I wished for a cool breezy wind

Instead, I got slap of scorching hot blaze. The kind that sucks the air out of your lungs and makes you wish for an ice fishing hole on a frozen lake in Alaska.

The Japanese gardens – hands down – a stunningly beautiful place. But WHY do I always end up here when the temps are scalding? Summer in Texas is not kind. It’s not even safe to walk from your house to your car. It’s like orange pollution alert EVERY DAY. But, it’s really a double-edged sword. In the winter, it’s not near as beautiful as this.

That’s how we end up here to feed the koi and my latest obsession of photography. Granted, it’s only end of May. Which should still be spring. But not here. We are transported instantly to Japan and the sweltering humidity.

Look at her little red face.

We took the paths. We looked at the zen garden – which was sand – which was even hotter. Not to mention the girls were RUNNING around the zen garden – giggling, bouncing, and whoops; let’s just say not zen(ish) behavior.

Maybe, feeding the fish would make us feel cooler, yes?

I have never wanted to be a fish so badly before. Fed by children. Cooling my fins in the great depths of the fish pond.


On second thought…….

Not so much.

We trooped, sweat, and enjoyed the fresh furnace air – turn upon every lovely turn.

Then, thankfully after the last teasing waterfall we finished our tour. Distributed all our fish food and headed to the exit. I don’t think anyone was more grateful for the car A/C than me.

Now, I really want to see the Botanical Gardens, but I’m not sure I will survive. I’m hoping by November the flowers will be blooming and not the heat.

Mama's Losin' ItI chose prompt number – 5.) What did you wish for most? Write about a time when it was just too hot.