Good Morning…Gee that was tough!

Yeah, well, I got up early and went wogging (walk/jog).  It wasn’t easy by any means. I wanted to smash the phone at 545am but it’s my beloved iPhone, so  I settled upon jabbing the screen with my finger til it snoozed 9 mins (take that). I did finally get up at 5 til 6. I was out the door a little after. *without coffee mind you*

Salem and Anna were so excited thinking it was breakfast time! Uhh, no, you must wait, darn I hate disappointing my fur babies.  Hang tight, the non-morning person has to go jog. UGH.

I was hoping this morning would be a pleasant run. It’s certainly cooler. I had my new iPhone run tracker to try out. Plus, I wore my Garmin to compare how accurate it was. Lucky I did since the run tracker would not pick up a satellite signal. *guess it has problems with mornings too*

I take off for a little over half a mile jogging. My achilles tendon screaming in pain. I have no idea what I did to it. I can’t even figure out how to stretch it. Weird!  *note to self google achilles tendon stretches later*

It was dark out. I worry a little about tripping (and re-breaking my wrist)  but not too much. I like running in the dark better than the day. It feels cooler to me or maybe it’s just my mind thinking it is. I am comfortable running in about 30 degrees out, anything else is too hot. *I know right??*

Ends up over the course of 3 miles this morning I ran 1.70 of it. I only timed my run portions of the wog. I almost fell once when my foot went into a crevice in the street.  *almost *phew*

But HEY how about that?  It’s about  half running.  I am going to stay positive about that. I am NOT going to let it get me down that I used to breeze out 3 miles like a cake walk and now have to eek out 1.70. If I dwelled on that, it would SUCK. And I don’t do suck, not even in the mornings.  

Plus 1.70 is a lot more than other people can do. My new Saucony Progrid Ride 2 were heaven on my feet. After my 6 mile bike ride last night. My legs are feeling pumped. I didn’t reach a runner’s high but I am GLAD I did it.

Today, I began the day positive and healthy. Tonight, another bike ride to end it the same way. *but even better since I will be with Jason*

Life is soooo good.

Happy Hump Day!!

Run your heart out, then limp

I sit here with an ice pack on my left foot. Pondering what in the WORLD made me decide to go wog (run/jog) 3 miles tonight in shoes that are a half size too small????? ACK! I had to walk a 10th of a mile in my socks for goodness sakes!

It started out pretty good. I warmed up then stretched. Took off jogging for a while even pushed through when my breathing got difficult. Then the heat just slammed into me. UGH. So I walked then jogged for the rest of the way.

Hey I am not knocking it at all! I think that is pretty good considering my exercise program went down the drain in December when I broke my wrist in two places and was in a cast for 7 weeks. THEN the car accident shortly after that which gave me severe whiplash & shoulder pain along with a whooping $8,000.00 dollars in damage to my car(thank God he had insurance). Yeah exercise??? Not much! I was lucky not to get hooked on painkillers and muscle relaxers this year.

But I miss running. Running has always been a great stress reliever for me. Actually it started as an escape THEN turned into a stress relief. Then it became a competition or mission if you will. Could I go longer? Could I go faster? Could I do the impossible? So I set my first goal, a 5K (3.1miles)race.

It seemed undoable at the time but I stuck to my training schedule and a few months later it was time. The day of the race came & I ran the whole way! Slow? You bet! Did I walk at all? NOPE. 37 mins was my first race time & I was HOOKED after that.

My second goal a 4mile run. DONE. 45mins. I felt like a pro! I even showed off & ran the mile fun run with Sydney. (4miles? I did 5! HA!)

My 3rd goal? A 10K (6.2 miles). If you had told me I would run DOUBLE the mileage in the same year I would have said you were insane! But I did that too. (1hr 13mins)

What was next a marathon???? Well, close I actually did a half marathon (13.1miles) just over a year after my first 5K race in Oklahoma City on Oklahoma’s Centennial. It was SWEET! And so meaningful. I have a blog on that I will add to my pages. It’s a really good story.

I loved it so much so the next year I ran another half marathon in Cowtown (fort worth). I had the FLU. Somehow , someway through my sheer doggedness (I trained 4mos dangit!) I finished the race & actually beat my 1st marathon time by a few minutes. I even wore heels & a dress to Church the NEXT day. Rain? Snow? Flu? No I finished that half marathon like the mailman. (haha)

I had plans to run the Cowtown half again this year. BUT I broke my wrist & sadly all the training came to a screeching halt.

So here I am 3 painful miles in the hole & considering (with the right shoes) going the distance & getting some more race numbers & maybe even another half marathon medal for my collection. Is it possible? Could I REALLY do it again????