Why I Blog

Let me count thy ways……

Well, originally, it was to tell my side of the story.

I was accused of stealing children, and harming pets – per my future husband’s ex-wife’s blog. We discovered it completely by accident. The barbs hurt. I won’t lie. They were completely untrue, but I understood. She had her own way of dealing with grief. Despite filing to divorce to grasp her independence for the first time – when you have two young children – it’s a whole new world. It’s hard. There is a lot of growing pains.

But it created this blog engine-that-could in me. I got to tell my side of the Cooper Story. Regardless if she read it or not, it helped my grieving process and I can’t thank her enough for igniting my desire. So, I understand, and I have no hard feelings.

What started out as my love of writing, then morphed into a crazy camera obsession. All these great photographs in blogland, I couldn’t resist the siren call of the DSLR.

I discovered a wonderful support system of bloggers uniting to encourage and support each other. We danced in the car. We blogged for a cause. I met many in person and those meetings are precious to me – Lance, Peggy, Christy, and Peedee.

The beginning of one the hardest, most trying times in my life, has ended up being the richest experience in the world. I found my heaven and haven.

I blog to continue that enrichment. To reach boundaries, and cross them. To do and try things, I never thought I could do. I blog my life in hopes of inspiring yours. For better, or for worse. For love, and for life.

I know there are ups and downs. Times I want to quit. Times I can’t get enough. A hundred comments one day, eight the next. What joy would it be, if it’s not a thrilling ride? And thrilled I am, as I sprint to that next turn in the road of photography, writing, and marriage. All right here on my little blog that could – Living, Loving, Laughing.

That’s why I blog, why do you?