……a multitude of water fowl.

More ducks than I have ever seen at one time. And they were in the trees too. All OVER the trees in fact.

It was peculiar, and magical at the same time.

I am not absolutely certain, but I believe they could be wood ducks on a migration from Canada. The photos were taken in January during our Texas winter (which is similar to Canada’s summertime).

They were mostly brown in color with yellow/orange beaks. According to Texas wildlife, they could be whistling ducks (if they are native). Or it is possible they are mallards in the midst of molting. The mallard males can look like females when molting. I’m not a hunter of ducks, although I have Labrador Retriever (ha!), but per the powers of Google, this was as close as I could guess.

I might be completely wrong and they are some sort of brown Geese.

It doesn’t really matter to me what they are, I just love nature. I love seeing unique opportunities like this against this beautiful Texas background.

I am sure there is some reason why they chose this place to rest. Or Maybe, they were just exploring too.

There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story. -Linda Hogan

Check out other entries for silhouette here: The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

Edit: The wonderful and talented Wildlife Photographer Phil Lanoue has helped me identify these wonderful creatures. They are Cormorants, particularly double-crested Cormorants that winter in Texas from November to May. They are a water fowl that eats fish. I am thinking the fisherman of the Trinity were coming up short because of these fellas. Big thanks to Phil!

A Day in the Life – Fort Worth Zoo

I know I have a post in the works for the San Diego Zoo, and this is not the San Diego Zoo, but the zoo in Fort Worth, Texas.

I did visit the San Diego Zoo on my California vacation, and it was amazing. But, I must tell you, visiting the San Diego Zoo only reinforced the fact that the Fort Worth Zoo is a contender for one of the BEST. There, I said it.

And I thought it while I was there.

And maybe, it’s just pride for the city I have worked in all my life.

Or maybe, I had an easier time photographing the animals.

I’m not knocking San Diego Zoo. It IS spectacular. And they have bears. Polar, and Panda, and Koala – oh my!

Just sayin’ Fort Worth Zoo is pretty darn cool too.

Take a look at my past trip, and see if you agree.

Fort Worth Zoo Bear

Fort Worth Zoo Zebras

Meerkat at the Fort Worth zoo

African Giraffe Fort Worth Zoo

Parakeet at the Fort Worth Zoo

My last visit to the Fort Worth Zoo was in May, Mother’s Day, for a Wildlife Photography class.

I took my daughter, since it was Mother’s Day, and we spent the day with the animals.

Monkey at the Fort Worth Zoo

Cheetah at the Fort Worth Zoo

I loved practicing what I learned in photography class.

Like shooting through the glass.

Aquarium at the Fort Worth Zoo

Alligator at the Fort Worth Zoo

Alligator Eye at the Fort Worth zoo

Or Fences….

Jaguar at the Fort Worth Zoo

Parakeet Fort Worth Zoo

Bald Eagle at the Fort Worth Zoo

Getting profiles…..

Cheetah Fort Worth Zoo

Gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo

African Deer Fort Worth Zoo

Or full face in your face,

Hippo eating lunch at the Fort Worth Zoo

Sometimes, it takes great patience to get the shot you want. Animals move and change quite often. That’s why I love going by the same area more than once, I can, usually, get something completely different each time.

We watched this Falcon wake up. He had ruffled feathers and only one eye open. He was honestly pretty ugly. For a few minutes, I thought he was sick, but in an instant, he changed to fierce.

Fort Worth Zoo Falcon

I hit the shutter at just the right moment and got this shot.

He looks so slick!

With prompting from one of my UTA Cont. Ed class teachers, I entered into the Fort Worth Zoo Photo Contest.

The hardest part was picking the five photos to enter. But I did it. And I didn’t think I would win. For one, all the entries were really great. Some mind-boggling good. I was just glad I had the courage to enter my first photo contest.

The winners were announced Friday.

My photo won 3rd Place in the Bird Category.

It is now featured on their website and their Facebook Fan Page.

I am so proud, happy, and honored. There were hundreds of entries. I’m glad my patience (and practice) paid off.

If you are near Fort Worth, Texas and haven’t visited the zoo.




I’d like to see your photos and hear what you think.

Is it one of the best zoos?