Car Dancing

We car dance and created our very own video to prove it.

If you have trouble viewing go here.

We also used our moves in the official -GLOBAL- video. It includes our segment (3:14) that we sent in (just after the spoons).

This video features car (and other) dancing participants from all over the WORLD. What unites us? Love, laughter, and oh yes! dancing.




If you have trouble viewing please click here.

33 thoughts on “Car Dancing

  1. Sandy

    I didn’t know we were suppose to admit to love Car dancing…I do it all the time and I’ve got Jeff doing it with me too = ) I enjoyed your video girls…made my day or started it out with a big smile on my face. I love all of ya and I can’t wait to see you all in July.


  2. That’s excellent!
    Thank you for sharing.
    I thoroughly enjoyed viewing both videos and seeing the joy transpiring from each person, as there is so much life radiating.
    I’m glad that I have stopped by and uncovered a gem; you. 🙂


  3. allthefleetingmuses

    This is so awesome, I love it! I never thought anyone would think to make a project out of car dancing! I think it’s great that you and Sidney will be teaching Molly and Bridget. Definitely a tradition to pass on!


  4. OMG, I’ve always done that and still do. When the kids were little I’d get them all crazy car dancing with me. Then again, my dad did that with us when we were little. I just did it the other day and got my boyfriend going too!!! LOL


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  6. Nice ART, like the fun. This reminds me of the days when I used to make my car dance in the traffic. I would step on my brake and release it in motion to the music on cd and rocked to it, when I do that the car dance to the music lol, great hobby, great post. LOL.


  7. Oh man, car dancing! This somehow reminded me of when my partner’s mom asked me on the phone, “Do you car dance?”

    At first I had no idea what it was (silly me) and she explained it. At the time, I wasn’t doing it yet. But since last year, my partner and I started doing it. In a weird way.

    I’m more guilty of car singing though…


  8. Judy Berman

    I wrote a blog about dancing in the car. We did this when our daughters were younger and they still fondly recall that time when we rocked out the car was rocking ‘n’ rolling on the highway. Great time. Love your photos.


  9. Hello Im your greatest fan, angelia! 🙂
    I have one question!
    Good moves girls! A cool Video! 🙂 Its very interesting Video, also the Little Girls in backseat daces well! Soo cute. I would also with my wife and family make a car-dance Video! By the way, i find this very cool of you, to use child seats and that the girl in backseat use his seatbelt! But you drive very slow, so its not better for the moves and dance, to not wear the seatbelt at this parking zone? thanks for reply 🙂


    1. Stefan,

      Thank-you and this video is spliced together. Sometimes we go slow, sometimes fast, sometimes a sixteen-year-old girl is driving. Parking lot or not, always teach your children to stay buckled and safe. This Jeep was in a horrific accident a few years ago with these children inside. The car seats saved their lives. No matter what the driving terrain (even when dancing), please friends, always buckle up, and use safety seats for your children.

      I do hope to do a Car Dancing Sequel…we have a new young one who will need to be taught some moves… stay tuned!


  10. Ok, thanks for the request! 🙂 We have one 7 year old daughter. We have a VW Jeep, and our daughter is also buckled up with child seat, who also have head protectors. Our son is 9 year old, but we have little problems with him that he dont want seat in his child seat, also with head protectors. He said, he dont want to sit in his seat because he dont see from his side window..
    becaus the headrests at his head are too long at side. So my wife was very angry with his, so he still must seat in the seat. But what you say, its better to force him in this seat, or that we buy a booster? thanks 🙂


      1. Ok thanks angelia! We use a booster. But by the way, its the same problem with the bike helmets. Here in switzerland most people wear a bicycle helmet also in city traffic. But the son of my sister is 15, and he dont want to wear his helmet, when he bikes to his girlfriend or to school. Problem is that there is much traffic with big cars, much women ride his children to school, and also young 18 years old girls drive, so its dangerous for him. I dont know if we should let him without helmet or enforce it?


          1. Ok, we say him this, but he say, he dont want to wear this… Because he says helmets are ugly and they straight and disturb him on the head.. No, hes 16, so what will you do, should we give him a penalty?


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