Friday Night Lights: Food Truck Style

DSC_0459copy-001 copyWM
Our local parks and recreation created a sensational show of food and entertainment when it invited food truck vendors to set up shop in our neighborhood.

Food, fun, and family. The three F’s of summer.

Luckily the park they selected to feature this row of delicious fanfare ended up only a few miles from our house. So of course….OF COURSE….we had to be there. Yes, it is a little pricey (for dishes made in a moving vehicle). But truly you are paying for the atmosphere. The people-watching. The adorable pet-watching (my favorite). The unique food vendors. And just mingling with your neighborhood.

DSC_0509copy copyWM
The sights and sounds are just as delicious as what you are tasting.

DSC_0516copy copyWM

As the sun sets and the shadows change, the entire view changes.

DSC_0361copy copyWM

What do you order? Where do you go?

DSC_0408copy copyWM
How do you choose your favorite flavor?
DSC_0507copy copyWM
Splitting the family up is always a good idea. More trucks = more tastes.

DSC_0504copy copyWM
And maybe you hit the same truck more than once. There is no shame in that. I know we did.
DSC_1978cvrtcopy copyWM
DSC_1979cvrt_1copy copyWM
DSC_0501copy copyWM

Favorite food truck? A Taste of Cuba. They have the best funnel cake fries.

Favorite dessert? Definitely, What’s da Scoop? But the snow cone truck was a close second.

These are not all the photos from our Friday Night delights, but they are ones that I see the most contrast…which happens to be the weekly photo challenge theme this week on The Daily Post at WordPress. Do you love images of light and dark? Be sure to check out the other entries. And? Look up your local parks. Maybe you have a Food Truck network nearby.

Eat mobile. It’s delicious.

46 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights: Food Truck Style

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  3. Gorgeous light and dark shots, Angelia! WOW…the contrasts are so sharp and crisp! I think my two favorites are the ones of the blueberry water ice and the close up of the light bulbs.

    Sounds like you had a GREAT time too!

    Have a super weekend, my friend..x

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  5. Hi Angelia:

    Wow, love your pics of the food trucks! Food trucks have really become a very big thing in Chicago. I agree that a lot of the food seems a bit pricey on these trucks, but most of the time it’s worth it. I also find that the typical food truck operator provides great service and is very friendly. Thank you for capturing some great local, summertime moments!

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  10. Funny when I was growing up you didn’t DARE eat food from a truck. Roach coaches! Now they are all the rage with fancy fare. I’ve only experienced them at Yelp Events and my favorite is Grilled Cheese Bandits! Yummy! I LOVE the idea of the Parks and Rec doing this.

    I see “fences”. Was it and even where you buy a ticket and then enter the truck area and get to eat from all of the trucks? Or did the Park and Rec just gather the trucks and then it was a purchase as you go type of thing?

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    1. Actually, it’s interesting what they did. It took place in a public park, but they lined the trucks up and fenced in the open parts with arrive/depart open places. The front part was a park pavilion and the recs had set up a place to buy sodas and beer. The food trucks did not sell drinks. You could only get drinks from the pavilion. The fence was to keep the alcohol in the food truck area. You could not take the alcohol anywhere else in the park. But there was no charge to get in. Lots of table, chairs, and music. Plus, pets are welcome on a leash.


  11. What’s better than a food truck? A food truck serving dessert of course! Think you did an excellent job in capturing the various contrasts in your shots but like the last photo of the lights and trucks against the darkened backdrop the best 🙂


  12. These are some amazing shots! I can’ decide which one is my favorite … Maybe the blue snow cone or the one with all the trucks in the background at dusk (the one with the “camera” caption. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude those are awesome looks like so much fun. You’ve inspired me 🙂 they have a ladies night out over here on the last Friday of the month and a gazillion of these trucks come out … It’s a very festive vibe. I’m bringing my camera 😉


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