Furry kids

Life without fur? No thanks!

We have lost pets and gained pets. I guess this is the way it goes. Although it is SOOO hard to say good-bye. Two of my long-time roommates crossed the bridge. It still makes my heart ache. But we did gain two beautiful black shepherds.
They seem to fit right in and will be best buds for life.

Meet Luna Rose – German Shepherd – 1 1/2 yr.

Meet Max Rebel- German Shephered – brother to Luna – 1yr.

Brownie Cinnamon Elizabeth – Shih-tzu – 9 yrs old.


No idea on his age. He is a Shih-tzu. He is a permanent foster from my mom and he LOVES the girls.

In addition to the dogs, our family acquired a kitty. Of course, all the dogs were not enough, we had to add to the zoo.
So our youngest daughter got a kitty for her 8th birthday. Bridget is now 13 and the kitty is now 5.

Meet Maya Madeleine Violet or as I call her – Maya The Terrible.DSC_2429cvrtcopy copyBW

She has certainly brought variety to our house. Since the Shepherds moved in, she lives under the bed. But I do see her at night. Maybe one day she will brave the black wolves.

To those we lost….

Salem Dixie Elizabeth – Black Lab – Crossed the Rainbow Bridge – April 2016.
Often seen as a Great White Egret.

Anna Foursocks Elizabeth – Mix Breed – Crossed the Rainbow bridge – May 2019.
Seen as a Red-winged Blackbird.


20 thoughts on “Furry kids

  1. Ahhhh – I love your furry kids – I have two myself! A very sweet site you have here – I just saw you on the WP front page.

    I’ll bookmark and be back- Take care!

    Cheers and Namaste


  2. Hey I just noticed your furry kids page!!!! Yea! I have fat fuzzball little boy dog named Maximus O’Reilly. He’s a standard black and tan long haired dachshund. I “lerf” him soooo much.

    I don’t have a camera so my friend Ben is going to take pics next weekend.

    I didn’t realize that you are divorced. Me too. June 4th of this year. It seems so strange that I will date again but kind of exciting too!


  3. I love your fur kids 🙂 Rescue dogs and labs are the best! Emma Louise is a rescue dog (possible lab mix). Thank you so much for stopping by my blog 🙂 I am excited to see yours! I hope you have a very blessed Sunday! xo, KA


  4. So cute, these furry friends are truly amazing! I went out Christmas shopping today with my hubby and got a cool outfit for Jiggy. Since he is still too tiny, only cat’s clothing could fit him. I bought it anyway. I promise I’ll post some photos of him with the elf outfit. I’m so excited!

    Thank you again for dropping by. Hope you’re feeling better now. We do care for you as our new sis at WordPress!



  5. Love your furry kids. And your human kid ain’t too bad either! 🙂 I miss my lab. She was so sweet but she passed several years ago and now we don’t have a fenced in yard so I have to be the crazy cat lady!


  6. Yay! I love it when people have furry kids. Just because they are animals doesn’t really mean they are any less of one’s child.

    My cat is my baby! She is a great animal, therefore she is a spoiled animal. We keep her indoors and I think a cat should be outdoors, but I cannot deal with vet bills and all the heartache that goes with a cat in a neighborhood with creek critters and cars. But because I feel a cat should really get to roam free, I tend to jump when she calls so that I can try to meet her “need”. Spoiled, but deserving.


  7. I love the term “fur kids.” I want to use that for my two fur kids! I love, love, love your blog. LOVE IT. It’s absolutely precious! I’m not sure how I got here, but I will be back to visit!


  8. Sorry to hear about your kitty Gidget. It is so hard to lose a pet.

    I have never known a dog that loves getting baths! It is so funny to me b/c both of the dogs I have had hated bath time!


  9. My story is similar to yours… I lost my cat, Lola, and I couldn’t replace her. She was one in a million and I miss her terribly. We did adopt two dogs, both rescues: a black lab (Jack) and a German Shepard (Tatum). In addition to my two furry kids, I have two human kids. Keeps life busy… and stains on the carpet! 🙂


  10. ashleyturney

    So glad I am not the only one with “furry-kids”! They are the light of our lives. Thanks for sharing your furry friends.


  11. Furry kids are the best! Great pics! I am a cat parent to two furballs that I love like crazy. I’m a new blogger and have only posted five entries — my most recent was about my cats. It was all I could do to wait that long to ‘introduce’ them!!!


  12. Glad you have furry kids! I want some too but my husband is allergic to them. 😦

    I had furry friends as my siblings since my folks treated our dogs like kids.. Somewhat sad that they had to go due to old age, but they are the most hilarious and sweetest ‘brothers’ that I ever had.


    1. I had TONS of furry brothers and sisters. My mom was a dog nut while I was growing up! She even bathed herself using flea shampoo. HA HA! At least you didn’t have to share all your toys. 🙂


      1. Well, I had to share my slipper(s) as one of my furry siblings decided to use it as his ‘security’ bowl. Occasionally, I would find a half eaten carrot or lots of dog saliva on my slipper (God knows what mom gave them as snacks). When the siblings start a riot, they even pee or vomit on my slippers… It was disgusting or even frustrating back in the days; but you really realize how much you miss them when they are gone for good.


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