Buyer’s remorse? Nikon D3000 DSLR

***Updated with captions, rude of me to assume you know***

Nope, not here. Not me. These are a few of my first shots with my new DSLR camera (aka new baby).  I can’t wait to dive into photo classes, but I have to admit the lighting at Jason’s house is phenomenal. Enjoy the photos. Happy Friday!

Sydney Elizabeth, my fifteen year old daughter

Molly, Jason’s oldest daughter age 5.

Bridget- Jason’s youngest. Age 3

Bridget’s million watt smile.

My puppy (who is now almost two years old) Anna. She is still my baby puppy.

Salem Dixie Elizabeth- 7 years old. This dog is my heart. She is precious to me. And she is still my baby too.

Molly in her Dora tube. Can you guess what she is? She is a tiger! Grrr!

Bridget and her gorgeous eyes and skin.

Molly and Sydney 10years and 10days apart. The reason for our 10-10-10 wedding date.

The girls. They LOVE doing silly faces. I laugh hysterically at them. Thank goodness the camera was on a tripod.

What do you think? Is it the new camera? Or the subjects?