A Photo For Every Month of My Year 2013

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I am posting about my entire YEAR.

Really? So soon?

Well played year, well-played.

I decided to pick ONE photo to represent each month of 2013, and trust me – very hard! In fact, it is pure torture for me. But I told myself ONE, and so, I picked ONE (or two). Heh.

January 2013

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Oh, what this photo holds deep inside. Things we did not know as we traipsed through the park, children and dogs, on a gorgeous North Texas day. I look at this photo and I see my daughter for the last time as my young girl. In this year, she will grow and change in more ways than I thought possible. Although she will always my little girl, she will never be the youth of this photo, because becoming a mother does that.

February 2013

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

I went to quite a bit of trouble to get these floating bokeh hearts. And even though I have tons of other photos for February, I am choosing this one as it represents my journey into trying a Project 52. Sadly, I did not complete every week, but I tried. And I failed. Then, I finished.

And you know what? That is good enough for me. I’m going for it this year too. Maybe, I will complete it? Maybe, I won’t. I’ll put my best effort into it, but I won’t stress over it. I am learning/unlearning perfectionism in the most beautiful way. If you would like to join the same Project 52 I do, there is still time, just click the link and ask to join Daphne Ellenburg’s Project 52 on Flickr.

March 2013

Here is my cheat month. There are two photos, but it is ONE mosaic and ONE photo is not mine. My husband went to Seattle (and all he brought me back was this picture he took – heh), but yes, he took one of my cameras. He didn’t have much time to get out since he was working, but I do love this shot. I want to go to Seattle something fierce.

It will happen…. I just know it. One day.

The other photo is Easter at Grandma’s house. Easter just isn’t Easter unless it is celebrated at Grandma’s, and Grandma’s yard has lots of pretty spring flowers. Pretty girls in frilly dresses. And pretty, pretty Easter eggs to hunt. So pretty is as pretty does and I give you this lovely lily.

April 2013

Another cheat (sorry, not sorry!) – my baby girl’s Gender Reveal Party with her boyfriend Brandon. Listen, no one knew what the sex of that baby was going to be. Not a soul standing there – including Mom & Dad – not until those balloons floated out of the box. And let me tell ya, it was a SHOCK to see Pink. Almost everyone, all the old wives tales, Chinese calendars, and then some, said it was a BOY. Most everyone there was SURE it was a BOY, including myself, but I wanted a girl. I don’t know why. We have a plenty of girls. I just couldn’t give up my hope to have another. Maybe, because I had a girl first and I wanted her to have that incredible experience too. I wanted my baby girl to have a baby girl. And that dream came true when I watched those pink spheres float up into the sky. Wow. A very precious moment shared with family and friends; one I will never forget.

May 2013
© 2013 Angelia's Photography

I don’t like photos of myself. I don’t like others taking photos of myself. I am just uncomfortable this side of the camera. But I took a photo with my little girl on Mother’s Day. To record her pregnancy and a special event. This is a candid shot of us together (unposed). My sticker says World’s Greatest Mom. My step-girls gave me a Mother’s Day card they picked out and that sticker was inside. You bet I wore it all day. Loud and Proud. Oh, how I love allllllll my girls!

June 2013
© 2013 Angelia's Photography

I had space at the Arlington Museum of Art for the Chics Who Click art exhibit. I showed for three months April, May, and June. This is the month I displayed “people”. My family, friends, friends of family, and more that I had done photo sessions of. I gave it back to them by printing and framing their shots. It is the month I am most proud of.

July 2013

Maternity photos of Sydney in the stockyards, plus one of her and Brandon at Penn Farm. Maternity photos in July – talk about a scorcher. I have to say Sydney is quite the trooper having to endure a Texas Summer in her pregnancy. She did really well with it all; very impressive for a nineteen-year old.

August 2013
© 2013 Angelia's Photography

A little child is born who fills the hearts of so many. A little girl loved by her parents, grandparents, great grandparents and many other relatives. She is the most loved baby I know.

I photographed the birth of her one day after I turned 42 years old. I took her newborn photos. I breathed in the sweet, new baby smell and I fell, so completely, in love with this new little girl – every finger, and every toe. I still fall to pieces when I see her. This Grandma thing is pretty darn amazing.

September 2013
© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Surprise, Cousin Tasha is pregnant with twins. TWINS! Little playmates for Averey. The family and I head to Iowa Park, Texas to photograph her shower. These are my outlaws and I love that they welcome Jason and the girls as family too. This is definitely the cutest theme I have ever seen, and so much SUGAR. The cake with babies on it is my favorite. A very precious and detailed piece. I can’t wait to meet these two new little people.

October 2013

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

My step-daughters on Halloween. This is quite the pair. The cat pounces on the prey and the Vampire Princess comes in for the kill. Genius! I missed seeing them trick or treat as I had to work, but I am glad Jason took pictures for me, and that he took Fred the Cat trick or treating, too.

© Angelia's Photography

November 2013

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Finally they meet, the Great Grandma and the Great Granddaughter. I think they thought it a moment greater than both of them. We call it The Grand PooPaw of all time. Oh yes. A pretty big deal for sure. And I loved every bit of it.

December 2013

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

Christmas 2013 – Full of gifts big and small, inside and outside.

December is a big month for me. I am promoted at work to supervisor. I traded in my car with my husband’s car to share ONE car. Years past, that would have freaked me out to put so much trust into being that dependent, but you know what, it didn’t bother me in the least. Working from home, I can do without wheels.

I am completely off antidepressants and I feel amazing. My husband will turn the big 3-9 tomorrow. He mentioned to me it was our 6th Christmas together. That blew my mind. SIX? So many? Which means this is our 6th Birthday celebration for him. When I met him, he was only 33.

I am ready for the New Year. And yes, I do love resolutions! I plan to get strong and fit. To ACCEPT imperfection as my new reality and be just fine with that. I want the critics out of my head. Ain’t nobody got time for that! My resolution is to exercise one hour a day. I did pretty good with a resolution in 2006 to stop smoking. I am hoping this one will stick for eight years as well.

That’s right, my anniversary of no more smoking is January 1st! I haven’t missed it. Not in eight years. So happy I made that resolution.

And of course, I have this eleven and half pound bundle of joy to watch grow and change.

© 2013 Angelia's Photography

She turned four months old Christmas Eve (and only 11.5lbs – little shrimp).

Do you know how big she makes me smile?

© Angelia's iPhone Photography 2013

This big and more. We are something when we get together and start grinning all over the place.

My year? Full.
My life? Loved.
My heart? Overflowing.

Top that 2014, I look forward to it.

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope it is blissful and bright! Cheers to 2014!

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

I have thought about doing a year-end post. I have. I just didn’t. It loomed as one of the things a little too much for me to handle.

This same time a year ago, I did several year-end posts. In my mind, I considered last year’s offering more than enough to cover the end of this year, no?

Then? WordPress has to go and give me that nudge, and offer their Weekly Photo Challenge.

What do you know? A year in photos.

I guess I will get to hem, and haw over every pick (pic?) I choose this year too….just like year. Because, good gosh, I have a hard time choosing.

However, I will give you this. I am not using a single photo I posted in my blog this year (I hope?).

I plan on selecting NEW photos to charm you with. Maybe? Hopefully? I can’t promise to remember which ones I posted, or that I will even check. But, I will try…..

And that is all I can do….try. Which pretty much sums up my year.

I had stumbles this year. Big ones. Set-backs. Big ones. Things from my past that caught up with me, and hurled me back to about five years ago. A time I was lost, but finding myself. A time of learning, growing, and most importantly needing to love the core of me.

How did I get back there? I can’t say. I suppose it is the same way you gain weight back after you spent so much hard work losing it. And you SWEAR, you will never gain that weight back again. You look into the eyes of your skinny self in the mirror and PROMISE them (while wearing a mini-skirt, meh) to never re-gain what you lost. And boom, five years later? Reality. So, I lost it. I gained it. You win some. You lose some.

And finally, you give in and start taking a daily anti-depressant that changes your world. Except that it still presents a niggle of guilt for having to TAKE A PILL, and not being able to handle the world with your own might, and fortitude.

But, I am over that. Almost.

And this year? This year will be better than ever. I have my grip, and grit firmly in place. Heart-breakers of life? You don’t want to mess with me.

So, for WordPress, I will look back, but only to keep going forward, and KNOW…..I own my future. And the over-all picture I have……is not too bad at all.

Click on any photo to read captions and display a slideshow)

I would like to thank the community of bloggers, friends, and family. For your comments, encouragement, and support. I am deeply grateful to you all.

I am terrible at awards, and I know I have missed many, but big thanks to all of you that mention me and for these lovely awards.

Awards from:

A Beginner


Masadiso’s 79 Blog

Native Michigander

Chronicles of Illusions with the lovely Jo

And last, but not least for the mentions and links: One of my favorite bloggy friends from California Sophomore Slump. We call Rommel the Prince of Blogs, since we all know Island Traveler: This Man’s Journey is the King.

Final thanks to Being Arindam for introducing me to Rommel and featuring me on the same day this year.

To you all……..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A Year in Photos Part One

I am stealing this idea from my friend, blogger, and photographer – James Skidmore

I love him and his ideas! Brilliant! I think they say imitation is the finest form of flattery.


So great idea stolen. However, stealing the idea, and making the idea happen are two different things.

This is the part I’m having trouble with.

My plan was to divide it up into three’s. Three pictures. Three posts. FOUR months at a time. I know……I ruined the three’s. But FOUR posts…see? That doesn’t work either. So three posts, four months at a time, with three pictures per month. Are you with me?

Since I am taking – over 30 mins now trying to pick three just for January – TOO LONG to do this. I am just grabbing the first thing I see (besides the ones I already picked) to give you my year in photos.

Part One: January, February, March, and April


I took my first trip to Chicago. I LOVED it. I saw snow (I hardly ever get to see snow!).

Chicago O'hare Airport
Downtown Chicago

Later in the month, we took the kids to the Fort Worth Stockyards for the first time. I can’t believe I have lived in Dallas/Fort Worth for twenty years and this was my first visit that I saw the Longhorn Cattle Drive. Amazing! It is a great place for pictures.

Fort Worth Stockyards Longhorn Cattle Drive


I must have brought some snow back with me from Chicago, planted it, and made it grow. We had SNOW! Snow in TEXAS! This was a big deal. I took LOTS of pictures (mainly because, it melted really fast).

Snow Ball Fight.
Brownie the snow dog.

This is the month, I shot my first wedding. I really enjoyed it (once I got past the nerves). I’d really like to do another wedding……anyone? anyone? anyone?

Unlike my usual critical self, I thought I did a really good job on the wedding. Of course, I know SO much more now…..I could do even better (hint, hint).


Another busy month! More than I can possibly fit in with three photographs (darn my silly plan!!!).

But here goes….

Jason and I took a trip to Lake Marble Falls, and Enchanted Rock. This is the hill country in Texas. That mini-vacay was awesome. We loved all the sights and can’t wait to go back (and camp!).

The top of Enchanted Rock.Yes, those are tiny people in the background climbing the giant rock.

Next, we took the girls to Cedar Hill State Park for photos in the blue bonnets. Didn’t I just post about snow??? That’s Texas for ya!

No more snow, we have blue bonnet flowers.

And we traveled back to Austin (or was this before?) for my first maternity photo shoot with friend and former blogger – Mrs. Foxy.

She had a beautiful baby boy about one week later.


We took the girls to their first drive-in movie.

Drive-in Movie Theatre - Ennis, Texas

Sadly, this is the last month the Jeep was with us, but I am not showing the crash pics again.


This is the month I went to the zoo (camera knowledgeable) and LOVED every moment. This is the Falcon that I won the Fort Worth Zoo photography contest photo with. However, this wasn’t the zoo trip where I took the winning photo. I love that Falcon.

Fort Worth Zoo Falcon

My oldest step-daughter turned seven years old. Oh my gosh! The time goes by so fast. She was a very talkative four when I met her. Now, she is seven and reads chapter books. Please. Stop. Growing. SO. Fast.

Molly turns seven.

That wraps up my first four months in photos (or at least the ones I randomly picked).

This really makes me realize how much has happened in just a year’s time.

Coming soon….parts two and three.