Creeping Creepers

Giving me the jeepers!

The time I was almost scared to death.

Let me set the scene.

The players…my gorgeous daughter.

And my sweet girl Salem.

Also, my husband was in on this “plan”.

See how in this photo, the chair has it’s back to the windows. Those windows are the back door. Straight in front the chair is the front door. So, if say…I was SITTING in that chair. I could not see the backdoor, but I could see the front door. And really? I don’t have to worry. The dogs go ballistic when someone comes to the door. Anyone! Even me.

So, imagine me in the chair pictured above. I am watching TV and minding my own biz. The dogs are lounging (remember I have three). Then, they set off to the front door, but not barking. I thought maybe Jason and Sydney got home, they had dropped the little kids at their mom’s. Is it possible they knew it was them and didn’t bark? A miracle!

Turns out they were just doing recon. They just kinda stood around, and didn’t seem to “sense” any presence. My biggest dog, Salem, turns around from the front door to the back door and immediately her hair STANDS ON END. And she starts barking like I have never heard her bark in my life. It’s like paws down, back up, and every muscle tense in fight mode. Her bark is at full roar.

In my mind, I thought… OH MY GOSH, she is barking like someone is at the back door.

That’s when I turn around and I SEE FACES at the backdoor.

I, nearly, lost it.

It was just Sydney.

And Jason.

Laughing at me while I clutched my chest about to keel over.

And that is the time I was MOST startled in my life.

Someday…..I’m going to get them back for that.

Mama’s Losin’ It
2.) Describe a time you felt startled.

My Year in Blog

Do you ever have those days? I’m too busy to talk, just read my blog? I found a image on Pinterest for that.

And basically, this post is for those who can’t read my blog and just want a yearly recap.

I’m linking up to….Mama’s Losin’ It….and the prompt I chose……

    1.) This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.

I always do a year in blog posts. It is AMAZING to look back on the journey. You can click on the links or the photos and it will take you to the post.

I started out blogging every day in January, but the one post that has stuck with me is a writing piece called Bass Tower. I have been so involved in photography, sometimes, I forget that I can write when something possesses me when I have time. The story haunts me, because it’s just the beginning. I encourage you to read it, and let me know what you think. It features two of my favorite things. Snow and the apocalypse.

In February of this year, we had more of my favorite stuff SNOW with the not-so-favorite-stuff ICE. It led to many days of not being able to get out of the driveway which may be why we totally lost it decided our dog was the TOP PET (model that is). Oh my poor Anna! But goodness, I love her expressions.

March is when we visited the hill country and took a side trip to Fredericksburg, not to antique shop, but to climb Enchanted Rock. I really and truly thought I was going to die and as pretty as that rock is……I ain’t climbing it again. I am AFRAID of heights. When am I ever going to listen to myself?

Our spring is full-blown heading to summer in April and that is why we took the kids to their first Drive-in Movie. A little celebration of almost summer. This post was Freshly Pressed on the home page for a day. I loved that they picked this one, because it is a reminder of old times, and ones our kids can still be a part of.

A lot of stuff happened in May, my daughter turned seventeen, and that was awesome. But the most craziest thing was the snake in the house. Yes, you read that right. A snake. IN the house. The hallway to be exact and I stepped on it. Yes, I have nightmares. I post about the tragic event and those Zombie Dreams in the Unapocalypse.

I blame Jason for this event. Here is why…. about two weeks earlier there was a snake bigger, but just like this one, on the back patio at the back door. Of course, I ran and took pictures of it. Jason says, he is leaving the snake alone. He doesn’t mind it being there as long as it doesn’t come in the house. SEE! His fault!

In June, I posted the vintage portraits I took of the girls for their mom. It was most definitely the most popular post and everyone loved the old-fashioned photos.

I really bombed blogging in July. I only posted three times. I am going to blame non-ending rash of over 100-degree days (IN A ROW!). I think my brain fried. But I learned Photoshop. At least that stuck in my brain, probably, it melted there.
Photo By Lindsey MIller

August was just as hot as July (maybe hotter), but I managed to make a post Smile. Or, at least, the people (and animal) in it. I turned forty too!

The youngest

I love smiles.

Summer is still strong in September, but we caught a day or two break from the heat. I started posting my California vacation pictures. It is HARD to choose one post, but I have to pick Point Loma Lighthouse. The sea and I…we have this thing going and I don’t ever want it to end. Put me in lighthouse forever, and I will be so happy.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

I almost got my blogging mojo back in October, but come to find out, it was just a warm-up for the next two months. We celebrated our anniversary of being married one year. We said good-bye to summer (yes, finally in OCTOBER). And I took the girls for photos at Hall’s Pumpkin Farm. I was hot and I thought the photos would be terrible, but I could be wrong (sometimes).

I blogged thirty days in a row for November. I am not sure how I did it, or what made me decide to do it. I just did. And I’m glad. It’s not easy to blog every day (and do photos like I do), but I accomplished it. The most popular post was my Weekly Photo Challenge for Windows. I must admit. I love reflections. I love glass. And I loved doing this windows post.

Now, we are in December! I am choosing a recent post – Weekly Photo Challenge: Between. I like this post because it combines my two greatest loves. Photography and writing with vision and purpose. I am constantly seeking the flow of what I do and this is as close as it gets.

At the end of year, I like to look back, then I can move fresh into the new.

How are you ending your year?

My wishes for 11/11/11

I can’t believe 11/11/11 is finally upon us. It seemed an unreachable date back in the year 2000 (which seems silly, but really, how is 2022 looking right now? Hmm?).

National Blog Posting Month asks us to make three wishes for 11/11/11 and write about them.

So, I looked up the definition of wishes, and have included it here.

Wishes – an expression of a desire, typically in the form of a request or instruction; an expression of a hope for someone’s success, happiness, or welfare;
a thing that is or has been wished for. To want; desire; long for; to entertain wishes, favorably or otherwise, for: to wish someone well; to wish someone ill.

I don’t think wishes are just whims. I truly think…….they are the heart’s desire.

These are mine.

I wish for the beauty of the world to be seen, for a breath of hope to touch a lost soul, and for love to reach the hardest heart.

I wish my family a lifetime of dreams, for sparks of longing to be filled, and to always reach beyond what is possible. So you may feel the empowerment of what waits for you there.

I wish my husband – health, guidance, and reassurance. I wish him all the success he can handle. I wish for cures to be found; Type 1 diabetes, and Lupus. I wish you a long life with me!

To my youngest daughter, Bridget, I wish you laughter from your head to your toe. Because when you laugh, the world lights up.

To my second youngest daughter, Molly, I wish you the magic of play and fun. To always know the joy of being a child. And to find your path by faith, without using a map.

To my oldest daughter, Sydney, I wish you a lifetime of being cherished. That you always know your worth, and you give back as much as you get. I wish for you the sun and more.

To my mom, I wish you a warm blanket of comfort. It wraps you up, and holds you tight, so tight, that you never feel lonely or sad. I wish you rest and resilience.

To my second mom, Sue, I wish you strength of spirit and a left arm that works like new. I wish for all your joy and praise to be spread to every struggling soul who needs it. I wish that your light always shine as bright as you are.

To my sister, Deedy, I wish you a calm rocking boat of peace and patience. I wish that you could ride the current, and feel the sea breeze on your face. I wish you a life without loss, and that joy rises and sets each day with your husband and children.

To my brothers, Lonnie and Jay, I wish you memories of a lifetime. A brotherhood of love, and for you to be taken care of just as much as you have taken care of others. I wish all your good deeds be returned to you ten-fold.

And to those without family, I wish you the kindness of a stranger, and the gratefulness of a humble heart.

To my readers, and friends, I wish you a day that rains blessings. A day that you will never forget. That you feel something you have never felt before, and it moves you.

Maybe it is profound peace, or maybe a gut of gratitude, or maybe…’s just a very lucky day.

I know that is more than three wishes……..and I hope that is okay.

Happy 11/11/11 day! Tell me, what are you wishing for?

Ventura Beach, California

Just write! Just post! Just try it!

Just when you think WordPress has done it all – well – they introduce distraction-free writing.

A screen of words on white. An empty vessel lighting the way for all font-happy WordPress writers to fill, the best way they know how, by typing.

Enter Full Screen mode.

The reason behind this genius-mode? Well, I assume it is for people like me who just don’t have the concentration they used to (totally blaming social media).

I always plan on writing, but I get too busy doing other things. I see an email pop up, a Facebook notification, or a Twitter message. I’ll be honest. I can’t help myself. I have to click! I have to see! I have to find out what’s going on. It’s just too easy to navigate away and get lost by way of interaction.

I have tried to write during my lunch hour (seems like my only free time), but it never works out. The reason? I was on an old version of Internet Explorer which had buggy WordPress issues. I couldn’t type anything without my screen mode moving to the top. Luckily, they posted about that too and now I’m on a newer, wiser version of internet surfing. Not sure if you are? Try Browse Happy to find out. It made me happy for sure!

Posting about this new feature does not do it justice. DO try it for yourself. I am super ADD on anything techy. I love technology and new formats, but get a little overwhelmed. I usually give up before I get it going (at least once or twice). So, for me, this is good. In the end – fewer distractions. This change has cleared the playground for me. I can now write.

Just write.

No tweaking of my settings, or wandering my eye to categories. No more pondering of my stats via drop down. No more checking for comments, or spam. No more gazing at the widget, links, or general setting tabs. Nope, none of that. I even applied the Full Browser toggle to end the email, Facebook, and Twitter interruptions ( F11 on windows or command+shift+F on Mac).

And since I am blonde? schooled in Oklahoma? allergy fuzzy, it took me a few tries to figure this out (and I didn’t get distracted). And because I like you, and I LOVE WordPress, I have created a very special tutorial for others – ahem – like me.

Full Screen Mode

From your post just click on the full-screen mode.


Enter your title and write. It’s that simple.

Distraction Free Writing

Ta Da! Distraction-free writing at it’s best. Thank-you WordPress.

I actually got a post done today. And? I have MANY more to complete……..newborn photo shoot, wildlife photos, stepping on a snake, and a picnic vintage photo session.

Good stuff…coming soon. So please, come back, I won’t distract you…….for long (ha!).

*****All thanks go to the WordPress Blog post Just Write. Are you a subscriber? If not, why? You might be missing out on some cool WordPress information. That’s why I do. Technology, it will leave you behind if you don’t keep up.